Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3105

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The two Dragon Clan elders talked for a while, and the figures of the two of them also disappeared into the whirlpool and entered the magic cave.

the other side.

Magic cave.

Chu Fengmian has left the Ancient Demon domain.

The aura on his body now is extremely unstable, and almost a little power fluctuation will break the fragile balance in his body.

Chu Fengmian didn’t dare to use all his strength to fly away, but pressed the strength on his body and flew towards the exit of the magic cave.

Along the way, Chu Fengmian would swallow the demons and summoned the demon lord, letting the two of them open the way in front, while Chu Fengmian suppressed his power as much as possible.

Before being a last resort, Chu Fengmian no longer plans to use his own power.

In the beginning, the 4 swords of Primal Chaos, Universe, and Nothingness were still surrounded by Chu Fengmian and turned into a sword array, which is regarded as guarding this Chu Fengmian.

Swallowing Demon and Demon Lord are both the strength of Law Immortal Venerable. It is really nothing to be placed in a place like the Ancient Demon domain, but in the Demon Cavern, they are both regarded as a region’s Overlord.

The two of them were responsible for opening the road ahead, and Chu Fengmian encountered no danger along the way.

Now, the imprint of the Devouring Devil and the Devil Lord of the Demon Lord has been resolved by Chu Fengmian using the Heaven Devouring secret technique. The two of them will no longer be restricted by the Devil and can leave the Devil at will.


A huge Heavenly Demon suddenly appeared in front of Chu Fengmian. His scarlet sharp claw was caught in the air by Chu Fengmian fiercely.

Chu Fengmian’s power is extremely violent now, and he can no longer hide his power. In this magic cave, Chu Fengmian is like a piece of walking flesh and blood to the countless Demon Races in the magic cave. The blood energy on Chu Fengmian’s body attracts Countless Demon Races came.

Of course, most of these Demon Races were almost blocked by the Devourer and the Demon Lord, unable to get close to Chu Fengmian at all, but there are always a fish that escaped the net, which can escape the defense of the two of them, close to Chu Fengmian.

However, the moment this one huge Heavenly Demon just shot, from Chu Fengmian’s side, a sword light immediately flew out. Where the sword light passed, this one huge Heavenly Demon suddenly screamed, his Under this a sword light, his body was immediately torn apart and killed on the spot.

In the beginning, the sword array of Primal Chaos, Universe, and Nothingness 4 was transformed into a sword array to protect the body of Chu Fengmian. Once the Law Xianzun wanted to get close to Chu Fengmian, he would only fall down.

Even if Chu Fengmian couldn’t mobilize his body’s power now, it was not something that Heavenly Demon could provoke.

“Here, we are already close to the edge of the devil’s cave. After leaving the devil’s cave, we will look for the place where the Mo people are. The Mo people have a special identity. It shouldn’t be difficult to find them.

Chu Fengmian observes the surrounding area. The demonic intents around here are getting weaker and weaker. This also proves that Chu Fengmian is already not far away from the exit of the magic cave.

Devourer, the demon lord, after completely beheading some of the Heavenly Demon who came to attack, they returned to Chu Fengmian’s side and guarded this Chu Fengmian.

Just at this time.

Suddenly, the entire demon cave was enveloped by a powerful force, as if something had entered the demon cave, Heaven and Earth Law, were all changing this.

“Heaven and Earth Law, this is the Immortal Emperor? Has the Immortal Emperor entered the cave again?”

Chu Fengmian’s complexion changed slightly, and when he felt the breath of the Immortal Emperor, his complexion changed drastically.

“Emperor Yanjian?”

This Immortal Emperor’s breath, he couldn’t be familiar with it, it was Yanjian Emperor’s breath.

In addition to Emperor Yan Jian, Chu Fengmian also felt the other three tyrannical auras. The other two of them were also Immortal Emperors. Although the last one was not the Immortal Emperor, his power was more powerful than that of Yan Jian. Sword Emperor, even stronger, this is a Heavenly Venerate powerhouse.

Three Immortal Emperors, one Heavenly Venerate, at this time actually entered the magic cave.

Especially among them, there is actually this Sword Emperor Yan.

“This is for me!”

Chu Fengmian instantly understood what the purpose of these three Immortal Emperors, one Heavenly Venerate, entered the bedevilment cavern this time.

This is for Chu Fengmian.

He already clearly felt that the breath of Emperor Na Yanjian was approaching Chu Fengmian more and more.

“It’s actually at this time!”

Chu Fengmian’s face was extremely gloomy.

He finally suppressed the killing intent of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, and now he actually encountered Emperor Yan Jian.

The breath of Sword Emperor Na Yan had completely locked him in.

When locked in by this Emperor Qi of Yanjian, the killing intent on Chu Fengmian’s body was almost irrepressible, and it was about to rise up into the sky and occupy Chu Fengmian’s body.

After feeling the threat, in this Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, the silent killing intent can no longer be suppressed.

The killing intent in Blood Slaughter Demon Sword is the purest killing intent. As long as there is a threat to Chu Fengmian, it will be killed.

Chu Fengmian’s mind was gradually enveloped by blood red, and his pupils were soaked with blood red again, and a killing intent filled his body.

“Found the Peerless Sword Witch Emperor!”

Not far away, Emperor Yanjian’s gaze had already fallen on Chu Fengmian’s body, and his eyes looked towards Chu Fengmian, containing endless killing intents.

His hatred with Chu Fengmian is also absolutely irreconcilable.

“This aura is indeed the breath of the Wu clan.”

“Just him!”

“It just so happens that in this magic cave, the Old Guys of the Witch Clan will definitely not have time to save him, so they will directly kill him!”

Almost at the same time, Shen Xi Heavenly Venerate, facing Emperor Celestial Immortal, the starry old man’s gaze fell on Chu Fengmian at the same time.

Although they haven’t seen Chu Fengmian, they have read through Chu Fengmian’s information countless times in their minds.

Now when they see Chu Fengmian, they can confirm that the Chu Fengmian in front of them is the Peerless Sword.

“Why is this person strange?”

Emperor Yanjian looked towards Chu Fengmian, and suddenly he felt a little strange.

He has played against Chu Fengmian 3 times, and he is very familiar with Chu Fengmian’s breath.

But when he saw Chu Fengmian this time, he actually felt a strange feeling. The Chu Fengmian in front of him gave him a strange feeling.

Especially in Chu Fengmian’s body, he actually felt a killing intent that he had never felt before.

When his eyes met Chu Fengmian’s eyes, the moment his eyes were facing each other, his body was cold, and a chill hit his heart.


“Don’t worry about that many, since this is the person, just kill him directly!”

Before Celestial Emperor, it was impossible to bear. The moment he saw his enemy killer, the killing intent in his heart could no longer be suppressed.

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