Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3127

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“Demonic path giant, this is definitely a demonic path giant, this kind of killing intent, this kind of strength, can’t be provoked, 10000000 can’t be provoked!”

The curse race patriarch shouted wildly in the heart.

The anger in his heart is no longer there. Instead, the look in his eyes, looking towards Chu Fengmian, is involuntarily showing fear.

As the patriarch of the curse race, he is also a strong man who has seen a lot. Among the Desolate Ancient alien race, there are also some ancient strong men, and even this Immortal Emperor strong man.

But now, Chu Fengmian’s killing intent actually made him feel an unprecedented fear, but even facing this Immortal Emperor, he had never had a fear before.

This horrified the curse tribe patriarch, and at the same time, he understood that once he was an enemy of Chu Fengmian, even if it was today’s curse tribe, he might destroy the tribe on the spot.

The curse race patriarch suddenly turned over, squeezing out a little smile as much as possible on his face.

“This lord, that Huang Lu act recklessly, offended you, please don’t be offended. I heard that you have something and want to ask our curse clan for help. Please let me enter it. Let’s sit down and have a good chat.”

The curse tribe patriarch suddenly changed 360 degrees.

The killing intent in Chu Fengmian’s eyes gradually faded.

Chu Fengmian is now affected by the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword in his body at all times. The suppression of the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword again and again makes Chu Fengmian extremely annoyed.

This Huang Lu now dared to provoke Chu Fengmian, and even took the initiative, just hitting Chu Fengmian’s killing intent, and Chu Fengmian directly killed the Huang Lu.

Originally, Chu Fengmian was thinking about it. If this curse clan was really ignorant, he would destroy it along with this curse clan. Anyway, destroy a curse clan. For Chu Fengmian, compared to destroying Small Sects like Sword Sect, It’s not too much trouble.

But now watching the curse race patriarch’s attitude change so quickly, Chu Fengmian’s killing intent has calmed a lot.

After taking a look at the conscious curse race patriarch, Chu Fengmian was also nodded, following the curse race patriarch and stepped into the cave.

The two curse tribes who were rescued by Chu Fengmian also took advantage of this opportunity and hurriedly dragged away Huang Lu’s body.

Chu Fengmian followed the curse tribe patriarch and stepped into the Cave Mansion. Inside the Cave Mansion, there is another universe. The walls and floors are covered with high-quality immortal jade.

The accumulation of a large amount of immortal jade has also brought the Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi in the Cave Mansion to a level of incomparable essence. The cultivation in it is dozens of times faster than the outside cultivation. 100 times.

Such a Cave Mansion, I don’t know how many extremely high-quality immortal jade was spent, but some Small Sects don’t have such a handwriting.

However, the curse tribe is considered to be an extremely wealthy tribe. With their ability to refine spells, they can easily accumulate a lot of wealth. Every curse tribe will not actually have less wealth.

Arriving in a great hall in the within cave, the curse tribe patriarch sat on the main seat, and the two curse tribes next to them hurriedly carried a throne and placed it on the opposite side. Chu Fengmian sat on the throne, occasionally Some curses came over and poured fine wine and various delicacies for Chu Fengmian, as if they were kindly received.

However, when these many curse races came, they looked towards Chu Fengmian, and their gazes showed a bit of terror. After sending the wine, they quickly left.

Obviously it was the scene where Chu Fengmian killed Huang Lu just now, and they had also seen it. Seeing Huang Lu in the aptitude highest heaven in the curse tribe, they were killed by Chu Fengmian with one move.

Even the patriarch of the curse race did not dare to avenge Huang Lu. Instead, he invited Chu Fengmian in and treated him well. This is enough to prove Chu Fengmian’s strength and where he is tyrannical.

In the eyes of all the curse races, there is a deep fear of Chu Fengmian.

Chu Fengmian sat on the throne, drank a few glasses of wine at will, and had a few words with the curse race patriarch.

Regarding Huang Lu’s matter, the curse race patriarch didn’t mention a word, obviously he didn’t intend to entangle this matter.

Chu Fengmian is obviously the existence of their curse clan cannot afford to offend, that Huang Lu died in the hands of Chu Fengmian, and died if he died. If Chu Fengmian was angered, it would be a disaster for the cursed clan.

“This lord, I don’t know why he came to our curse race?”

After drinking for 3 tours, the curse tribe patriarch finally relieved from the fear just now, he looked towards Chu Fengmian and asked actively.

Just now, the patriarch of the curse race was cultivation in this great hall. He also heard some quarrels between Huang Lu and Chu Fengmian. The moment he hurried out, Huang Lu had already died in the hands of Chu Fengmian.

He knew that Chu Fengmian was looking for him for something, but he didn’t know what was going on.

“I heard that the curse tribe patriarch knows where the Mo tribe is now, so I came here to ask.”

Chu Fengmian said straight to the point.


The curse tribe patriarch pondered for a while, opened the mouth and said.

“The Mo Clan has a good relationship with our Curse Clan. I do know where the Mo Clan is, but the current Mo Clan is just different from what the adults thought.”

“I have wounds on my body and need to be cured by the Mo people. Please ask patriarch to take me to see the Mo people.”

Chu Fengmian was too lazy to talk nonsense. Since he knew the curse race patriarch and the location of the Mo race, then Chu Fengmian would never waste time anymore.


Upon hearing this sentence, the curse race patriarch also understood.

Obviously, Chu Fengmian’s body was also affected by the power of some imprint, so I came to the Mo Clan to dissolve the imprint on Chu Fengmian’s body, or suppress the power in it.

The bloodline of the Mo people contains the power of purification, which can purify all powers and have an effect on all external forces.

Fighting between the strong is very likely to be injured, especially if the body is broken into other forces. Once this kind of external force cannot be driven away, it will be difficult for the strength to go further, and the serious will have a bedevilment or even a fall.

However, this kind of purification power costs a lot, but the Bloodline Strength of the Mo tribe, once the Mo tribe is hands-on, it is also very harmful to itself. A few times ago, the Mo tribe had a large number of them, but it was good, but the last few In the era, the number of Mo people has dropped sharply.

So much so that the Mo Clan was reluctant to take action, and simply hid. Now I know that the Mo Clan is located in the Desolate Ancient alien race.

But today, since Chu Fengmian came to the door on his own initiative, he obviously knew that his curse clan patriarch knew where the Mo clan was.

At this time, the curse tribe patriarch wants to pass the pass by fools, it is also impossible, even more how in front of a fierce god like Chu Fengmian, want to pass it by fools, that is the idea of ​​bring about one’s own destruction.

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