Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3110

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This city, located in the center of Jingmotian, is one of the kingdoms of Cangguo. Cangguo was extremely prosperous for a while, but there have been countless internal divisions. Under this division, several king cities have also appeared. .

Each of these royal cities was occupied by a family of Demon God Bloodline in Cangguo, and now there are 4 completed in Cangguo.

The one in front of Chu Fengmian is the royal city of Heavenly Demon Bloodline, a jade-faced royal capital belonging to Cangguo.

This jade-faced king capital can be regarded as one of the largest cities in the realm of Demon God. The Bloodline of Heavenly Demon of Jade Face is also the most powerful among all the Demon God Bloodlines in the entire country.

This jade-faced king’s capital is almost the size of a Smaller Thousand Worlds, and the creatures in it are usually 100 100000000 million.

Especially now, even in the era of the magic tide, a large number of demonic path martial artists have entered the city to take refuge. In the entire jade-faced capital, there are 1000 to 100000000 million creatures, most of which are demonic path martial artist.

Of course, there will be some Demon Race in it.

In the world of demonic intent, a place of incomparably pure demonic intent, some Demon Races are sometimes born, and every time the demonic tide erupts, some of the large number of Demon Races born from it will survive.

These Demon Races are also a member of the Realm of Demon. Although there is no Great Influence established in the Realm of Demon, they are also a force that cannot be underestimated.

3 Great Demon Sect, besides Demon God Temple, the other Universe Demon Sect, Cangguo, are showing signs of gradual decay.

Therefore, Cangguo now does not reject these Demon Races. Some powerful Demon Races have even been directly absorbed into the Cangguo and become some of the strong people in the Cangguo. Only when it is opened, Cangguo can barely follow Demon God Temple confrontation.

Although Cangguo has gradually declined, but a dying, starved camel is still bigger than a horse.

Chu Fengmian looked towards this huge Great City comparable to a Smaller Thousand Worlds, and he couldn’t help but sigh. If you didn’t see this city with your own eyes, Chu Fengmian would be a little unimaginable.

However, this is also because of the special environment of the Demon Sky. Every time a Demon Tide erupts, the all influence sect of the Demon Sky must shrink. On the one hand, it will fight against the Demon Tide, and on the other hand, it will also need to shelter some disciplines.

Therefore, the cities built by the Great Demon Sect of Realm of Devil Sky 3 are extremely huge, and they are getting bigger and bigger. These cities are all refuges when the demonic wave erupts.

At a glance, above the jade-faced royal capital, a huge Array completely shrouded this large royal city of Smaller Thousand Worlds.

Above the sky, there are some Heavenly Demon from time to time, wanting to rush into this city, but in front of this great array method, a little closer Heavenly Demon will be bombarded by Array on the spot.

Chu Fengmian took a look at it and saw that such a great array is actually condensed together by not knowing how many small arrays, even the general Immortal Emperor can’t break the power.

In the all around of this jade face king, there are 4 tall city gates, city gates, and teams of demonic path martial artists, patrolling here to prevent any Demon Race in the demonic tide from entering it.

These demonic path martial artists are all the disciplines of Cangguo, their strength and tyranny, and the weakest are the strength of the fairy king.

In front of each city gate, there is an endless stream of martial artists entering and exiting. The number of people is large, the magic tide erupts, and the world of magic is in chaos, but for some demonic path martial artists, this is not a bad thing, some The demonic path martial artist will deliberately choose the moment of the magic tide, go out to experience, behead the Heavenly Demon, and look for opportunities.

Every time the Demon Tide erupts, there will be many opportunities at the same time, so the strong in this jade-faced king capital often leave the jade-faced king capital to go to the outside world to kill the Heavenly Demon and look for opportunities.

Of course, the Demon Race in the magic wave is endless. Even the most powerful martial artist cannot stay in the magic wave forever. When their power is about to run out, they will return to the Jade Face King. In all.

Chu Fengmian took a look at this demonic wave, and also instructed the swallowing demons to fly towards the city gate below.

Cangguo does not reject Demon Race, so Chu Fengmian did not intend to hide the idea of ​​Devouring Demon and the Demon Lord. Devouring Demon took Chu Fengmian with him, just before the city gate, a tyrannical pressure burst out. .

Many demonic path martial artists around, after seeing the aura of Devouring Demon and Demon Lord, all their complexion greatly changed, and they retreated to the surroundings, not daring to approach Chu Fengmian at all.

Swallowing Devil and Demon Lord are both Law Immortal Venerable, in Chu Fengmian’s eyes, they are nothing.

But in the realm of Demon Heaven, Law Xianzun is the strongest person under the Immortal Emperor. For most martial artists, the Immortal Emperor is an existence that they will never see in their entire lives. It is legendary. Characters in.

The Law Immortal Venerables are the strongest people they can come into contact with, especially Devourer and Demon Lords, but they are born in the Demon Cave, in a place of right and wrong like the Demon Cave, they can grow up, and their strength can be called the law. The powerhouse among the immortals.

Seeing the existence of these two statues, no one of the surrounding demonic path martial artists dared to approach Chu Fengmian and took the initiative to open a road into the city.

“Swallow the Devil, Lord of the Demons, 2 Law Immortals?”

A team of martial artists patrolling the city gate also discovered the strangeness here. They looked over, and all of them fell on the Devourer and the Lord of the Demons. The 2 Law Immortal Venerables were in the realm of Demon Heaven. A small sect can be established, with the strength of establishing the sect.

Even if it is placed in the three major demon sects, it can become an Elder, with a very high status, especially this is the rule of the 3 Demon Race, it is extremely rare.

As for Chu Fengmian, who was sitting on the back of Devouring Demon, they were immediately ignored.

“I want to go to town.”

It was until Chu Fengmian spoke.

This group of martial artists on patrol noticed Chu Fengmian sitting on the back of Devouring Demon.

The current Chu Fengmian, his face is extremely pale, his breath is chaotic, he looks like a sick seed, and in order to suppress the killing intent in the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, Chu Fengmian also almost suppressed all his strength. .

Therefore, the martial artists who patrolled all thought that Chu Fengmian was an injured martial artist with little strength.

But they did not dare to despise Chu Fengmian at all, because Chu Fengmian sat on the back of Devouring Demon.

Devouring Demon is actually willing to be Chu Fengmian’s mount.

With Chu Fengmian’s strength, it is obviously impossible to do this, so the only explanation is that Chu Fengmian has a very high background, and the power behind him makes the Devouring Demons of this law immortal level willing to be a mount.

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