Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3095

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The power of the demon fetus and demon body was quickly controlled by Chu Fengmian.


At this moment, above the sky, the huge Array finally couldn’t support it, and the sky exploded.

The 6 Divine Beast illusory shadow was instantly destroyed, and at the same time Chu Fengmian felt it. In his body, the power of the 6 Divine Beast Bloodline fell silent.

These 6 Divine Beast Bloodline Strength have been temporarily exhausted.

Even if Chu Fengmian has an eternal Divine Body, he can’t quickly restore the power consumed by these 6 innate Divine Beast Bloodline.

At that time, the 4 swords of Primal Chaos, Universe, and Nothingness flew down slowly and fell by Chu Fengmian’s side. The entire Array was completely shattered, leaving only the illusory shadow of the Foundation Tree Divine Tree, which was still in Chu Fengmian. Behind, slowly supporting.

The power of the Foundation Tree Divine Tree is rapidly weakening.

Nightmare Demon Eye, Lin God General, the strength of these two powerhouses is really terrifying, Nightmare Demon Eye, but a 2th grade Immortal Emperor, if it weren’t for the power of the current Nightmare Demon Eye, it would have been dominated by the Array just now. The weakening, I’m afraid that this Array has long been broken by the nightmare eye.

Although the strength of the god general of Lin Lin is not as good as that of Nightmare Demon Eye, he is almost an Undying and Inextinguishable existence by virtue of his true body.

Even if his body is blown 10000 times, he can still be reborn with this boundless ocean. This sea emperor’s true body, the boundless ocean, is his true body.

With this sea emperor’s true body, although the god Lin is not an Immortal Emperor, he is able to contend with the nightmare eye.

The Nightmare Demon Eye and the God General of Lin are extremely powerful, but they are divided into two parties. Even though they both want to get the demon body, they also have great scruples about each other. They 2 attacked the Chu Fengmian Array. At that time, they did not use their full strength.

They are afraid that the other party will take advantage.

But now looking at the demon fetus and demon body, it has fallen into Chu Fengmian’s hands, and the two of them dare not keep their hands at all. They shot together and broke Chu Fengmian’s array.

The nightmare eye strikes directly at Chu Fengmian, and several huge tentacles, like a long whip, volleyed at Chu Fengmian.


Chu Fengmian stepped out and guarded the demon body behind him. The current demon body is at the critical moment of Chu Fengmian’s refining, and cannot be disturbed at all.

Surrounded by Chu Fengmian’s Taichu, the 4 swords of Primal Chaos, Universe, and Nothingness flew into Chu Fengmian’s palm at the same time. The 4 swords were united and held by Chu Fengmian.

“Nine Domains! Open heaven!”

Chu Fengmian held the Spirit Sword. On his body, the endless Sword Intent soared into the sky, and it was completely concentrated in his sword edge, and a violent Sword Intent soared into the sky.


A sword light containing violent, pure and ultimate Sword Intent, rushed straight up into the sky, and Chu Fengmian’s Sword Intent all exploded. The moment the sword light came out, the surrounding space began to shatter.

One Sword Splitting The Heavens.

The 1st Style of Nine Domains Sword Emperor is also a sword technique created by Chu Fengmian. What this sword contains is pure power, without any fancy.

The sword light flashed, and suddenly rushed into the sky, becoming larger and larger, and finally turned into a sword glow of 100 ten thousand zhang.

This sword contains almost all the power of Chu Fengmian. After displaying this sword, Chu Fengmian even felt a sense of collapse.

This sword carries all the power of Chu Fengmian.

Facing the nightmare eye, who was the 7th grade Immortal Emperor, Chu Fengmian dared not respond with all his strength.

But soon, the strength of Chu Fengmian’s body is quickly recovering. Chu Fengmian possesses this eternal Divine Body. The strength is almost endless. Only when the strength is taken out in such a moment, will he feel a little weak.

sword light rose into the sky, and in the volley, it was slashed towards the tentacles of the nightmare eye.


I saw the sword light passing by, and two of the tentacles were broken by the sword light, torn apart, and cut off in the air.


Above the sky, the nightmare eyes made an angry roar. These two tentacles were not his incarnation, but his body.

The nightmare eye has not known how long, no one can hurt his body, under his anger, huge eyes suddenly looked at Chu Fengmian, only to see the sky above, countless magic flames fall.

This group of magic flames, like the sun, set dozens of suns together, and all the targets are one, Chu Fengmian.

“This is the real power of Nightmare Eyes?”

Chu Fengmian’s face changed suddenly.

The power of this nightmare eye is beyond Chu Fengmian’s imagination.

The power contained in this group of magic flames is no less than that of the tentacles just beaten down, but there are dozens of magic flames at this time, and any group of magic flames falls into one In Small World, a Small World can be easily destroyed.

This power is still the power that bursts out after the nightmare eye is suppressed.

With dozens of magic flames falling at the same time, Chu Fengmian felt a huge threat.

Almost at the same time, the God General Lin, who didn’t know when, appeared behind Chu Fengmian, holding a Trident in his hand, slammed into Chu Fengmian’s back.


The Spirit Sword in Chu Fengmian’s hand moved once again, slashing towards the god of Lin behind.

But at this moment, a strange feeling appeared in Chu Fengmian’s mind.

He felt that his body was no longer under his control. He wanted to control the sword in his hand, but his body stopped standing there.

“this is?”

Unconsciously, a touch of silver light filled Chu Fengmian’s chest.

This silver light already occupies Chu Fengmian’s chest, and the silver threads that the silver light turns into are already all over Chu Fengmian’s chest.

“Power of Void! Mark of Void!”

Chu Fengmian’s eyes widened.

He knows what this silver light is.

The power of the void, the power in the mark of the void, did not know when it spread all over Chu Fengmian’s chest, and now it even extends to Chu Fengmian’s 4 limbs, Chu Fengmian’s current hands and feet, and even his face. , There are all thin silver lines.

This power of nothingness has spread all over Chu Fengmian’s body.

This emptiness suddenly flooded Chu Fengmian’s body, which Chu Fengmian didn’t even think of.

The imprint of nothingness should be suppressed properly. How could it be?

Suddenly, Chu Fengmian thought of the moment when his power was weak. Just facing the attack of the nightmare eye, Chu Fengmian mobilized almost all his power.

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