Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3112

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Entering the Jade Face King City, Chu Fengmian immediately felt a burst of excitement. There were many demonic path martial artists in the streets, busy with traffic, and among the shops next to 2.

It seemed that it was no different from before the demonic wave broke out.

Even at a glance, you can see that many martial artists in this jade-faced king city have not even stepped into the Celestial Realm. If they are in the demonic tide, they may not survive for a day.

But now in this jade-faced king city, they are living peacefully, without any influence from the outside world.

Outside of Array, there is chaos, like a wave of purgatory.

But within Array, it is a peaceful scene.

Like Cangguo, as one of the three great demon sects of the realm of the demon sky, I don’t know how many eras have been inherited in the realm of the demon sky.

Every eruption of the Demon Tide is essentially the same, so Cangguo has already done a good job of dealing with it long ago.

This jade-faced king city has the protection of Array. No Heavenly Demon can enter it. Naturally, it is boundlessly safe.

Moreover, every time the demon wave erupts, the countless Heavenly Demons that emerge, in the eyes of some weak martial artists, are a disaster, but in the eyes of some powerful people, they are all opportunities and wealth.

They will capture Heavenly Demon, surrender and serve as slaves, or directly kill Heavenly Demon and seize the magic crystals in it in exchange for wealth.

And in the magic wave, there are not only Heavenly Demon, but also some powerful Demon Races, especially some Bloodline tyrannical Demon Races, their bodies contain extremely powerful power, but they are almost perfect. The mixing equipment material.

When the magic wave erupted, this jade-faced king city might be even more lively than usual.

Chu Fengmian just took a casual look, and then he saw a demonic path martial artist dressed in a black robe not far away. Among the demonic path martial artists, such a dress is not special, it can even be said to be commonplace. Up.

Of the ten demonic path martial artists, three or four may be dressed in this way, but Chu Fengmian felt a familiar breath from him, which made him recognize this person from the crowd at a glance.

This black robe demonic path martial artist saw Chu Fengmian’s gaze looked towards him, and also quietly turned around and walked towards the Jade Faced King City. Chu Fengmian followed behind, and he has always come to a building called Linbing Pavilion. Among the shops.

At a glance, this was a shop selling Immortal Grade, but Chu Fengmian sat on the back of Devouring Demon, and the moment he stepped into it, the surrounding space suddenly changed continuously.

In an instant, Chu Fengmian came to a secret space.

At the same time beside him, 8 black robed man suddenly appeared beside Chu Fengmian, looking towards Chu Fengmian.

The sudden change caused Demon Lord and Chu Fengmian to sit down with a shock, and a violent aura burst out.

“be quiet.”

Chu Fengmian spoke slowly.

The Demon Lord and Devouring Demon became quiet again.

These 8 black robed men took out a jade talisman and injected a Spiritual Force into it, seeming to confirm the identity of Chu Fengmian. After confirmation, they all took off the black robe, revealing its strong body , Fell down in front of Chu Fengmian and said respectfully.

“Peerless Sword Lord Wudi.”

These black robed men are not demonic path martial artists of Jingmotian, but witches, some witches who have been cultivated with secret cultivation techniques, their incarnations become demonic path martial artists, in this jade-faced king city.

The Wu tribe can grasp all kinds of things that happened in the Three Great Saint Territories, and even suddenly found out that Lingxiao is the first sword emperor’s heir. Essentially, it depends on what the Wu tribe arranged in Three Great Saint Territories. Intelligence Network.

The witches in front of them were responsible for collecting information in the Jade Faced King City. This was also left by the black witch emperor to Chu Fengmian, a contact point for the witches in Jingmotian.

Of course, this contact point is not only for collecting information, but also from the Witch Clan, taking out a large amount of Immortal Medicine, materials, etc., in exchange for Immortal Pill, Immortal Grade in the realm of magic.

The pill concocting of the witches is far inferior to the Three Great Saint Territories, so most of the Immortal Pill and Immortal Grade in the witches are actually obtained from the Three Great Saint Territories.

There are a lot of contact points for the Wu clan in Three Great Saint Territories. In Li Hengtian, Chu Fengmian also understood the Divine Prediction Mountain from the contact point of the Wu clan at that time. Then he I chose to go to Divine Prediction Mountain to find the last descendant of the first sword emperor.

“Among you, who is the leader?”

Chu Fengmian glanced, slowly opened the mouth and said.

“It’s me, King Hua Witch,”

One of the witches stepped out, facing Chu Fengmian, his expression was extremely respectful.

“Peerless Sword Lord Wudi came this time, why is it?”

Among the witch tribe, the witch emperor is the supreme supreme.

Especially Chu Fengmian, the Peerless Sword witch emperor, is known as the leader of the new generation of witch emperors of the witch clan. He controls the witch Divine Palace. He defeated the sword emperor of Tianxu and established his reputation just after he was born.

Especially under the special propaganda of the Black Wudi and 9 Li Wudi, even the Wu tribe of the Three Great Saint Territories now knows the reputation of Chu Fengmian.

The Hua Witch King looked towards Chu Fengmian with some worship. The current Peerless Sword Witch Emperor can be said to be the most admired Witch Emperor among the Witch Clan, even overwhelming the Black Witch Emperor. .

“I want to find the Mo, do you know where the Mo is?”

Chu Fengmian is not willing to waste time either.

With his current body, every minute he delays, the more dangerous he becomes.

“The Mo?”

When Emperor Hua Wu heard Chu Fengmian’s words, he was silent for a while, he took out a jade talisman in his hand, as if he was looking for information, and after a while he opened the mouth and said.

“In recent times, the Mo people have been close to disappearing. There is very little news about the Mo people. According to rumors, only in the wild north of the Demon Heaven, someone once saw the Mo people.”

“Is the Northland wild?”

Chu Fengmian also knows that many of these Barbarian Desolate Lands are actually fragments of Desolate Ancient Continent, transformed into some regions, which are very similar to Desolate Ancient Continent.

For many Desolate Ancient alien races, such Barbarian Desolate Land cultivation is the most suitable for them.


Chu Fengmian was not staying and chose to leave.

Although it is not accurate news, the most promising place for the Mo people to appear is indeed the wilderness in the North. After Chu Fengmian got the news, he did not stay at all. He sat on Devouring Demon’s back and left here. Jade Face King City.

For Chu Fengmian now, time is everything.

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