Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3104

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As long as it can kill Chu Fengmian, then this shocking opportunity is a masterless object. Among the 4 Immortal Emperors present, only Heavenly Venerate and the old man of Xingji are qualified to fight for it.

Even if they get half of it, it is a great opportunity for both the Old Man Xingji and Heavenly Venerate, which is worthy of the hard work of several eras.

As for Emperor Yanjian, facing Emperor Celestial Immortal, their strength is too weak and they are not qualified to participate in it.

At this point, Emperor Yanjian, who came to the Celestial Emperor, knew that they had no plans to fight. The two of them and Chu Fengmian both had blood and deep feuds. As long as they could kill Chu Fengmian, they would have gotten their revenge.了purpose.

And Shenxi Heavenly Venerate, the old man of Xingji, is not only for favors, but also for the chance of Chu Fengmian.

“Where are the people from 10000 Dragon Kingdom?”

Suddenly that Shenxi Heavenly Venerate opened the mouth and said, he looked towards Emperor Yanjian.

In order to slay Chu Fengmian this time, Emperor Yanjian looked for many forces that had grievances with Chu Fengmian. Among them, there was 10000 Dragon Kingdom.

When fighting for the blood blade of the gods on the Great Dao on the other side, everyone thought that this last treasure was obtained by Dragon Clan of the 10000 dragon kingdom.

But I did not expect that this was actually disguised by Chu Fengmian. In the Great Dao on the other side, the 10000 Dragon Kingdom suffered a big loss from Chu Fengmian’s hands. This time, Emperor Yan Jian also went to win the 10000 Dragon Kingdom. The powerhouse, intends to join forces to deal with Chu Fengmian.

“The people of 10000 Dragon Kingdom are not willing to cooperate with me. It seems that they are also interested in the opportunity of the Peerless Sword.”

“The Bloodline of the ancestor Heavenly Dragon, this is definitely an irresistible temptation for the Old Guys of the 10000 Dragon Kingdom. I am afraid that the Old Guys of the 10000 Dragon Kingdom say that they give up, but in fact they plan to monopolize Peerless. Sword’s chance in the Wudi.”

Emperor Yanjian said with cold eyes.

“Hmph, 10000 Dragon Kingdom, they really think that it is still the Desolate Ancient era? Dragon Clan has completely declined, these Old Guys actually intend to monopolize the advantage, really act recklessly, if not 10000 Dragon Kingdom still There are so few old dragons left, they were long ago destroyed by our joint efforts.”

The old man star pole coldly snorted and said.

For the greed of the 10000 Dragon Kingdom, he has no good impressions.

“This time, it’s time to teach those greedy Dragon Clan a lesson. Since they are the understood Peerless Sword, the Bloodline with the ancestor Heavenly Dragon, they will definitely not let the Peerless Sword Witch Emperor go.”

“Hmph, the four of us team up, are you afraid of those Old Guys in the 4 Dragon Kingdom?”

Shenxi Heavenly Venerate also opened the mouth and said disdainfully.

“If those greedy Dragon Clan dare to fight, we will kill them together. It happens that I refine Immortal Grade, and I still lack some materials. Killing a few Dragon Clan Old Guys is just right…”

The 4 people talked for a while, but they were not talking.

The four of them didn’t speak any more, but took an empty boat, traversing the magic tide all the way, and came to the edge of the magic cave.

“This person is in the cave.”

Emperor Yanjian moved his palm, and a compass appeared in his palm. On this compass, the pointer was pointing in the direction of the magic cave.

“Heavenly Dao Sinan.”

Seeing the compass in Emperor Yanjian’s hand, the starry old man’s eyes showed a bit of greed. This is one of the ancient Supreme Treasure, Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon, Qingfeng Sect’s sect protecting fairy soldiers.

This Heavenly Dao Sinan, but the Supreme Treasure of the ancient Heavenly Dao Sect, although he is an Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon, this Heavenly Dao Sinan does not have any fighting ability. This Heavenly Dao Sinan’s only ability is to find people.

As long as there is that person a thread of aura, he can inject into Heavenly Dao Sinan and find him, even if it spans several eras.

This Heavenly Dao Sinan, but Qingfeng Sect’s sect protecting Immortal Grade, this time is also to deal with Chu Fengmian, Emperor Yan Jian did not hesitate to lend this Heavenly Dao Sinan.

This Heavenly Dao Sinan, but even the existence of Old Man Xingji is extremely greedy treasure, but the old man Xingji is too greedy, but he dare not take it. After all, this is the Supreme Treasure of Qingfeng Sect.

Once it is a snatch, the equivalent to is completely torn from the Qingfeng Sect. Even the star-pole old man from the misty Divine Palace dare not provoke the Qingfeng Sect in this way.

Qingfeng Zong and the ethereal Divine Palace, one of the Overlord Influences of the Three Great Saint Territories, once it is torn apart, there is only a situation where both sides suffer, and no one dares to do anything.

Because of this, Emperor Yan Jian was so unconcealed that he took out the Heavenly Dao Sinan.

Emperor Yanjian had fought against Chu Fengmian three times before. Naturally, he knew the aura of Chu Fengmian very well. He used this Heavenly Dao Sinan to locate Chu Fengmian.

“That’s still waiting for us, we will enter the bedevilment cave now and kill this person.”

“The Devil’s Cave has the ability to isolate the outside world. The Old Guys of the Witch Clan, even if they find us out, they will not have time to save people.”

Celestial Immortal’s eyes contained a bit of killing intent.

“Yes, now is our good opportunity to do it directly.”

The killing intent in Yanjian Emperor’s eyes became more and more unrepressible, he looked towards Heavenly Venerate beside Shenxi opened the mouth and said.

“Shen Xi, this time is up to you.”

“No problem.”

Shenxi Heavenly Venerate coldly smiled.

The Devil’s Cave is a unique Smaller Thousand Worlds, in which there is a solid Heaven and Earth Law. The general Immortal Emperor cannot descend into the world in it, and its strength is greatly reduced.

However, Shenxi Heavenly Venerate is a Heavenly Venerate. He did not condense Smaller Thousand Worlds. His strength lies in his fleshy body. In a place like the magic cave, Shenxi Heavenly Venerate can be used perfectly. Come.

It is precisely because of this that Emperor Yanjian will not hesitate to waste that favor and invite Shenxi Heavenly Venerate to do it.

The empty ship disappeared, and the four silhouettes were suddenly submerged in the whirlpool. The four of them all entered the magic cave.

“They entered the bedevilment cave.”

At the moment when these four silhouettes completely disappeared, from above the sky, two elders slowly fell. These two elders looked no different from human beings, but the aura in them was obviously not a martial artist. The breath, but a dragon might.

The robes they wore were embroidered with images of Dragonflight Chaotic Dance. Among the dragons, each dragon looked lifelike, as if they were alive.

This is the symbol of the 10000 Dragon Kingdom.

“The Emperor Peerless Sword, I don’t know what his identity is, but his body is indeed the Bloodline of the ancestor Heavenly Dragon. Even I suspect that he has already controlled the origin of the dragon, so that his breath is so close to Dragon Clan. It’s so seamless.”

One of the elderly Dragon Clan said with blinking eyes.

“In any case, the Bloodline of our ancestor Heavenly Dragon cannot be left outside, especially if it was acquired by a witch.”

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