Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3118

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Chu Fengmian’s fleshy body is already tyrannical to the extreme.

Among the martial artists of the same realm, it is almost impossible to find martial artists whose fleshy body is comparable to Chu Fengmian, and even any Demon God, Wu Clan, and Demon Race.

But the power of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword is indeed too powerful.

This is the Dragon Emperor, the absolute Dragon Emperor, but two Tier 2 Immortal Emperors, now they are all shot together. In front of Chu Fengmian in the state of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, almost all of them can’t live for 4 breaths.

Tier 4 Immortal Emperor, but completely different level from Tier 3 Immortal Emperor. In the Great Dao on the other side, Chu Fengmian met Misty Palace Master, a Tier 4 Immortal Emperor, which made Chu Fengmian difficult to fight.

In the end, the Misty Palace master, knowing that he would go on fighting again, had no meaning, and chose to retreat by himself.

Chu Fengmian’s original strength, that is, it can barely be considered as a head-on confrontation with the 4th-order Immortal Emperor, although after entering the magic cave, Chu Fengmian gained the demon body again, and his strength went further.

However, facing 2 Tier 4 Immortal Emperors at the same time, if Chu Fengmian is awake, it will take a lot of time to defeat them.

However, under the control of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, Chu Fengmian killed these two people with only three breaths, and the strength of the two was not on the same level.

For Chu Fengmian, bursting out so much power far beyond itself is also a great load.

Once it is the killing intent of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword that controls Chu Fengmian and turns into Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, then every moment is a kind of harm to Chu Fengmian’s witch god real body.

Just 3 breaths time, the Sorcerer God’s real body was damaged again.

“You must quickly find the Mo Clan, and then go to the Nine Domains to control the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, otherwise…”

Chu Fengmian’s face was extremely gloomy.

With the power of this demon body, he can barely resist the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, so that Chu Fengmian can wake up under the influence of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword killing intent, but in the long run, Chu Fengmian’s body , Will not be able to support it first.

In Chu Fengmian’s current state, once he encounters a strong enemy again, he can’t suppress the killing intent of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword…

Yanjian Emperor and the others are among the first people to come to deal with Chu Fengmian. The two Dragon Emperors Ming Dragon Emperor and the Dragon Emperor are the second batch, but Chu Fengmian knows that there will be a third batch in the future. , The 2th batch of strong men arrived.

After all, the strength shown by Chu Fengmian is really too amazing, and it has completely attracted the attention of all parties.

Moreover, the most difficult situation for Chu Fengmian now is that he cannot use anyone’s power. Once the killing intent of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword erodes and falls into madness, Chu Fengmian will lose all consciousness.

Whether it is the enemy or me, as long as it is the surrounding creatures, they will be beheaded by him, so now Chu Fengmian can rely on him only.

The Devourer and the Demon Lord had just received Chu Fengmian’s last bit of consciousness into the blood and martial world within the realm.

Otherwise, when Chu Fengmian fell into madness, they would also be killed by Chu Fengmian on the spot.

Chu Fengmian didn’t intend to call the Devouring Demon out, but he alone, turned into a ray of light, and flew towards the depths of the wild north.

The cohesion of the demon fetus and demon body also allows Chu Fengmian to withstand a part of the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword. Although it is still unable to mobilize too much power, compared to when in the abyss of the demon cave, even the light cannot be controlled. It’s better.

As long as it is a power above Immortal Venerable Immortal Faith, the killing intent of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword cannot affect Chu Fengmian temporarily.

Chu Fengmian’s escape light flew towards the depths of the wild north.

Not far away, I count rays of light, chasing all the way, these rays of light, in this magic wave, there is no resistance, even the power of the magic wave, but they can bless themselves and restore them. power.

These few escapes, without exception, are all demonic path martial artists, and the cultivation is purely Demon Art, so they can swallow the power of the magic wave and turn the demonic intent of the magic wave into their own power.

Every time when the demonic wave erupts, these cultivation purely demonic path martial artists of Demon Art will skyrocket.

For most martial artists in Jingmotian, the magic wave is a disaster, but in the eyes of some people, it is an opportunity.

The pure demonic intent in the magic tide can increase their cultivation speed a lot, and they can use the power of the magic tide to increase their strength, search for some opportunities, or deal with some enemies.

During each eruption of the Demon Tide, many sects will be destroyed, and Direct Disciple will be all killed.

Only a few sects were broken by Heavenly Demon, and most of them were killed by the demonic path martial artist who was also the Demon Heaven.

The essence of demonic path is plunder.

On weekdays, many demonic path martial artists dare not be too impudent.

But once the demonic wave erupts, it is that Sea is broad enough for fish to leap about, and no one can stop them anymore. Even the many demonic path martial artists who are taboo demonic path will take advantage of the demonic path. Have been born.

The so-called taboo demonic path refers to many demonic path inheritances that are too cruel and excluded by the Great Demon Sect of the Realm of Heaven, such as the flesh and blood puppets of Old Ancestor, which is actually a taboo demonic path.

Therefore, he dare not use the flesh and blood puppet of Old Ancestor, only in his Smaller Thousand Worlds, when he is in danger, he dare to use the flesh and blood puppet.

However, martial artists who taboo the demonic path do not have such taboos. They usually hide in hiding. Only when the magic wave erupts will they be born.

The taboo demonic path is actually a more pure demonic path. It belongs to the real demonic path. It is really too cruel and is not tolerated by most martial artists before it is listed as a taboo.

These martial artists of the taboo demoic path can exert more power in the magic tide than the ordinary demonic path martial artists.

Among these few rays of light, there are 5 young men. Without exception, they are covered with blood light that soars to the sky. This is why they don’t know how many creatures they have killed, and they are surrounded by countless resentments, condensing blood energy. , Turned into blood light.

This kind of blood light, if it is for the general martial artist, may be a great threat, and may backlash itself.

But for martial artists who taboo the demonic path, this kind of blood light is their source of power.

The more dazzling the blood light shrouded in their bodies, it also means that their Demon Art is stronger.

Judging from the blood light, these five young men, without exception, are martial artists on the taboo demoic path.

Only martial artists with a taboo on the demonic path dare to condense the blood light in such a big way, even unscrupulously, without covering up.

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