Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3099

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These powers can be regarded as a rare harvest for Chu Fengmian this time.

Compared with the price paid, this gain is really far behind.

“Fortunately, the memory of the mixed god is still there.”

Chu Fengmian’s mind moved, and a ray of light appeared in the palm of his hand. This is exactly the memory of the God-Hooked General. When Chu Fengmian dealt with the God-Hooked General, he had already learned the lessons he had previously dealt with the General Luo. All the memories of the mixed god general were completely obtained.

this can be considered This trip, Chu Fengmian’s biggest gain.

Chu Fengmian’s mind moved, and a force was injected into it. Suddenly, the memory of the Mixed God General appeared in Chu Fengmian’s mind. This memory contained all the memories of the Mixed God General who was born before his fall.

The mixed god general, born in a Smaller Thousand Worlds, is regarded as the most monster genius among Smaller Thousand Worlds. His growth path is hardly attractive. He is not from a low birth, and he has a aptitude against the sky. , Hunshen will almost soon become a strong player with a small reputation.

He also smoothly left the Smaller Thousand Worlds where he was born, and came to 9 Huatian. Just when the Gods were exploring a Secret Realm, he suddenly heard a voice, a voice that he could not refuse. .

That voice gave the mixed gods countless benefits, so that his strength, advanced by leaps and bounds, even stepped into the realm of Xianzun Peak in just one leap, and then he followed a voice. Command, came to the devil’s cave and got the demon fetus. He used the array left in the devil’s cave to perfect the demon fetus little by little, and finally at the moment when the demon fetus was about to fully condense.

The Mixed God General met Chu Fengmian, and in the end he also died in Chu Fengmian’s hands.

There is not much useful information in the memory of this mixed god. Although he recognizes the master as the master, he has never seen that master. They are all the masters, which are directly sound transmissions. He, order him to do all this.

However, Chu Fengmian’s name is an understood.


The master called himself Loth.

And like mixed god generals, these god generals all call Naros their masters. They are already fully committed, and they are all acknowledge allegiance under the command of this master.

“Loss, this name…”

Chu Fengmian frowned.

This name is not like a title, but more like a real name, but the masters recorded in the ancient book are generally titles, and very few of their real names are left behind.

Although Chu Fengmian got the name, he still cannot understand the true identity of the master.

However, compared to Chu Fengmian’s unfamiliar one before, being able to know the real name of the master now is not a small gain for Chu Fengmian.

At the same time, Chu Fengmian also understood from the memory of the mixed god general, the origin of the name of this god general.

The so-called god generals are all the geniuses Lance ruled and cultivated. Only the geniuses approved and cultivated by Lance can be called god generals. There are ten such generals, among which are divided into east and west. , South and North 6 gods.

This mixed god general, as well as the Lin god general who was also beheaded by Chu Fengmian, Luoshen general, belonged to the four northern god generals. As for the last black god general, Chu Fengmian had never seen him.

However, the mixed god general had once seen this black god general, and Chu Fengmian also saw an extremely young handsome man from his memory.

These gods and generals almost all have the same characteristics. They are all aptitude-defying geniuses, and they are all carefully cultivated geniuses selected by the rule of Narros.

The Lord of Loth has shaped a path of growth for each of their gods.

Luoshen will be the body of the witch god in the witch Divine Palace.

The sea emperor’s true body of God General Lin.

And the Demon Body and Demon Body created by this Mixed God General are actually the means left behind by the Lord of Loss. These generals just obeyed the Lord of Loss to complete all of this.

Among the four northern gods, the last black god is now hidden in a Secret Realm of Three Great Saint Territories to condense his body.

It’s just that the exchanges between these gods are not too much, so the mixed gods don’t know where the black gods is hiding.

Among the four northern gods, the god Lin will be the leader. He is the strongest and is also responsible for commanding the four northern gods. This time the mixed god will condense the Demon God, and when he encounters danger, he will also act Come and help him.

It’s just that God Lin didn’t even think that he would fall into this demon cave.

There may be more information in the memory of God General Lin.

It’s just a pity that now that God of Lin will fall, his memory is completely gone, and Chu Fengmian can’t get it.

Except for the northern four gods, the other three gods and mixed gods don’t know much about them, but they know that among the other four gods, there are all four gods.

Their power spread throughout the Three Great Saint Territories.

There are a total of ten gods under the ruler of Naros. Now the mixed gods, Lin gods, and Luo gods have all died in the hands of Chu Fengmian, so there are a total of ten remaining gods. Bit.

“This is a divine general, there are still ten or three?”

Chu Fengmian brows tightly frowns.

Although most of these gods have not grown up yet, their aptitudes are extremely geniuses against the sky. The aptitude of any of these gods will not be weaker than that of the White Snake, who will be the Celestial Emperor and the others.

Adding them, but being dominated by one person, it is hard to cultivate.

You must know that the path left by this ruler to Mixed God Generals, Linshen Generals, and Luoshen Generals is the strongest fleshy body in the world. Among them, only Linshen will successfully condense the Sea Emperor’s body. He The strength of the body can almost resist the nightmare eye.

If Chu Fengmian hadn’t used the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword just now to raise his power to a level far beyond his current level, he would have a chance to kill the god Lin.

If he didn’t use the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, Chu Fengmian would not be confident that he could kill the god general. He would be lucky to kill the god general.

The remaining ten or three god generals, if nothing else, are almost all geniuses of the same level. They may not be all of them, and they have the opportunity to grow up.

But even a one-third god can fully grow up. It is a terrifying number. In a few ages, a digital 6th-level Immortal Emperor can be created, and even the 7th grade Immortal Emperor once god-general.

Thinking of this, Chu Fengmian shuddered. At the same time, he admired the master’s handwork, which made Chu Fengmian amazed.

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