Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3132

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The curse race, although they are not strong, they are the creators of the curse, and they have profound knowledge in the way of the curse.

Although this kind of spell has no meaning for Chu Fengmian’s strength.

But for some slightly weaker, immortal saints, and even martial artists in the Immortal Venerable Realm world, once there is a spell with a curse, once it is in danger, the probability of turning peril into safety will be much greater.

If the curse clan takes refuge in Chu Fengmian, then there will be a large number of continuously spells in the Sword Dao door in the future. In this way, the overall strength of the Sword Dao door can be upgraded to a higher level.

The danger of Sword Dao’s discipline going out to experience cultivation will also be reduced a lot.

Moreover, Chu Fengmian now owns this blood martial world. The blood martial world is so big that a Sword Dao gate is not enough to fill up. There is still a large area in the blood martial world that cannot be controlled by the Sword Dao gate.

Not to mention accommodating one curse tribe, 100 curse tribes added up are more than enough. Joining the curse tribe within the realm, Chu Fengmian will naturally be able to maintain their safety without much effort.

Joining the curse clan under Chu Fengmian’s subordinates was considered a 100 benefit without harm, and Chu Fengmian naturally agreed.

“many thanks adults.”

When Chu Fengmian agreed, the curse patriarch hurriedly thanked him.

Chu Fengmian was also nodded, took out a jade talisman and gave it to the curse tribe patriarch.

“This jade talisman can open the way to a Smaller Thousand Worlds. You take all the clansman who are willing to go and enter it. Once inside, someone will naturally arrange everything.”

Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said.

After explaining the affairs of the old man Yunxiao, the curse tribe and the Mo tribe, he didn’t stay in the wilderness in the north, and he left the gathering place of the Desolate Ancient alien race in one step.

The Array prohibition shrouded in the sky above the woods, in front of Chu Fengmian, was like an intangible thing. He stepped out and left directly.

For the time being, there is no threat of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword killing intent. Now Chu Fengmian does not need to suppress his own strength. He can finally use his full strength to urge escape.

Previously, because he was worried that using his full strength would cause the erosion of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword killing intent, Chu Fengmian suppressed his power to the lowest point and kept his hands and feet tied, feeling extremely uncomfortable. Now he has a sense of fun.

Nine Domains.

Chu Fengmian left the northern wilderness all the way, and went straight to Nine Domains.

Chu Fengmian returned to Nine Domains last time, but also relied on his previous journey from Nine Domains to the star cave of Li Hentian and returned to Nine Domains.

However, this time, Chu Fengmian was unwilling to waste such a long time by heading to Li Hentian first and returning to Nine Domains.

It takes at least half a month from Jingmotian to return to Lihentian, take an empty boat, and go to the Great Dao.

Although Chu Fengmian got one year due to light of purification, speaking of which one year is a matter of flicker.

For Chu Fengmian, he can’t waste any time.

even more how In the Great Dao on the other side, there is hidden Void God, the sleeping lord.

The biggest reason Chu Fengmian has fallen into the current crisis is because of Void God.

The imprint of Void God planted on Chu Fengmian almost captured Chu Fengmian’s body. Chu Fengmian had to use the power of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword to fight, and eventually led his body to be taken over by Blood Slaughter Demon Sword. backlash.

The culprit of all this is Void God.

Chu Fengmian will find Void God sooner or later to settle this account.

But now he has no capital to fight against a master, and even he is unwilling to meet Void God again. Once he encounters Void God, Chu Fengmian doesn’t know how the master will deal with him.

Great Dao on the other side, Chu Fengmian now can’t enter without entering. This is why he doesn’t plan to go to Li Hentian through Great Dao on the other side.

“Star Hole, since there is a star hole in Li Hentian, there is no reason not to be in this Demon Heaven.”

Chu Fengmian intends to find a star hole directly from the realm of magic sky, and then go to Nine Domains.

Although the star cave is naturally agglomerated, and the passages in it, I don’t know how many Smaller Thousand Worlds will lead to, but Chu Fengmian already remembers the breath of Nine Domains. As long as he lets him explore the past, he can know that this star cave, Can it lead to Nine Domains.

Chu Fengmian left the wilderness in the northern land, and was also in the realm of magic, looking for traces of the star cave.

The star cave is a natural condensed passage, usually from a domain of Three Great Saint Territories, leading to countless Smaller Thousand Worlds. Most of the martial artists of Smaller Thousand Worlds pass through the star cave and finally come to Three Great Saint Territories. of.

Generally, once such a star hole appears, it will last for at least several times before disappearing. It is not difficult to find a star hole.

Chu Fengmian randomly caught a few taboo demonic path martial artists from the northern wilderness, and he figured out the location of several star caves around the northern wilderness.

When meeting Chu Fengmian, the martial artists of the taboo demonic path were all full of fear, as if they recognized the origin of Chu Fengmian.

For all Chu Fengmian’s questions, he answered obediently and did not dare to hide.

Chu Fengmian didn’t make it difficult for these taboo demonic path martial artists, so he let them go.

“The Black Demon Sect is aware of current affairs.”

Chu Fengmian also understands that this is the attitude of the Black Demon Sect. Chu Fengmian killed the Black Demonic Yuan, one of the 7 ancestors of the Black Demon Sect. Now the Black Demon Sect has no plans to avenge the Black Demonic Yuan.

Instead, they told Direct Disciple that once they met Chu Fengmian, they would treat it with great respect, just like the Black Demon Sect.

The Black Demon Sect, as the Taboo Demon Sect, can inherit for a long time, but it has nothing to do with this.

The Black Demon Sect didn’t come to die by himself, and Chu Fengmian didn’t bother to care about him now. He left the northern wilderness and went to the first target star cave.

After half a day.

Chu Fengmian arrived in front of a star hole.

This star hole is located not far from the wilderness in the north. All star holes seem to be a huge vortex. In the vortex, you can see a little bit of starlight.

Each point of starlight in this star hole represents a Smaller Thousand Worlds. At a glance, this star hole leads to 1000 Smaller Thousand Worlds.

However, these Smaller Thousand Worlds are almost all owned by them. The Smaller Thousand Worlds that can be reached in the star cave are generally explored and explored by all influences.

For Chu Fengmian, there is no value, only things like the blood martial world, which have just been born, condense the seeds of the world, and only in the star cave that can go to with the seeds of the world, the existence of this World Source exists. For Immortal Emperor Comprehend Law is of great help.

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