Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3124

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These ancient silhouettes showed some surprise in their eyes.

They can clearly feel the disappearance of a breath.

“Black demonic Yuan, just like this? Who killed him?”

One of the old men opened the mouth and said with surprise in his eyes.

He is the third ancestor of the 7 ancestors of the Dark Devil, the Dark Devil Luo.

The 7 ancestors of the Black Devil, the first 3 ancestors of which are all the Immortal Emperor of the genuine.

It is with these 3 Immortal Emperors that the Black Demon Sect can become the No. 1 Demon Sect in the taboo demonic path.

Not only him, but the other 7 ancestors of the 5 Black Demon ancestors are all here. They were originally discussing some things, but they didn’t expect that suddenly the breath of the black demonic Yuan disappeared completely.

This made them all unexpected. They explored carefully and discovered that the black demonic Yuan had fallen. The fall of the black demonic Yuan was almost instantaneous.

“Who can kill him? The strength of a black demonic Yuan is no less than the average Immortal Emperor. Even if I make a move, it may not be able to kill him, and he is already a complete dark demon Blood God. Who can kill him?”

Another old man in the ancestors of the Black Demon 7, the second ancestor, the Black Demon Ruo, also spoke slowly.

Although the ancestors of the Black Demon 7 often fight internally, they are all unanimous in the face of foreign enemies. The taboo demonic path is not tolerated by all parties in the realm of demons.

The entire Black Demon Sect can only choose to hide in a remote place like the Northern Wilderness, which also makes the Black Demon Sect more united.

“What to do, do you want to avenge him?”

The dark demon Luo frowned said.

The black demonic Yuan was beheaded today. If they, who are also the 7th ancestors of the black demon, didn’t make a move, it would be a shame for the black demon sect.

But the people who can kill the black demonic Yuan with one move, this kind of strength, they are somewhat unimaginable.

“Vengeance? You can feel the killing intent that flashed by just now?”

Suddenly at this time, the oldest first ancestor of the Black Devil 7 ancestors, Hei Mowu, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, opened the mouth and said.

“That killing intent? It’s the killing intent that suddenly enveloped the entire northern wilderness?”

Hearing the words of Black Demon Wu, several other talents browse tightly frowns.

“The strength of the killing intent is indeed beyond imagination, but the strength of the killing intent does not necessarily represent the strength of this person…”

The Black Demon Luo could not help but retorted.

The Black Demon Luo has a very good relationship with the Black Demonic Yuan. He has always been looking forward to the Black Demonic Yuan, and he can also step into the Immortal Emperor Realm. In this case, the Black Demon Sect will have 4 Immortal Emperors.

The black demonic Yuan is the most hopeful person in the entire Black Demon Sect to step into the Immortal Emperor. Now his fall is also a great loss to the Black Demon Sect.

“Hmph, the killing intent, belongs to the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword.”

Hearing this, the Black Demon Wu sneered.

“Who of you wants revenge, just go, but you have to weigh it yourself.”

“Blood Slaughter Demon Sword?”

“It’s actually Blood Slaughter Demon Sword?”

“The contemporary Sword Demon Blood Slaughter is actually born? I thought the rumors over the Demon Cave were fake…”

The other 7 Black Demon Ancestors were all startled and talked in surprise.

“Actually, Sword Demon Blood Slaughter…”

The Black Demon Luo, who has always wanted to avenge the Black Demonic Yuan, heard this, and he was speechless again.

The black demonic Yuan actually died in the hands of the contemporary Sword Demon Blood Slaughter.

Every birth of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter is a catastrophe for the entire Three Great Saint Territories. Every Immortal Emperor who died in the hands of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, and even the destroyed sect, are countless.

If it was really killed by the contemporary Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, then he wanted to avenge the black demonic Yuan, let alone the Black Demon Luo alone, and the entire Black Demon Sect combined would not be enough for him to kill.

“Since it was killed by Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, then this matter is forgotten, Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, we did not provoke it.”

The Black Demon also opened the mouth and said.

“I just don’t know, Sword Demon Blood Slaughter this time, why did you come to the northern wilderness?”

“Then who knows, Sword Demon Blood Slaughter is not only a madman who knows killing, or a person who is going crazy, but during this time, inform the good sect discipline, do not leave the sect, you have to be careful, Sword Demon Blood Slaughter kills people , But without the slightest consideration, don’t touch him for 10000000.”

In the voice of the black magic weapon, there are several points of fear.

The name of the Sword Demon Blood Slaughter made the countless powerhouses of the Three Great Saint Territories fear it. One is that the strength of each generation of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter is extremely terrifying. Immortal Emperor is in front of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter. , Not worth mentioning.

The second is that each generation of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter is a lunatic who only knows to kill. They kill people without any scruples. They will even be beheaded as long as they appear in front of them.

In contrast, even if the martial artist of the demonic path is taboo, he will consider it.

This kind of pure lunatic is the most feared. No one wants to be killed by unfathomable mystery, especially the Black Demon 7 Ancestor. From the taboo demonic path, you can set foot on Peak, and everyone has paid a lot. Big price.

If it was like a black demonic Yuan and died in the hands of the Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, it would be dead in vain, and no one wants to provoke the Sword Demon Blood Slaughter.

With each generation of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, the final result is that the host cannot withstand the power of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, and eventually falls by himself.

Inside the Black Demon Sect, it calmed down again.

The news that the contemporary Sword Demon Blood Slaughter appeared in the Wilderness of the North also gradually spread.

Many powerful men hidden in the wild wilderness in the North have now fled. Everyone knows that the appearance of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter represents a sea of ​​blood.

Chu Fengmian didn’t know all of this, but he had already noticed that the identity of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword was indeed extremely scary, even the Immortal Emperor, the moment he saw the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, fear would arise in his heart.

This fear is not because of Chu Fengmian, but because of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword.

The true origin of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, Chu Fengmian does not know now, and Star Profound, now because he wants to help Chu Fengmian suppress the killing intent of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, he has no time to be distracted and cannot answer Chu Fengmian’s question at all.

“Adult, it’s here.”

Just when Chu Fengmian was thinking.

The two young curse races had already stopped.

In front of Chu Fengmian, there is a sea of ​​trees, but the branches and leaves of these trees are dark in color, completely different from the trees of Three Great Saint Territories today.

This is a savage black tree, Barbarian Desolate Era’s large forests are all such savage black trees.

In today’s era, such wild black trees seem to be extremely rare. Such a large area of ​​wild black trees was obviously planted deliberately.

Chu Fengmian lifts the head, he can see at a glance, it is over a forest of wild black trees, shrouded in a huge array.

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