Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3097

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Chu Fengmian’s figure, like a scarlet rays of light, soars into the sky. This scarlet rays of light immediately rushed into the ocean where the demonic intents were gathered. When the sword edge in his hand moved, the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword immediately killed him. Down.


Five Demon Emperors teamed up to play countless Demon Art, just under the sword edge of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, they were extremely fragile.

In an instant, the demonic intent ocean was cut off by the scarlet sword light and shattered into countless pieces from the air.

A scarlet sword light, slashed out from under this demonic intent ocean, contains boundless killing intents, and slashed in the direction of the 5 Demon Emperors.

Hong long!

Almost in a flash, this scarlet sword light was suddenly beheaded on the bodies of the 5 Demon Emperors.

I saw several explosions.

Above the sky, several groups of blood mist suddenly appeared.

The five Demon Emperors were all beheaded by this scarlet sword light in this instant. They didn’t even have time to escape. Chu Fengmian looked over, next moment, the illusory shadow of Swallowing Heaven Beast, just Roaring behind Chu Fengmian, countless blood essences are all integrated into Chu Fengmian’s body.

Other demonic path martial artists, seeing this scene, almost fell into madness, and the 5 Demon Emperors were actually beheaded in this way.

But before they had time to escape, another scarlet sword light slashed down in the air. The scarlet sword light this time was as large as hundreds of thousands of meters, and the entire cavern abyss was shrouded.

Wherever sword light went, whether it was a demonic path martial artist or a Demon Race, without exception, they were all beheaded.


At the same time, that huge nightmare eye, a huge eyeball, was staring at Chu Fengmian. In an instant, the power of the magic flame in the sky increased tenfold, and the magic flame was connected to everything, like a piece The sea of ​​fire, dropping from the sky.


Chu Fengmian spit out two words indifferently. The killing intent on his body, which is enough to cover the heavens, is almost all condensed in his sword edge. This is the sword edge condensed by killing intent in Chu Fengmian’s hands are almost condensed into entities.


His sword light, pointed directly at the sky, slashed out, this Sword of Slaughter, like a rays of light, went straight into the sky, pointed directly at the eye of the nightmare.

Hong long long !

When the Sword of Slaughter confronted the demon flames in the sky, there was an explosion of 100000000 million in an instant. Under this explosion, the ocean where the demon flames gathered was torn apart. gap.

The power of the Sword of Slaughter was undiminished, and it pierced directly into the sky, into the huge eyeball of the nightmare eye.


The huge body of the nightmare eye is trembling violently. This a sword light, in the eyeball of the nightmare eye, has left a huge scar, almost the next moment, this nightmare eye is huge The body all fled out of the abyss of the devil’s cave, and the huge body immediately disappeared.

From the huge eyeballs of this nightmare eye, he can see his current fear.

Chu Fengmian stood in place, his eyes already saw the next target again.

Lin Shenjiang.

Now the eyes of God Lin looked towards Chu Fengmian, there was a look of fear.

“Blood Slaughter, it’s Blood Slaughter Demon Sword!”

The voice of God General Lin was trembling. The moment Chu Fengmian looked at him, he felt as if he had fallen into the ice storehouse. This killing intent made him feel this fear in his heart.


In an instant, the Endless Sea ocean that God of Lin transformed into the body suddenly flew towards the direction beyond the abyss of the magic cave.

But Chu Fengmian’s escape was faster than him. Chu Fengmian stepped into the boundless ocean with one step. The Blood Slaughter Demon Sword in his hand slammed into the foot.

The endless red light, with his sword edge, pierced into the boundless ocean below. I saw that in the boundless ocean, there were countless explosions. In the deepest part of the ocean, the face of the god Lin , Are distorted and endured endless pain.

“Sea Emperor!”

From this ocean, the body of God General Lin was reshaped again. Holding this Trident in his hand, he once again assassinated Chu Fengmian.

But waiting for him is only a scarlet sword glow.


The body of God General Lin was blown up again.

No matter how many times his body is reshaped, only a scarlet sword glow awaits him, 10000000 million times, 100000000 million 10000 times.

The god Lin didn’t know how many times he had been beheaded. He wanted to escape, but there was no way to escape, in the last scarlet sword glow.

This boundless ocean exploded in the air, and the body of the god Lin flew out of it, fell to the ground, completely fell, and the entire ocean disappeared completely.

In the abyss of the entire demon cave, it seemed that there was no more living creatures, and fell into silence.

In Chu Fengmian’s eyes, the blood color gradually faded, and soon the other half of the silver rays of light lit up again.

I don’t know how long it took, Chu Fengmian’s eyes finally didn’t change. His two eyes, one showing scarlet and the other showing silver, appeared extremely strange.

“Finally controlled it.”

Chu Fengmian sat cross-legged on the ground.

Although his power didn’t consume much, but just now, he had been trying to control this. The Mark of Void, the power of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, all made him exhausted.

Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, the power of the imprint of nothingness, is now finally maintained in a balance, and he, in this balance, regained consciousness.

Just now his body was completely occupied by the killing intent of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword.

With his strength as the Immortal Emperor, he couldn’t even fight the killing intent of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, and he became the kind of monster that only knew killing. No wonder Blood Slaughter Demon Sword’s successive sword masters eventually turned into Sword Demon Blood. Slaughter.

This kind of killing intent is indeed uncontrollable.

Fortunately, the power of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword gradually subsided. In addition to Chu Fengmian’s body, the power of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, the power of the emptiness in the mark of emptiness, collided again and again. He found a glimpse of opportunity, maintained these two forces to a balance, and regained consciousness.

If this balance is not found, it is possible that Chu Fengmian will be controlled by these two forces back and forth, completely plunged into madness.

“My body now.”

Chu Fengmian observes his body. His body now doesn’t look like a person anymore. Half of his body, eroded by the force of this emptiness, is already covered with silver lines, and even looks like the skin. The direction of the void human race is changing.

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