Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3130

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The Namo patriarch has already reached the limit he can do.

I saw the condense light of purification, the moment it blended into Chu Fengmian’s body, the Mo patriarch’s complexion was also extremely tired.

Moreover, his appearance has become much older, and the life force of the patriarch of the Mo ethnic group is passing by rapidly.

If the Mo patriarch could still live tens of thousands of years before, he now has at most 100 years of life essence.

“This power of purification actually needs to burn Life Source Blood Essence with the Mo clan and consume life force to condense?”

Chu Fengmian saw the changes in the patriarch of the Mo ethnic group, and it was also heart startled. He also knew why the Mo ethnic group was so reluctant to take action.

Every time the Mo people make a shot, they need to burn their own Life Source Blood Essence and consume their life essence to be able to condense the power of purification.

But also, the power of purification, such a domineering power, even the power of dominance, can be suppressed. Such power, if you want to use it, naturally you have to pay a great price.

This price is indeed astonishing.

“This is the limit of aging.”

The Mo patriarch gasped for a while before slowly opening the mouth and said.

In exchange for Chu Fengmian’s promise, he has done it to the extreme.

He now has the remaining 100 years of life essence, that is, because he still has 2 blood cores in his hands, he intends to use these 100 years to cultivate 2 Mo people to grow up.

In any case, he did not want the Mo Clan to be destroyed in the hands of his this generation.

“What I promised, I will do it naturally.”

Looking at the patriarch’s gaze, Chu Fengmian was also nodded.

But suddenly he eyes flashed.

Since this power of purification is condensed with the Life Source Blood Essence of the Mo people, every time it is used, it consumes the life essence of the Mo people, so as long as there is enough life essence, this Mo patriarch should be able to shoot again. .

The Supreme Treasure of Life Extension, for any Immortal Emperor, is an extremely precious thing, even if it is obtained by accident, it will not be given to others, but will only be kept for its own use.

After all, any Immortal Emperor will have a day when his life essence is about to end. At that time, it is extremely difficult to find the Supreme Treasure for life extension.

Therefore, many Immortal Emperors will look for the Supreme Treasure when their life essence is sufficient, and the more is better. After all, many of the Supreme Treasures can only extend the life of the Immortal Emperor for several years, decades that’s all.

Therefore, Supreme Treasure is extremely precious in Three Great Saint Territories.

Like this patriarch of the Mur family, even if it is a family of patriarch, it has the wealth of the Mur family inheritance, but it can’t afford any Supreme Treasure.

But Chu Fengmian is different. The most indispensable thing in his hands is the Supreme Treasure of Life Extension. The existence of the Foundation Tree almost represents the ability to condense the life fruit continuously.

Life Fruit is definitely the highest quality Supreme Treasure among the Three Great Saint Territories now. One of them is enough to extend the life essence of an Immortal Emperor for 300,000 years.

And the patriarch of the Mo ethnic group in front of him is not even an Immortal Emperor, but just an Immortal Venerable.

The effect of Birth Life Fruit on the patriarch of the Mo ethnic group is more than ten times stronger than that of the Immortal Emperor.

If the Mo patriarch can get a life fruit, it can almost restore his life force to the peak time in one fell swoop.

“If there is enough life essence, can you make another shot?”

Chu Fengmian looked towards the Mo patriarch and still asked.

Life Fruit is true. Although Foundation Tree can be condensed, it is also a priceless thing. With this life fruit, Chu Fengmian can even draw many Immortal Emperors to join hands with him.

Any life fruit cannot be wasted.

Today, he and the Mo patriarch have completed the transaction. With the power of purification, the Mo patriarch temporarily suppressed the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword killing intent on Chu Fengmian.

He likewise Chu Fengmian also promised the Mo patriarch to protect the Mo girl.

Now Chu Fengmian and the Mo patriarch are not in arrears.

“It can be, but the Supreme Treasure of Life Extension, the whole world of magic is hard to find.”

When the Mo patriarch heard Chu Fengmian’s words, he gave a wry smile.

The patriarch of the Mo ethnic group also tried to find some Supreme Treasures to extend their lives, but in the end they found nothing.

The difficulty of finding Supreme Treasure for life extension is much more difficult than he thought. Even if he knows some news, the price of Supreme Treasure for life extension is not something he can afford.

“This life fruit is actually a reward for me, and I need you to take another shot after restoring the life essence.”

After confirming, Chu Fengmian’s palm moved, and a life fruit appeared in his palm.

“Supreme Treasure!”

The patriarch of the Nammo tribe, his eyes gleamed after seeing the life fruit in Chu Fengmian’s palm.

He is a dying person whose life essence is about to be exhausted. He suddenly saw the Supreme Treasure of Life Extension, and he was extremely happy.

Chu Fengmian’s words were agreed by him.

The Mo patriarch took over the life fruit and swallowed it directly.

The life force in the Life Fruit is extremely pure, without any impurities, and extremely gentle, so even a fairy can swallow it.

Of course, the martial artist under the Immortal Venerable cannot swallow the life fruit. After all, the life force contained in the life fruit is so huge, even if it is pure, it is not a fairy sage to bear.

In addition to the patriarch of the Mo ethnic group, it can be regarded as the Mo ethnicity, Desolate Ancient alien race, and his body itself is stronger than human beings.

The moment this life fruit was swallowed by the Mo patriarch, the huge life force suddenly poured into the body of the Mo patriarch. The appearance of the Mo patriarch was changing at a speed visible to the naked eye. As a result, he became younger and younger. After a few breaths, his appearance turned into a youngster in his twenties.

This is what the Mo patriarch looked like when he was young.

Similar to what Chu Fengmian guessed.

This life fruit has restored the life force of the Mo patriarch to his youth.

Seeing his changes, the Mo patriarch was very happy, he looked towards Chu Fengmian and said respectfully.

“many thanks adults.”

Chu Fengmian’s life fruit is actually a patriarch of the Lingmo people, and he will live another life.

“Take what you need, that’s all, take it.”

Chu Fengmian’s face is calm.

He also needs the light of purification of the Mo patriarch to help suppress the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, which is also a fair deal.


The Mo patriarch quickly burned Life Source Blood Essence, once again condense a group of light of purification.

The power of purification contained in this group of light of purification, far surpasses the group of his condense before.

The Mo patriarch at this time, his life force has recovered to the youngest time, his life essence is sufficient, and the purifying power is operated again, naturally without any scruples.

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