Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3103

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Speaking of the understanding of Chu Fengmian, Immortal Emperor of Three Great Saint Territories, I’m afraid no one can compare it to Emperor Yan Jian.

“Yes, that Peerless Sword, the witch emperor, should still be just an immortal venerable. No matter when it was, he had never used the power of Smaller Thousand Worlds.”

Emperor Yanjian opened the mouth and said with blinking eyes.

“He was in the Great Dao on the other side and was almost forced into a desperate situation. If he hadn’t encountered an 8-armed giant, he would almost certainly die. In this case, he has no reason to hide Smaller Thousand Worlds.”

“The only explanation is that the Peerless Sword is the emperor, who is still an immortal. He does not have his own Smaller Thousand Worlds at all.”

After Emperor Yanjian escaped from the Great Dao on the other side last time, he also carefully analyzed Chu Fengmian’s battle and suddenly discovered this.

If in the Three Great Saint Territories, they played against each other, Chu Fengmian was unwilling to use the power of Smaller Thousand Worlds, there is an explanation.

After all, Three Great Saint Territories, powerhouse as clouds, and using Smaller Thousand Worlds are very likely to cause unnecessary troubles. In addition, the laws of Three Great Saint Territories are extremely stable. Once you choose to come to Smaller Thousand Worlds, you will have to pay a lot. Big price.

Paying a great price, but also taking risks, so in the Three Great Saint Territories, Immortal Emperor fights, almost will not descend on his Smaller Thousand Worlds, unless it is in danger.

However, it is different in the Great Dao on the other side. The Great Dao on the other side is essentially an area that does not matter. There is no solid law, Smaller Thousand Worlds can come casually.

Chu Fengmian was in the Great Dao on the other side. Obviously, in such a dangerous environment, he didn’t come to Smaller Thousand Worlds. All of this was illogical.

“The Peerless Sword is indeed Smaller Thousand Worlds that has never descended on him.”

Before Celestial Immortal emperor thought about it, he also opened the mouth and said.

In order to avenge the Celestial Emperor, he also searched for a lot of information about Chu Fengmian.

“So, the one who killed the Divine Palace Lord, the Snake Monarch Monster Emperor, was actually a fairy?”

Suddenly, the old man who was silent for the last time also opened the mouth and said with great interest.

“Interestingly, so to speak, this person’s aptitude is much higher than that of the Celestial Emperor, the White Snake and the others? Although the Immortal Emperor fleshy body, it can’t be called the real Immortal Emperor strength, But it’s not a small immortal, it can be dealt with.”

This old man, dressed in a huge star robe, wrapped his face in it, and at a glance, the stars above the star robe were still moving as if they were alive.

The moment when Emperor Yan Jian looked towards the old man, there was a look of fear on his face. The star robe in front of him was an Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon of the Three Great Saint Territories civilization.

This polar star robe, including 10000 stars, are all real stars, and was forcibly taken into this polar star robe by the old man in front of him, the star-pole old man, and refined into such an Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon.

The power of this pole star robe is comparable to ordinary Smaller Thousand Worlds, and the power it exerts in conjunction with the way of the stars of the star pole old man in front of him is extremely terrifying.

This old star is actually the last star Divine Palace lord of the ethereal Divine Palace. The lord of the ethereal Divine Palace 3 is also inherited from generation to generation, and is generally held by the Immortal Emperor who has achieved achievements in recent times.

The old palace owners will retreat and retreat in the ethereal Divine Palace. This ancient Immortal Emperor is the true foundation of the ethereal Divine Palace.

Among the Overlord Influences of the three Great Saint Territories, there is this kind of Old Antique. But under normal circumstances, these Old Antiques are half an era, or even an era. Show up.

Their transcendent position, the only idea is to impact the higher realm.

Unless it is some shocking major event, it will attract their attention.

The case where the Lord of Divine Palace was beheaded by Chu Fengmian was one of them.

Although the Divine Palace master died, it was only a fleshy body, but the news has already spread, making the Three Great Saint Territories discuss spiritedly, and the Divine Palace divinely disgraced.

Under such circumstances, the old man Xingji decided to go out and kill Chu Fengmian and reshape the majesty of the Divine Palace.

Of course, this star-pole old man’s shot also represents the side of the ethereal Divine Palace.

The young master of the ethereal Divine Palace, the son of Celestial Emperor, died in Chu Fengmian’s hands like this. If the ethereal Divine Palace doesn’t do anything, then what is the majesty of the ethereal Divine Palace.

Therefore, the old man Xingji chose to leave the level and act with Emperor Yanjian. Among the four Immortal Emperors present, the old man Xingji was the strongest among them. The strength of the old man Xingji had already entered the 4th level. The Immortal Emperor has experienced nearly 5 eras of penance, and his way of the stars has also reached the Great Accomplishment.

Gold, wood, water, fire, earth, Five Elements Law, completely comprehend, are all integrated into his way of stars. Compared to the old man of the star pole, Emperor Yan Jian is only a child of the Immortal Emperor.

“Peerless Sword, if he is really an immortal, then what kind of opportunity did he get to have such strength? I saw Law Power from his battles. This represents He hasn’t given up on gathering Smaller Thousand Worlds.”

Shenxi Heavenly Venerate opened the mouth and said.

Heavenly Venerate is only Heavenly Venerate, not Xianzun, not only because of their strength, they want to far surpasses Xianzun, but also because, once they become Heavenly Venerate, they are equivalent to, giving up the aggregation of Smaller Thousand Worlds , Gave up the opportunity to achieve Immortal Emperor.

Only by completely abandoning Smaller Thousand Worlds can you go further on the road of Heavenly Venerate. This is a consensus. If you want to gain additional power, you must pay a price.

Shenxi Heavenly Venerate chose this path.

Therefore, his current strength is extremely powerful, but he is also unable to become the Immortal Emperor.

And some of the peerless genius of Three Great Saint Territories, with the realm of the immortal, almost enough to compete with the weakest Immortal Emperor, as if they were facing the Celestial Emperor, the generation of demons.

However, they will not be named Heavenly Venerate, because they have not given up on the path of Immortal Emperor, so they are still immortal, not Heavenly Venerate.

If Chu Fengmian had already given up the path of Immortal Emperor and achieved Heavenly Venerate, Shenxi Heavenly Venerate would not be so surprised, but he felt Law Power from the battle of Chu Fengmian.

This also means that Chu Fengmian is still just an immortal venerable, an immortal venerable, who actually has the power to kill the Immortal Emperor fleshy body, which is indeed incredible.

An Immortal Venerable, with such strength, Chu Fengmian has had such a shocking opportunity, I am afraid it is self-evident.

This old star, Shen Xi Heavenly Venerate, was persuaded by Emperor Yanjian to join hands with him to prepare for the siege of Chu Fengmian, which also had this consideration.

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