Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3113

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In the past few days, Chu Fengmian felt that the power of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword was recovering.

The last time the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword collided with the power in the Dayan Sword Box, it consumed a lot. This made Chu Fengmian suppress the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword and regained consciousness again.

But now, the power of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword has begun to recover.

Chu Fengmian can clearly feel that in his body, the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, be eager to have a try, will erode Chu Fengmian’s body at any time, causing Chu Fengmian to fall into madness.

This is not a good sign.

The stronger the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword’s power is, the more dangerous Chu Fengmian’s situation is. It is extremely likely that he will be eroded by the killing intent if he is negligent, and he will be completely mad.

And the previous two times, Chu Fengmian was able to wake up from madness. It was a coincidence. If he fell into madness again and wanted to wake up, it would not be so easy.

This also made Chu Fengmian dare not urge any power. He was sitting on Devouring Demon’s back, with no power fluctuations at all, and he looked like an ordinary person.

Of course, even if it doesn’t urge any force, Chu Fengmian’s fleshy body is extremely tyrannical.

With the power of the current Chu Fengmian fleshy body alone, he can defeat some law immortals without a problem. The six innate Divine Beast Bloodline, the true body of the wizard god, plus the Demon God who swallowed the demonic fetus, are now Chu Fengmian’s fleshy The body is indeed incredibly powerful.

So sitting on the back of Devouring Demon and flying all the way, he will not be affected in any way.

Being unable to move has power, naturally, it is impossible to motivate escape. Chu Fengmian can only rely on swallowing demons. Fortunately, the speed of swallowing demons is not slow.

It’s just that Devouring is not like Chu Fengmian. It has an eternal Divine Body, and its power is endless. It can be refilled at any time. After Devouring a few days, you need to rest for a while before you can fly again.

Ten days have passed since the Jade Face King City went to the wild north.

“Finally came to the wilderness in the North.”

The north is wild, not far from the Jade Face King City. In ten days, Chu Fengmian finally came to a piece of wasteland. This piece of wasteland is extremely desolate. At a glance, except for some wandering in the magic tide Outside of Heavenly Demon, there are hardly any creatures in sight.

Here is the Wild Northland.

Standing on the wild land of the Northland, Chu Fengmian has a very comfortable and familiar feeling, as if this place is the most suitable place for him. This feeling is very similar to that of Chu Fengmian in the ancient territory. similar.

“The Witch Clan is also a big clan on the Desolate Ancient Continent. The innate Divine Beast also lived in that era. It’s no wonder that the Desolate Ancient aliens will choose to thrive in this Barbarian Desolate Land.”

The moment Chu Fengmian stepped into the wilderness in the North, he couldn’t help feeling a comfortable feeling.

Whether it is the Bloodline of the witch god in Chu Fengmian, the real body of the witch god, or the Bloodline of the innate Divine Beast, in fact, both the wizard tribe and the innate Divine Beast live on the Desolate Ancient continent.

The ancient territory condensed by the ten great wizard gods is actually an imitation of the Desolate Ancient continent, which is most suitable for the world of the wizard life.

And this northern land was wild, it was said to have been transformed by a fragment of Desolate Ancient Continent, and the aura in it was very similar to Desolate Ancient Continent.

Therefore, most Desolate Ancient aliens will choose to live in such a Barbarian Desolate Land.

After all, these Desolate Ancient alien races are no better than the Witch race. They have the ability to occupy a side and even create their own world. Many Desolate Ancient alien races are not strong in the Desolate Ancient era. They have experienced the broken catastrophe of Desolate Ancient. Suffered heavy losses.

It can continue to reproduce, and it is considered to be struggling on whilst at death’s door, and it is naturally impossible to have such an ability.

The Mo ethnic group is one of them.

What Chu Fengmian knows is that only the Dragon Clan of Desolate Ancient One of the Overlords, in Li Heng Tian, ​​occupied one area and established the 10000 Dragon Kingdom. Other Desolate Ancient aliens have no such thing. ability.

Such a Barbarian Desolate Land, in fact, apart from the Desolate Ancient alien, human martial artists are unwilling to cultivation in it.

Only occasionally to collect some of the Immortal Medicine, materials and so on that grow in it, will there be human martial artists who choose to enter it.

But now, the demonic wave erupts, and the entire edge of Barbarian Desolate Land looks extremely desolate.

“There is no breath of the Mo ethnic group.”

Chu Fengmian glanced casually, and the Spiritual Consciousness swept across, although some ancient breath could be felt.

But these breaths are not those of the Mo ethnic group.

The breath of the Mo people is very special. The appearance of the Mo people is actually very similar to the current human martial artists. The only difference is that there will be one after another ancient line on the skin of the Mo people.

This kind of line, Murclansman is born with. This kind of line is the manifestation of the Bloodline Strength on them. The Bloodline Strength of the Mur clan is said to have the power to dissolve all marks.

This is why Chu Fengmian came to look for the Mo people.

With the Bloodline Strength of the Mo people, as long as they really live in the wilds of the North, it shouldn’t be difficult for Chu Fengmian to find them.

“Go on, go deeper.”

Chu Fengmian glanced at the Devourer next to him. The Devourer had been resting for half a day, and now his strength was almost restored.

Hearing Chu Fengmian’s words, Devouring Demon hurriedly got up and came to Chu Fengmian’s side. Chu Fengmian slowly sat on Devouring Demon’s back, and once again turned into a light, flying towards the wild depths of the north. go with.

In recent times, the Mo people have chosen to hide in the world for some reason, so even if they are in the wilds of the North, they must be in some hidden places, deep in the wilds of the North.

On the fringe of the wilderness in this northern land, it is impossible to find the Mo people.

Sitting on the back of Devouring Demon, Chu Fengmian flew all the way to the depths of the wilderness in the north. The wilderness in the north is actually a very large area of ​​the realm of magic sky, which is equivalent to 20% of the size of the realm of magic sky.

It can also be regarded as the largest piece of Barbarian Desolate Land among the Three Great Saint Territories. Not only is there the Mur clan, but also attracts many Desolate Ancient alien races. It has been another 3 days for the cultivation in this northern wilderness.

This is what Chu Fengmian really entered into the wilderness in the North.

The wild wilderness in the north has also been eroded by the magic wave. It is now shrouded by the magic wave. A large number of Heavenly Demon wandering in the sky. These Heavenly Demon are looking for the flesh and blood of creatures in 4 places to devour.

The magic wave is now erupting, and the Desolate Ancient alien races in the wilds of the north have actually hid one after another, shrinking clansman to resist the magic wave.

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