Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3111

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The Demon Lord also stood by Chu Fengmian respectfully, like a guard.

The Devourer of Law Immortal Venerable, willing to be a mount, the Demon Lord of Law Immortal Venerable, act as a guard.

Such a posture made everyone know at a glance that the Chu Fengmian in front of him definitely has a shocking origin. Even some Great Family among the 3 Great Demon Sects may not have such extravagant methods.

Let the two law immortals act as a guard who is almost useless.

“The entrance fee is one magic crystal per person at a time.”

However, this team of guards, after all, are martial artists of Cangguo. Although they were surprised at Chu Fengmian’s identity, they quickly recovered and said in a serious tone.

This rule was set by Cangguo, even if it is a martial artist from the other two great magic sects, they must abide by the rule if they want to enter the city.

And this magic crystal is not the Founder Demon crystal, the crystal stone left by the Immortal Emperor, but some crystal stone that will condense on some Heavenly Demon, which contains the essence of the demonic intent.

There are countless Heavenly Demons now, and there are countless Heavenly Demons. The most common one is this kind of magic crystal. The current realm of demons uses this kind of magic crystal as currency, and the pure demonic intent exists in this kind of magic crystal. For many demonic path martial artists with low realm, they have the effect of enhancing their strength.

It can be called hard currency.

“Get it.”

Chu Fengmian didn’t talk nonsense. With a move of his palm, 3 magic crystals appeared in his palm, and they were thrown at the team of Cangguo martial artists.

Along the way, Chu Fengmian also encountered many Heavenly Demons who act recklessly wanted to attack him. These Heavenly Demons were all beheaded by the demon lord. Chu Fengmian also got a lot of this kind of magic crystal.

He took out 3 of them and threw them over.

“They are all Heavenly Demon magic crystals of the Immortal Monarch level?”

That Cangguo martial artist, after receiving the magic crystal, his face changed slightly. Immortal Monarch level magic crystals are all very valuable. Generally speaking, Heavenly Demon of Celestial Realm can give birth to magic crystals.

The magic crystals spent in entering the city all belong to this type, but Chu Fengmian took them out casually, and they were all magic crystals of the Immortal Monarch level.

“The identity of this person is not trivial.”

Those Cangguo martial artists quickly took over the magic crystal, their expressions became more respectful, opened the mouth and said.

“Adults can move in the Jade Face King City at will, but there is only one thing, once you leave the Jade Face King City, you need to pay the magic crystal again when you enter it.”


Chu Fengmian nodded, just patted the swallow demon sitting down, and swallow demon took Chu Fengmian and stepped into the jade-faced capital.

“What kind of identity is this person? He sat down. It was Devouring. It is said that this is one of the terrifying Demon Races. A huge mouth can swallow everything. 1000000 Heavenly Demon will be swallowed by him in one bite. Willing to be a mount?”

Watching Chu Fengmian enter the city, some martial artists from Cangguo still haven’t recovered from the shock.

“This kind of prestige, even some Kings of our Cangguo, don’t have it.”

In Cangguo, only Law Immortal Venerable was qualified to be crowned king, and it was almost the highest-status existence in Cangguo.

But even King of Cangguo, in realm, is at best on par with Devouring Demons, so this martial artist is so amazed.

“Don’t think about that many, the identity of this person is not something we can contact.”

In addition, Cangguo martial artist opened the mouth and said.

“It is said that this time, a major event occurred in the magic cave.”

“Major event, you mean, the news of the birth of Founder Demon? Isn’t it the strongest of all parties, have they all gone to compete? Now it should be the winner.”

Another Cangguo martial artist, curiously asked.

They are boring patrolling, and they will chat occasionally.

“Founder Demon Crystal was born? It seems that you have not received the news. It is said that this time, a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering major event occurred in the Demon Cave. The news that Founder Demon Crystal was born is not at all fake, but A demonic path giant in the demon cave, the bait released, all the strong men who entered the bedevilment cave, died in his hands.”

The martial artist said in a low voice.

“It is said that the fleshy body of Lord Cang 7 Demon Emperor also died in the demon cave.”

“What? Really fake?”

“Cang 7 Lord Demon Emperor, but Demon Emperor, he will also fall?”

As soon as his words came out, the audience was surprised.

“Not only the Cang 7 Demon Emperor, the Demon God Temple, the Demon Emperor of the Universe Demon Sect, it is said that they have all fallen. No one left from the Demon Cave alive, and the Law Immortal Venerable who fell in it is uncountable.”

When this Cangguo martial artist spoke, he felt a little lingering.

“Anyway, this time, the Demon God Temple is in trouble. Look at the people of Demon God Temple, they came to provoke us when they were idle before. Recently, seeing how honest they are, it is said that Demon God Temple also ate during the Demon God Temple days. A big loss, even the young master, Mo Qing, died in it.”

“This, Mo Qing has fallen?”

“Moqin is not the Immortal Emperor yet, so didn’t he completely fall into the devil’s cave?”

“No wonder the guys at Demon God Temple have been so peaceful recently and don’t dare to be arrogant anymore. Is that so?”

“Here, it is the demonic path giant who has the ability to kill all the Demon Emperors?”

More martial artists from Cangguo were confused.

“It is said that it is an ancient troll who has been closed-door cultivation in the devil’s cave. I don’t know his identity, but who knows how many demonic path giants are in the ghost place of the devil’s cave.”

There are almost countless demonic path giants imprisoned in the demon cave in the realm demon heaven, especially the deeper the demonic path, the more likely they are to escape bedevilment and fall into madness.

The demonic path giants that can be imprisoned in the magic cave are all well-known figures of that era, or even one of the top experts, so what happens in the magic cave is possible.

“You still can’t enter the magic cave.”

“Can’t get close, can’t get close…”

On the other side, Chu Fengmian was already sitting on the back of Devouring Demon and stepped into the Jade Face King City.

In the Jade Face King City, the streets are all ten thousand meters wide, even if it is a devouring body, walking in it will not feel any crowded.

Demon Race and some demonic path martial artists who have cultivated Body Refining Cultivation Art are all very big bodies, so the roads of this jade-faced king city are also very big.

Of course, some of the real bodies of Demon Race, like the giant mouth of swallowing demons, are actually much bigger than this street, but there are rules in the Jade Face King City, even if the body is in the huge Demon Race , Also must shrink the body below ten meters, otherwise, in the big city, they can not accommodate their huge size.

The Devourer and the Demon Lord are like this, shrinking his body.

Chu Fengmian itself is a human form and does not need to change.

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