Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3119

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The martial artists of the taboo demonic path are not tolerated by Jingmotian, so in the outside world, there is no place for them to survive. Many of these martial artists with the taboo demonic path choose to hide in all remote places of the Jingmotian.

The wilderness in the North is also one of their choices.

The wild environment of the Northland is not suitable for most demonic path martial artists, so generally only Desolate Ancient aliens are located in it.

For the martial artists of the taboo demonic path, this wild north is a treasure. The martial artists of the taboo demoic path use pure plunder and killing to enhance their strength, especially to kill the strong. , Swallow the opponent’s flesh and blood, and the blood light of the condense is the source of their power.

The more powerful creatures, the tyrannical Bloodline, are killed by them and blended into the blood light, the power of the blood light will be stronger.

Desolate Ancient alien races, many are born with this extremely powerful Bloodline, such as the Wu clan, etc., and like the Mo clan, they have the ability to dissolve all the power of imprints, and they rely on the bloodline in their bloodline. The power of purification.

For martial artists who taboo the demonic path, killing and plundering these Desolate Ancient alien races is more beneficial than killing common martial artists.

These 5 taboo demonic path martial artists, flying all the way in the wild north, seem to be looking for something with their eyes flickering.

Suddenly not far from them, two young men suddenly appeared in their eyes.

These two young men looked almost the same as humans, but in the wilds of the north, apart from the martial artist of the taboo demoic path, it is almost rare to see pure human race.

The two young men also have some strange things on their bodies. Their hands and 2 fingertips have a grayish white line.

From this gray line, there is a very mysterious power.

“It is from the curse race.”

“Two adult curses, it seems we are lucky!”

The moment they saw these two young men, the faces of the five taboo demonic path martial artists were full of joy, and the head of them showed a bit of greed in their eyes.

These 5 taboo demonic path martial artists are now running out and hunting Desolate Ancient aliens precisely because of the magic tide. If they want to improve their strength, they must kill and devour many powerful creatures and integrate their flesh and blood. Go into your own blood light.

They went all the way into the depths of the wilderness in the North, in order to find the Desolate Ancient alien race. The flesh and blood of the Desolate Ancient alien race is stronger than the ordinary Monster Ancestor, human beings.

At this time, these two curse races seemed to be taking advantage of the demonic tide to look for some opportunities, but they were met by them.

“The Bloodline Strength of the curse race is considered to be a good one among the Desolate Ancient alien races. Kill them and swallow their blood essence. Let alone the equivalent to our 100 years of penance.”

The taboo demonic path martial artist headed by him showed greed in his eyes.

“I want the flesh and blood of one of them.”

“The flesh and blood of another curse is mine.”

Another taboo demonic path martial artist next to him also opened the mouth and said quickly.

Among the taboo demonic path martial artists present, the two of them are the strongest.

So when it comes to prey, the two of them choose first.

The other three taboo demonic path martial artists did not dare to comment at all.

The battle of the taboo demonic path is much more cruel than the demonic path of the realm. The strength is respected, and if the strength is not enough, it has no status, and may even be directly killed and plundered by others.

These five forbidden demonic path martial artists are all realm of the immortal saints, so they can hunt together. When there are a lot of prey, they can be divided equally, but now this curse clan has only two, the most valuable flesh and blood, Only the 5 strongest people are eligible to enjoy it.

“I want the hands of one of the curse races.”

After thinking about it for a while, among the remaining 3 taboo demonic path martial artists, another one opened the mouth and said.

The characteristic of the curse tribe is that they have a pair of hands that are suitable for refining spells. The power of the spells refined by the curse tribe is much stronger than the spells refined by the general martial artist.

Amulet originally originated from the curse family.

The hands of the curse also contain special power, which is the Top Grade Material for refining Immortal Grade.

Desolate Ancient alien races have become extremely rare after the Desolate Ancient catastrophe. This kind of Desolate Ancient alien species is naturally extremely valuable in Three Great Saint Territories.

“I want the other hands.”

Another taboo demonic path martial artist said.

Only the last taboo demonic path martial artist remained, his face changed slightly, his strength was the weakest, so he could only be the last choice.

“I want the space ring of these two curse races.”

He has no other choice.

The curse tribe is good at refining spells, and often travels to and from Three Great Saint Territories, selling spells and earning wealth. Although these two curse tribes are not strong, they may also have some wealth.

“That’s it. Two curse races who are not in the Immortal King Realm world, just shoot them directly and kill them.”

The taboo demonic path martial artist led by a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, suddenly fell into the air and suddenly appeared on top of the two curse races.

“Taboo demonic path martial artist?”

The two curse races suddenly found a silhouette flying down from the sky. The moment they saw the blood light shrouded in these taboo demonic path martial artists, both of them were complexion greatly changed.

For Desolate Ancient aliens, once they encounter a taboo demonic path martial artist, it represents a disaster.


In an instant, several spells flew out from the hands of these two curse races. The figures of the two of them immediately turned into a ray of light and fled towards the distance.

“Chasing! Two little fairy king curse clan, can’t escape far!”

The other taboo demonic path martial artists turned into one after another scarlet rays of light, chasing them in the direction of the two curse races.

“There is no trace of the Mo people yet.”

Chu Fengmian flew all the way, constantly exploring the surroundings with Spiritual Consciousness.

In this wild wilderness in the North, there were not 100 Desolate Ancient alien races he found, but dozens of them, but to his a little disappointment, these Desolate Ancient alien races were not the Mo race he was looking for.

“Does the Mo clan really disappear?”

Chu Fengmian’s face is not pretty.

“Well, what is it?”

When Chu Fengmian was exploring the surroundings with Spiritual Consciousness, he suddenly discovered that not far in front, two rays of escape light were flying in the direction of Chu Fengmian.

At the same time, behind these two escape lights, there are several blood lights.

“Blood light? Taboo martial artist of demonic path?”

Chu Fengmian recognized the origin of these blood lights at a glance, which is the blood light of the demonic path taboo.

Chu Fengmian This is the first time I have seen a martial artist of a taboo demonic path.

Actually it’s not the first time I have seen each other.

In the magic cave, those demonic path giants that fall into madness actually have extremely tyrannical blood light on their bodies, but those demonic path giants are not essentially the taboo demonic path of cultivation, but they kill too much. , The body can’t help the blood light of condense.

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