Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3107

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Emperor Yanjian looked cold.

His enmity with Chu Fengmian, a sea of ​​blood and blood, has no possibility of resolving it. Now Chu Fengmian’s strength has completely surpassed him.

If he can’t kill Chu Fengmian today, then what he has to wait for is Chu Fengmian’s endless revenge. Entering is the last chance to kill Chu Fengmian.

If you don’t kill Chu Fengmian today, it will cause no end of trouble in the future.

Emperor Yanjian showed a somewhat crazy look in his eyes. He waved his big hand, and suddenly a bronze sword box appeared behind him. The moment this sword box appeared, the power of Primal Chaos permeated, this sword box, It seems to come from an extremely old age.

Dayan Sword Box!

This is the creator of the Dayan sword technique. An Immortal Grade refined is Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon, but it is much more powerful than the ordinary Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon.

Because the person who created the Dayan sword technique is a master, this Dayan sword box, but a dominator’s weapon, in terms of power, is stronger than the ordinary Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon.

The moment the Dayan Sword Box appeared, Yanjian Imperial Capital looked pale, and he suddenly spit out a big mouthful of blood essence. With his current strength, he couldn’t completely control the Dayan Sword Box.

Although Emperor Yanjian had already obtained this Dayan Sword Box, he never dared to use it. It was just this time that he had no choice when facing Chu Fengmian.

When the Dayan Sword Box came out, the strength of Backlash made Emperor Yan Jian feel dizzy.

Before as a last resort, Emperor Yanjian was reluctant to use this Dayan Sword Box. As soon as the Sword Box came out, the power of Primal Chaos enveloped the entire devil’s cave. The power of this Dayan Sword Box was faintly possible. Contending with the killing intent in the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, the two forces collided fiercely.


Emperor Yan Jian extended the hand pointed at Chu Fengmian, and saw that from the Great Yan sword box, a sword light suddenly flew out, fiercely beheading Chu Fengmian.

This a sword light, evolving 10000000, in the volley is fully transformed into a world, a world that is completely evolved from the Dayan sword technique, which envelops Chu Fengmian.

At the same time, on the other side, according to Shenxi Heavenly Venerate, there was a long roar. His fleshy body was instantly broken and turned into a rays of light, a divine glow of Straight Clashing Nine Heavens. This divine glow is the body of Shenxi Heavenly Venerate. , A ray of light of the primordial beginning born in splitting heaven and earth apart.

Shenxi Heavenly Venerate incarnates the body, the power is urged to the extreme, this divine glow fiercely blasted away at Chu Fengmian.

The old man Xingji also mobilized all the remaining power, he even tore the robe of the stars, countless Power of Stars flowing in the palm of his hand, countless stars smashed down at Chu Fengmian fiercely.

Even the Celestial Immortal Emperor, who was almost half dead, worked hard with all his strength, once again condense a lance, and pierced Chu Fengmian.

These four powerhouses, in this brief moment, all had their cards out, burst out all their strength, counter-defensively attacked, and joined forces to attack Chu Fengmian.

The enormous power made the Demon Cave tremble.

Chu Fengmian was standing there. He had no idea of ​​retreating. Facing the joint strikes of these four strong men, Chu Fengmian stepped forward under the surprised eyes of everyone.

He is holding the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, as if there is nothing in the world, it can make him shrink back, the crazy killing intent, once again condensed into a cloud of red mist, Chu Fengmian’s current appearance, it is already unclear. , Completely shrouded in the red mist.

Suddenly in the red mist, a sword light burst out.

At the moment this a sword light was shot, the sky of the entire devil cave turned into a blood red, and the entire devil cave turned into a purgatory of blood.

“Blood all over the world!”


This a sword light shot out from the red mist and enveloped the heavens, like pure blood, sweeping everything, all attacks and killing moves in a sudden, all were shrouded by this sword light, all involved in it, instantly Crushed.

The supreme killer moves that these 4 powerhouses used all their cards were ruthlessly destroyed in front of the sword light of Chu Fengmian.

“hong long! ”

Almost at this moment, from the red mist, a huge arm suddenly rushed out, pointed in the direction of the four people and grabbed it. This huge arm was all bright red, as if condensed by blood. general.


The Celestial Immortal emperor was the first one to be enveloped by this huge arm. His body was directly caught in the palm of his hand, and it was instantly crushed. The blood essence was swallowed mercilessly.

Facing Celestial Immortal’s fleshy body, fall!

At the same time, on the other side, the 10000 and 1000 stars gathered by the old man from the star pole, without exception, were wiped out by this sword light, and all shattered. This huge arm also suddenly grabbed the old man star pole, the old man star pole, and Being caught in the palm of his hand, it was crushed at once.

Two Immortal Emperor fleshy bodies fell on the spot.

Now the only ones left are Yanjian Emperor and Shenxi Heavenly Venerate.

The two of them didn’t even know how to come under the collision just now. After a closer look, they discovered that the Celestial Immortal Emperor and the Old Man Xingji had actually fallen.

“Go! Go!”

Seeing this scene, that Shen Xi Heavenly Venerate was the first to react. The divine glow in the sky suddenly changed its direction and flew outside the magic cave.

But Chu Fengmian’s figure is faster than his speed. Chu Fengmian stepped out and came to the front of the rays of light. The Blood Slaughter Demon Sword in his hand was once again beheaded. under.

Hong long long !

A sword slashed on the body of the divine glow, and saw that the divine glow trembled again and again, and the next moment suddenly exploded. This Shen Xi Heavenly Venerate fell on the spot.

Shenxi Heavenly Venerate is not an Immortal Emperor, but a Heavenly Venerate. His fleshy body is his body, but now his fleshy body comparable to the fifth-order Immortal Emperor’s fleshy body can’t resist Chu Fengmian’s sword light , Fell on the spot.

Among the 4, 3 of them all fell, and Chu Fengmian’s gaze finally fell on Emperor Yanjian.

“Jian Yan Heaven and Earth!”

Emperor Yanjian gave a long roar, and once again urged the power of the Dayan Sword Box in his arms, a supreme power, from the Dayan Sword Box, burst out, vaguely, you can actually see one silhouette.

This silhouette seems to be the person who created the Dayan Sword Emperor. In this Dayan Sword Box, there is a ray of consciousness of the master.

Chu Fengmian lifts the head, looked towards this silhouette, his expression remains unchanged, no one knows what he is thinking about now, he stepped out, and the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword in his hand moved again, but this time, from Chu Fengmian Behind the scene, a silhouette also emerged.

The appearance of this silhouette is extremely vague, and he can’t see his appearance. The only thing that can be felt is the killing intent soaring, as if this person is the incarnation of the killing intent.

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