Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3120

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It’s just the blood light gathered on the demonic path giants, extremely messy, just involuntarily gathered around.

Chu Fengmian has also heard that the taboo demonic path in the demonic path. These taboo demonic path martial artists all use blood light as the source of power. The stronger the blood light,

In contrast, the blood light on these five taboo demonic path martial artists is more pure.

The martial artists of these taboo demoic paths seem to be chasing something.

“This is the spell?”

Chu Fengmian Spiritual Consciousness looked over again and found that those taboo demonic path martial artists were chasing by two charms. Among the charms, you can also see the silhouettes of two young men.

“The curse?”

Seeing the gray white lines on the fingertips of the two young men, he recognized the identities of the two at a glance.

But what surprised Chu Fengmian was that these two cursed men had actually met him.

When Chu Fengmian took the empty ship to 9 Huatian from the Star City, there were two curse races on that empty ship, and it was the two curse races in front of him.

“It actually happened again.”

These two curse races are related to Chu Fengmian. I didn’t expect that this time was actually encountered again in another Sacred Domain, in the realm of Demon Heaven.

Since it is encountered, please help them once.

Although these two curse races were targeted by these 2 taboo demonic path martial artists, taboo demonic path martial artists like to hunt Desolate Ancient alien races and devour their flesh and blood to condense their own blood light and enhance their strength. Chu Fengmian also knows.

Among the witch tribes, there have also been some witch tribes who were hunted down by martial artists of the taboo demonic path. However, the witch tribe is powerful. Generally, the witch tribes who dare to leave the north are at least immortal sage level warriors.

With the addition of the Bloodline Strength, the Wu clan’s strength is much stronger than the martial artist of the same realm.

So although the bloodline path of the Witch is extremely tyrannical, there are very few that are really targeted by the taboo demonic path martial artist.

As for many races in the Desolate Ancient alien race, who are not strong but have extremely powerful Bloodline Strength, they are all targeted by these taboo demonic path martial artists.

The curse race, even if it is one of them, the strength of the curse race itself is not strong, and their battle method can only draw a spell by themselves.

But when faced with some strong people, these curse races are obviously somewhat powerless.

Faced with these 5 taboo demonic path martial artists, these 2 curse races can only try their best to escape.

Seeing that these two curse races are already inevitable, the strongest spells in their hands are almost exhausted, but they are still being chased by these 2 taboo demonic path martial artists.

“Enough escape!”


A bloody rays of light suddenly fell in front of these two curse races. It was one of the taboo demonic path martial artists who chased them up and looked towards the two cursed races with a greedy expression on their faces. .

“The two little fairy kings can actually waste so long of our time. The Bloodline of the Curse Race is really extraordinary. This time is our luck!”

“Kill, kill them directly, don’t talk nonsense.”

Another taboo demonic path martial artist also rushed over quickly. Five taboo demonic path martial artists surrounded the two martial artists of the curse race in the center.

These two curse races have no way to escape, their faces are all showing despair.

“It’s over, 2 Little Brat.”

The taboo demonic path martial artist headed by his mouth showed a sullen smile. With a big wave of his hand, the blood light on his body was completely condensed in the palm of his hand, turning into a saber, directed at the two curses. The family beheaded.


But at this moment, a golden sword light suddenly appeared beside the two cursed races. The slashed Saber suddenly shattered when he encountered this golden sword light.

“Where did the sword light come from?”

“Who! Who dares to take care of our Black Demon Sect!”

The other forbidden demonic path martial artists all looked at 4 places and roared at the same time. Their eyes finally fell into the air, Chu Fengmian.

Chu Fengmian stood in the air, with a tyrannical aura on his body, surrounded by him, flying these countless golden sword light.

The owner of the golden sword light just now is obviously Chu Fengmian.

“Not a curse? Is it a human martial artist?”

Those taboo demonic path martial artists looked towards Chu Fengmian, and their eyes flashed with surprise.

They thought that it was a powerful man from the curse tribe who had come to save people, but they didn’t expect it to be a martial artist.

After taking a look, Chu Fengmian didn’t have any strong aura at all. The only thing that made these taboo demonic path martial artists feel dangerous was the golden sword light surrounding Chu Fengmian.

Just now this golden sword light broke out, blocking their attacks.

Taking a look at Chu Fengmian, the taboo demonic path martial artist headed by him, a cold expression appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“The Black Demon Sect is doing things, the idlers are waiting to get out, this time we are too lazy to care about you, don’t get out, you end up just like these two curse races.

Forbidden demonic path martial artists, have always been arrogant and despotic. They live by plundering and are naturally not afraid of everything. Especially here is the wild wilderness in the North. Here, there are few people who dare to provoke them to the Dark Demon Sect. Less.

There used to be some demonic path martial artists who wanted to take care of their business, but after hearing the three words of the Black Demon Sect, those demonic path martial artists all walked away in despair.

The Chu Fengmian in front of him, so young, seemed to be just a martial artist who had just joined the world. He couldn’t get used to their taboo demonic path martial artist doing things, so he wanted to stop him.

However, as long as the name of the Dark Demon Sect is spoken, he will leave in despair.

He also saw a lot of such things, and he didn’t take the Chu Fengmian in front of him seriously.

“Black Demon Sect?”

Hearing this name, Chu Fengmian was shocked.

The black demon sect is the largest demon sect in the taboo demonic path.

In the realm of Demon Heaven, this Black Demon Sect can vaguely be regarded as the fourth largest Demon Sect.

Although the power of the Black Demon Sect is much smaller than that of the Demon God Temple, the Universe Demon Sect, and the Cangguo three major demon sects, it is still stronger than other sects.

Especially the martial artists who taboo the demonic path have always been vicious and merciless, with cruel methods, and ordinary martial artists are unwilling to provoke them.

“Not rolling yet?”

Seeing Chu Fengmian still standing there, there was no sign that one of the taboo demonic path martial artists had an expression of impatience on his face.

“A Little Brat who was just born, why waste time with him? Just kill him directly. I see that the golden sword light next to him seems to be a good treasure.”

A forbidden demonic path martial artist sneered, before he could speak, he shot directly.

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