Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3109

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“The man is gone.”

Over the magic cave.

The silhouettes of the two elders slowly emerged. The eyes of the two of them always looked towards Chu Fengmian, and there was some shock in their eyes.

“This killing intent, that sword, is the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword? This person is actually the Sword Demon Blood Slaughter of this generation?”

These two elders are the two Dragon Clan elders from the 2 Dragon Kingdom, and the two ancient Dragon Emperors from the 10000 Dragon Kingdom.

The two of them came to the Devil’s Cave from the 2 Dragon Kingdom. They were also directed at Chu Fengmian, but they were different from the others. Their goal was the Heavenly Dragon Bloodline, the ancestor of Chu Fengmian.

The ancestor Heavenly Dragon has fallen. The body of the ancestor Heavenly Dragon is spread all over the world. The little bloodline of the ancestor Heavenly Dragon is extremely noble and important in the 10000 dragon kingdom.

The ancestor Heavenly Dragon represents not only a Divine Beast, a strong Immortal Emperor Peak, but also the origin of Dragon Clan.

It can be said that the ancestor Heavenly Dragon is the creature born by adhering to the origin of the dragon. All Dragon Clan, the goal pursued is the ancestor Heavenly Dragon.

It’s just that the two of them just entered the bedevilment cave and wanted the fisherman catches both, hiding themselves and taking advantage, but they didn’t expect that they actually saw Chu Fengmian’s crazy killing moment.

The Celestial Immortal Emperor, Yanjian Emperor, Star Pole Old Man, and the three Immortal Emperor’s fleshy bodies were beheaded on the spot, and the Shen Xi Heavenly Venerate, the body fell, fiercely shocked the two of them, and also So the two of them, originally wanting to sneak attack Chu Fengmian’s idea, were completely dispelled.

But what the two of them are afraid of is not Chu Fengmian, but the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword in Chu Fengmian’s hands.

Blood Slaughter Demon Sword was born in Three Great Saint Territories. Every generation of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter will cause a bloody storm in Three Great Saint Territories. Countless strong men died in this Under the sword.

“This Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, didn’t it mean that it was taken to the Nine Domains and was suppressed? Why did it appear again.”

One of the Dragon Clan elders opened the mouth and said.

When referring to the four words Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, his body shivered involuntarily.

This is a kind of conditioned reflex. In Dragon Clan’s inherited memories, it has been recorded how terrifying each generation of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter is, invincible power, killing intent, wherever you go, Turned into a sea of ​​blood.

The strong Dragon Clan who died under the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword didn’t know how many there were. As long as they had read the records in the ancient book, they all knew how terrifying this Blood Slaughter Demon Sword was.

“The origin of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword is unknown. In the oldest ancient book record, he already exists. It is said that dating back to the Desolate Ancient era, there are records of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword. How could something like this be suppressed.”

“I just didn’t expect that the Sword Demon Blood Slaughter of this generation is actually the Bloodline who owns the ancestor Heavenly Dragon.”

The other old man also slowly opened the mouth and said.

“It’s not just the ancestor Heavenly Dragon Bloodline, I think there are other powerful Bloodlines in this person’s body, not the ancestor Heavenly Dragon, but the Bloodline of other innate Divine Beasts, and even the Bloodline of the witch god.”

“So many powerful Bloodlines are on one person, who is not dead yet? It’s strange.”

This old Dragon Clan opened the mouth and said puzzled.

The stronger the Bloodline Strength, the more overbearing and the more repelling other Bloodline Strengths. Therefore, as Dragon Clan, the only way to improve the Bloodline is to get the ancestor Heavenly Dragon Bloodline.

Only the bloodline of the ancestor Heavenly Dragon is the most suitable bloodline for them. As for other bloodlines, even the bloodline of the innate Divine Beast, they cannot integrate into their own bloodline.

Even if it is forcibly integrated, what you get is a self-defeating end.

“In each generation of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, there is no normal person. Don’t worry about him, but the ancestor Heavenly Dragon Bloodline on him has reached the level of control of the origin. This kind of bloodline, our 10000 dragon kingdom, did not exist. The Bloodline on him, we must get it!”

“That’s Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, who dares to provoke him? It’s hard to get the Bloodline from him…”

“It’s okay, I think this person is not completely crazy yet, he is still awake, but he is about to be completely swallowed by the killing intent. When he is completely swallowed by the killing intent, it is not far from his death date, Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, you can’t live long.”

“We are staring at him now, waiting for the moment when his oil lamp dries out, and we are shooting and snatching Bloodline.”

The two people talked for a while, before turning into a light, they left the magic cave.

The realm of magic sky.

The boundless demonic wave still enveloped the entire realm of demons.

Chu Fengmian left the magic cave and looked around at 4 places. Finally, he took out a jade talisman and injected a spiritual force into it.

Soon there was a message from jade talisman.


Chu Fengmian glanced at the news in jade talisman, and stepped out. He summoned the demon lord to act as a guard next to him, while himself, sitting on the back of Devouring Demon, facing the realm of Motian Fly away from the central area.

He is already a little bit of power and he is reluctant to use it. As long as a little bit of power is used, this fragile balance may be broken, and Chu Fengmian will be controlled by the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword.

Last time, he encountered the killing intent stimulation of Emperor Yanjian and the others, and Chu Fengmian fell into madness all at once.

However, because of the fight with the illusory shadow in the Dayan Sword Box, the power of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword was temporarily suppressed.

This is the case. Chu Fengmian nowadays is not willing to use his strength until the critical moment.

10000 things are left to the ghost lord to deal with.

The ghost lord, after all, is also a law immortal, in the devil’s cave are all a region’s Overlord, placed in the realm of demons, as long as it does not touch the Immortal Emperor, almost all exist invincible.

Heavenly Demon and Demon Race in the Demon Tide, after feeling the breath of the Demon Lord, all dodged one after another, and did not dare to come close to Chu Fengmian.

As Demon Race, they understand how terrifying the power of the Demon Lord is.

Chu Fengmian is now controlled by the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword at any time, and is so crazy that he dare not let Kun Peng, the old man Yunxiao come over and help him.

After all, once Chu Fengmian fell into madness, he didn’t recognize anyone, and all the surrounding creatures would be killed by him. He let Kun Peng and Old Man Yunxiao come over, which might put them in danger.

Chu Fengmian didn’t want to hurt the people around him. Although the demon lord had a low IQ, he was enough to act as a guard.

On the way, there was no more waves.

Chu Fengmian sat on Devouring Demon’s back all the way to rest.

Three days later, in front of Chu Fengmian, a tall city was reflected in his pupils.

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