Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3106

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Under his anger, almost all the power was instilled in a lance in his hand. The lance was condensed, and this ancient inscription appeared on it.

This ancient lance gathered the full strength of the Celestial Immortal Emperor, and his Martial Dao was integrated into it and turned into such a lance.

“You, you think you can kill me?”

Suddenly, Chu Fengmian lifted the head suddenly, his gaze fell on the body of Emperor Celestial Immortal, and his scarlet eyes filled with murderous intention.

“Everyone who you think you can kill me has to die!”


Chu Fengmian’s mind was completely plunged into madness. The emptiness in the other half of his body was once again suppressed and completely disappeared. In Chu Fengmian’s body now, there is only an endless killing intent.


The Blood Slaughter Demon Sword appeared in the palm of Chu Fengmian’s palm, and was grasped by Chu Fengmian. He held the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword in his hand and stepped out suddenly. This speed was extremely fast.

Everyone can only see that a wave of blood light rises into the sky.

But Chu Fengmian’s body is already approaching in front of Celestial Immortal Emperor and the others, a huge killing intent, condensed in the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, and suddenly this huge killing intent, is Screaming and rolling away at the surrounding spread.

Blood Slaughter Demon Sword sword edge unsheathed, and the moment a sword fell, the huge killing intent Straight Clashing Nine Heavens, the entire demon cave was shrouded by this killing intent, and the almost substantial killing intent hit the demon cave, the Heaven and Earth Law of the demon cave. , Changes are taking place, becoming more and more chaotic.

Sword edge flashed, Chu Fengmian’s sword edge was already attacking the Celestial Immortal Emperor.

Hong long!

This sword edge suddenly collided with the condensed lance in the hands of Emperor Celestial Immortal. At the moment when the two forces confronted, a series of explosions erupted.

Then there was a crisp sound.

The lance condensed in the hands of Emperor Celestial Immortal, under the collision of this sword edge, broke apart suddenly, and turned into countless broken pieces in the hands of Emperor Celestial Immortal.

Under one move.

This Celestial Immortal emperor was almost a Martial Dao condense lance, just like that.

After this sword cut off the lance in the hands of Emperor Celestial Immortal, Chu Fengmian’s figure didn’t stop even the slightest. He held the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, and another huge killing intent was condensed into a bloody one. sword edge, pointed directly at Emperor Celestial Immortal and killed him.

Hong long long !

The countless barriers around Emperor Celestial Immortal were completely cut under this blood-red sword edge, and this blood-colored sword edge suddenly pierced the chest of Emperor Celestial Immortal.

A scarlet rays of light pierced through the chest of Emperor Celestial Immortal.

The eyes of Emperor Celestial Immortal were incredibly unbelievable. They didn’t seem to realize that his chest was pierced by a sword like this. From the chest scar, the power of the continuous blood essence ran away quickly. Swallowed by Chu Fengmian.

“Get together!”

Until this moment, the other three people’s complexion changed drastically, and they all reacted. Sword Emperor Na Yan took the lead. A Spirit Sword appeared in his palm, and only a sword light appeared in the sky. This a sword light, evolves 3 million.

“Dayan sword technique!”

10000000 sword light, falling at the same time, beheading Chu Fengmian.

But Chu Fengmian ignored the sword light that descended from the sky. The Blood Slaughter Demon Sword in his hand moved once again and rose to the sky, showing a red-blood sword glow, which was as large as hundreds of thousands. Shrouded Heaven and Earth.

All sword light, in front of this scarlet sword glow, are meaningless, and they are instantly defeated.

At the same time, on the other side, Chu Fengmian’s figure also moved suddenly, rushing in the direction of the old star, Shen Xi Heavenly Venerate.

In Chu Fengmian’s mind, he clearly felt that these two people were his real threat.

“This person is no longer a person! I am now in madness, becoming a monster who only knows to kill, losing consciousness? Is it because he is controlled by the cave?”

Shenxi Heavenly Venerate’s gaze looked towards Chu Fengmian. At this time, he also noticed the strangeness of Chu Fengmian.

“Anyway, suppress this child first!”

The old man from the star pole gave a long roar. On his body’s star robe, 10000 to 1000 stars suddenly sparkled, and a little starlight turned into a huge star map in front of him. This star map is the star robe. Transformed by power, it contains 10000 1000 Power of Stars.

This one huge star map, falling in the sky, fiercely pressed on Chu Fengmian’s body.

This one star map, but the aggregation equivalent to 10000 1000 Power of Stars, comparable to the power of a Smaller Thousand Worlds, is now crushed on Chu Fengmian’s body.


The madness on Chu Fengmian’s face remained undiminished. He was loudly roared, and the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword in his hand was once again slashed at the star map that was suppressed.

This might of a single sword, killing 10000 ancient, pure and ultimate killing intent, is enough to crush everything, when this a sword light cuts into the star map.

I saw a series of explosions burst out in this star map. In this star map, each star was directly smashed under the a sword light.

Even if it is 10000 and 1000 stars, it can’t resist the sword light of Chu Fengmian now.

In a moment of effort, most of the 10000 and 1000 stars in the star map were cut to pieces, and without the blessing of Power of Stars, the entire star map began to become extremely fragile, on the verge of collapse, as if it might break at any time. same.

“How can it be?”

The starry old man saw this scene, his eyes were wide-eyed. This star map was transformed by the polar star robe. In order to condense this polar star robe, the starry old man spent three eras. Only 3 stars were collected.

Each of these stars was condensed by him, and its power is comparable to the Immortal Emperor.

And this polar star robe is even more condensed by these 10000 stars. It is Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon, which is as powerful as Smaller Thousand Worlds, but under the sword of Chu Fengmian, the polar star robe is actually destroyed. Mostly.

The star map shattered and turned into a pole star robe again, and he returned to the old man of the star pole, but now, at a glance, most of the stars that originally shining on the pole star robe disappeared completely.

The polar star robes are all tattered and may break at any time.

“The Pole Star Robe was all broken by a sword?”

Emperor Yanjian was also shocked speechless when he saw this scene.

This polar star robe, comparable to the power of a Smaller Thousand Worlds, was beheaded by Chu Fengmian with a single sword. Doesn’t that mean that the body of the general Immortal Emperor, in front of Chu Fengmian, is just a number of swords. solved.

The power that Chu Fengmian shows now, far surpasses his imagination.

“No matter how strong he is, he is still just an immortal venerable today. His impossible power is endless. As long as he is killed today, he will not be reborn!”

Emperor Yanjian looked cold.

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