Sword Domain’s Divine King Chapter 2068

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“碧 spiritual gras has not been collected by the infinite years, which is probably because of the existence of the gold spirit insect. Now, the Jinling Insect KING is falling, the ethnicity coincides with the most vulnerable moments, and Pharmany Valley In this case, a large number of purchases of the cost … I am afraid that a fight, the SPIRTITUAL GRASS, and the gold Spirit INSECT will be completely disconnected, and if you want to recover, it may be 100,000 years, after a million years … “

chu tiance The flying boat, the speed is getting more and more, such as the shadow flow.

The breath of this boating is also Heaven Middle Grade, not a few previous Chu Tiance, but a tribute to a subordinate forces.

The essence is Heavenly Grade High Grade, but because of time long, the maintenance is weak, the core ARRAY power is significantly affected, and the stages have dropped.

The flying boat after the decline, is the biggest affected, is an attack and defense, any high-end flying boat, is like a high-speed combat fortress general, advance retreat, do as one pleases. The core array that is damaged by this boating is directly affected the power prevention system of the boat, and the attack power is completely damaged. The defense is a discount of more than 70%.

It is welcome to say, now this boat is basically only one empty shelf.

But for Chu Tiance, this loss is more likely to be just right.

It is enough to sweep the Top Powerhouse in Star Domain at Chu Tiance and Ghost Dance, and does not need to provide any arm to help.

and capable of truly threatening the Powerhouse of Chu Tiance and Ghost Dance Autumn, even if the boat is not damaged, it is still unable to stop its criticism.

is an amazing speed of the boat, as well as the absence of intangible concealment, relatively completely saved.

Today, the starry sky, under the high of Chu Tiance, the Array Divine Runes is fluorescent, swaying the empty, covering everyone’s eyes.

Effect, HAS SEVERAL POINTS OF Amused Bloodline Divine Ability is similar to Chu Tiance.

“咦? The entrance here has been eliminated?”

The boating is suddenly, and Chu Tiance stepped out of the boat and his eyes.

Net Old Ancestor, even if it is a year ago, you can remember clearly, the popularity of the fire world, he certainly will not forget.

However, the entrance of the fire world, now there is only a smooth and smooth starry sky.

All around floats zero-scattered star debris, which is contaminated with a dry bloody blood, as well as interlacing the knife sword print.

Five fingers can grasp, one side of the star fragments of the hundred miles, and instantly caught in the palm of the palm of the CHU TIANCE.

Between the paralysis, Chu Tiance is just a slightly long ORDINARY PERSON figure, which is like Ten Thousand Zhang High of the giant, and is in charge of the sun.

True Fire slightly, True Fire is transferred, and the debris falls, the stars are constantly being crushed into pieces, flowing from the fingertips. A cheap fierce flame Divine Might, from the depths of the Star, spread, like a spirit snake, trying to bite Chu Tiance, bitten all sided void.

The flavor of the fire!

chu tiance looks suddenly.

is just a moment, he feels that, in the depths of the stars of the stars, there is a weak but true flame spirit.

This silk rhyme is from the fire.

chu tiance double eyebrow lock, looks of the look.

Star Domain limit, is the most dangerous Bottleneck since the STAR Domain infinite years.

Difficult to endless Senior sages, genius enchanting, Since Ancient Times countless lid Powerhouse, all hated in front of Star Domain.

However, this unfathomable, strong black Akara, is a very strange feeling of Chu Tiance.

That is that he is very likely to succeed Breakthrough limits, promoted the landscaping, or even the future success!

This ultimate oppression is usually crushed like a male.

and other idlers, may have not had too much sense, but Top Powerhouse, such as Feng Dan, Gu Wei, but the heart is broken.

The five burn, the six gods have no Lord, and there is almost no one struggle and struggled brave and belief, just simple to pin it on others. Or Chu Tiance battle, they have taken care of it, inevitably get gain, if the Chu Tiance is defeated, then people are knife, I am a fish meat, it is alive, and there is a black armor.

Slightly thinking, Chu Tiance fingertips, ghost dance autumn, and animal husbandry are simultaneous from Purple Celestial Grotto.

“The entrance of the fire World has disappeared, I even suspected that the fire world has broken, these pieces, Most Likely is from it.”

CHU TIANCE speed is quite fast, and quickly explains his discovery.

The blood pattern in front is slowly dissipated, but it is still enough to let the autumn and animal husbandry feel the unique breath.

“such power …”

Mami’s appearance, the eyes are deeply shocking and fear in the eyes, and Face Instantly Changes is pale.

Guanqiu Qiu raised hands on the shoulders of Mu Zhi, a warm flow slowly immersed meridian Bloodline, the warmth: “When the fire Old Ancestor is invincible, the Top Powerhouse, which has been imprisoned in this year, these People are probably the ultra-vevel existence of PEAK in the medium-term PEAK, rather than today’s ancient, Danfeng Old Ancestor is more better. “

Several breathing time, Mu Zhi’s pale face finally slowly recovered the ruddy.

The fear and shock of the fundamental, turned into a deep helplessness and sigh.

Chu Tiance has never passed the fire to her, although Mu Zhi has absolute trust in Chu Tiance, but there is no urgent and unhappy, but the heart is so curious. What is this sturdy? Ling, let her Dignified void PEAK, PEAK is difficult to touch. Nowadays, I haven’t really entered the fire world, just a blood pattern, and it will be thoroughly crushed.

The pride in Mu Yizhi is almost generous.

“This group of blood patterns, Most Likey also touched the Bottleneck with the large medium-end limit, and the black armor under the eyes is probably in Almost On Par. Since the Fire Old Ancestor has no BreakthRough limit, it should At this level, the difference is not far, how to win in this second, I want to imprison it, it is unimaginable. “

Guanqiu Qiki points light, take a small paragraph from the blood pattern, gently maste.

chu tiance nodded, said: “According to the record in Ancient Records, the Fire Old Annestor does not have a Breakthrough limit.”

“So, he spends the suffer uniently harvested, and the enemy can catch this place, what is it? Even if it is the order of rule, then this STAR Domain is worthy of his MUST to build an absolute rule. Order, is it simple, amazing power desire? “

Guanqiu dance is dignified, and it is full of doubts.

Being next to the couch, you can sleep, such power is, it is not difficult to understand.

But the power is inherent, you can complain to kill, more simply, more thorough, safer.

chu tiance eyes flashing, said solemnly: “The Fire Old Annestor is so realm, so the means, paying this price to do Major Event, only two reasons. First, these detained Peerless Powerhouse, for He hits Bottleneck, Breakthrough star Domain has a sense of help, two, is the fire Old Ancestor crazy, no matter what reason, it is crazy. “

煜 芝 hearing this, the mouth is gently outline, and there is no smile.

ghost dance autumn hearing this, but the gods are dignified, and it relieves: “The Fire Old Ancestor disappears, and the Soul Lamp is destroyed, and it is more fascinating, even now, this Invincible Super Powerhouse, is dead, no one can be clear … “

“Dance Elder Sister Qiu, Young Master, you will not really think that the fireless old meansor will be crazy? Can you call Powerhouse?”

Mu Zhi looked at Chu Tiance and ghost dance autumn looks with a desiscutor, the look change, can’t help with Cautiously.

chu tiance shook head Said with a smile: “There are many situations after the start of Star Domain Peak, will gradually be oppressed by Star Domain will, plus the source blood soul, which is constantly increasing, and two-phase attack, It is possible to make the soul will have a kind of heart magic. It is crazy, it is more similar to CultiVation Deviation … “

in CultiVation World …”

“that young master?”

Mu Zhi Yizhi, the eyes suddenly disseminated concerns and worry.

Guanqiu Qiu looks at the chapter of the mountain, said with a smile: “Jozhi Younger Sister knows how distressed Husband?”

“I can’t get this step, inside and outside the attack, the world’s dangers, not every Peak Powerhouse will face. For today, the most important thing is to find the entrance of the fire world as soon as possible. If the fire world is really broken, or it has completely falls into the black armor, then there is only the last road. “

chu tiance shook his head, relieved Miyanzhi, but the sound is more and more.

Mu Zhi Shi is like understanding, and once again looks at the ghost dance.

Today, ghost dance has been completely bone of Miyanzhi.

is not just Cultivation, in the temple, even the things in the middle of the house, or related to the CHU Tiance, all of which are completely devilious.

However, this time, ghost dance is not to answer her doubts, but to look at the vintage void, deep star season.

continuously Source Aura, like the Tianhe filling, turning, abundant CHU Tiance’s Spirit Soul and meridians.

The eyebrow vájra beads, burst into a vast Golden Glow, so like Divine Sword horizontal, emptiness.

Fangyuan number with Millions and Millions Li’s wide starry sky, almost the entire Star Battlefield, along with a few small Star Domain, run to the bottom.

煜 神 肃, Both Hands Forming Seals, Handheld Long Sword, waiting for the two people.

Obviously, Chu Tiance comes out of Summon in the Celestial Grotto of Purple Peak, and is to find the entrance to the fire world.

Ghost dance autumn integration, can strengthen the ability to explore, and the Battle Strength of Muzhi, is sufficient to protect the two to the trivia.

bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang!

The big piece of the star is constantly annihilated, the blood of the silk, the deepest deeper is from the star, but do not wait to gather, they will become a faint emotion in the whistling of Star SEA. Only in which the strongholds and deep grievances are deep, such as One After ANOTHER lightning, the depths of Chu Tiance Spirit Soul are constantly lit.

“What is going on! How to suddenly blame this stars!”

Quickly Retreat! Quickly Retreat! Quickly Retreat! “

“This star of this star is not ruled!”

“This kind of power is inevitably, it can be crushed so huge stars in the fight!”

“Between a moment, breaking everywhere, there is a few moment, there have been more than 30 sizes of different sizes of star debris annihilation, which is distributed within thousands of Ten Thousand Li Fangyuan! How many peerless powerhouses Where are they fighting? How can I don’t feel their existence! “

Filled with fear and horror and roaring, and the momently sounded aerial hunting ground.

is stuffed between a sedimental fragment, collecting the monks of Sprirgitual Grass, killing the goods, like a cracked flea.

Many of the opponents who have lived in life and death will naturally form alliances, try to resist the stars of stars.

Of course, in this hetegent, more crazy, more and more powerful, together with the smoke and debris of the stuffed starry sky, just combined with the alliance, or each war, Withnout the Slightstest Hesitation selection once again, kills the peers, graces the goods.

The deafening roar is endless, from four sides, killing and bloody, there is no contained, but it is more intensified.

“I really don’t know if this is the life, or the stars have twisted all beings …”

Mu Zhi’s two eyebrows, the eyebrows are gently trembled.

She is expensive for the Ghost Temple Chief Steward, life and death, I have too much too much, and even somewhat numb.

, at this moment, the sport in the entire starry surchartrow is like completely lost Spiritual Wisdom, in the constant broken star fragments, and the increasing hegemony is more and more crazy, Don’t let go of any moment, go to hunt all the opponents, even in the shadow of the smoke, even the companions are unsaptible.

Blood splatter, almost makes the flying smoke settlement.

“wrong, dance autumn, converge Spirit Soul True Origin, help me burn Bloodline!”

chu tiance is awkward, double-woven thunder-fire, Between Heaven and Earth, like Divine Sword!

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