Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3133

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Chu Fengmian came to the front of the star cave. His Spiritual Consciousness was already deep into it. In a flash, in this star cave, the aura of 1000 stars and 1000 Smaller Thousand Worlds fell into Chu Fengmian Spiritual Consciousness. Exploring.

Now Chu Fengmian’s strength has improved again compared to when he first entered the bedevilment cave.

With the help of the power of light of purification, Chu Fengmian temporarily suppressed the killing intent of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword, and the power of the imprint of nothingness.

He also took the opportunity to directly pour all the blood energy accumulated in his body into the demon fetus demon body at once, promote the demon fetus demon body directly, and transform it into the real Demon God body.

Without the influence of the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword killing intent, now Chu Fengmian doesn’t need to worry about anything. The cohesion of Demon God’s real body is actually not difficult.

The biggest problem encountered in condensing the real body of Demon God is that massive amount of blood energy. Even if it is for an Immortal Emperor to accumulate, it takes several eras, even more than ten eras, to accumulate and condense. Demon God is the blood energy needed by the real body.

But for Chu Fengmian, the most indispensable thing for him is blood energy. Whether in the abyss of the magic cave or after leaving the abyss, he met Emperor Yanjian, Shen Xi Heavenly Venerate and the others, and later Encountered the 10000 Dragon Emperors of the 2 Dragon Kingdom.

Their fleshy body blood essence was swallowed and accumulated by Chu Fengmian. The blood energy accumulated in Chu Fengmian’s body was almost massive, and now it was suddenly instilled into the demon body, so that the demon body was completely condensed. Promoted to become the real body of Demon God.

The real body of Demon God, but the invincible fleshy body that is no less than the real body of the wizard god, the mixed god general, in the abyss of the magic cave, has hidden for several times, just to condense this real body of Demon God.

The real body of Demon God is condensed, and in Chu Fengmian’s body, it is vaguely condensed with the real body of the Wizard God.

These two big fleshy bodies have many similarities. Now, under the control of Chu Fengmian, they merge with each other and become a kind of fleshy body.

Chu Fengmian’s current fleshy body is still dominated by the real body of the witch god. After all, Chu Fengmian’s body also has the bloodline of the burning witch god, so the power of his real body of the witch god still exceeds the real body of Demon God.

With the integration of Demon God’s real body, Chu Fengmian can also clearly feel that his strength has taken another step forward. The integration of such a top-level fleshy body has greatly improved Chu Fengmian’s strength.

If you change to any Law Immortal Venerable, once you can get the real body of Demon God, you can jump into a Heavenly Venerate, Immortal Emperor level powerhouse.

Just like that Luoshen general, with this Sea Emperor’s true body, he can actually compete with the Nightmare Demon Eye with a few moves.

The sea emperor’s body, the Demon God’s body, and the wizard’s body are all top-level fleshy bodies. Now Chu Fengmian fuses these two big fleshy bodies together, and their strength grows again.

In addition, Chu Fengmian was originally a man in the second life. The biggest change brought to Chu Fengmian in this second life is his Spiritual Consciousness, which requires far surpasses a martial artist with the same strength.

In the star cave, the breath of 1000 Smaller Thousand Worlds was clearly captured by him at once.


After a breath, Chu Fengmian shook the head.

Although this star hole can lead to 1000 Smaller Thousand Worlds, there is no way to Nine Domains.

There are several Smaller Thousand Worlds around Three Great Saint Territories. I don’t know how many of them are. They have been discovered and recorded in books. There are 10000.

This has been taken out and placed on the surface, such as some powerful people of Three Great Saint Territories, some sects, if a Smaller Thousand Worlds is found, it is very likely that this Smaller Thousand Worlds will be hidden, according to Already.

It’s like the bloody world that Chu Fengmian got.

Except for the people around him, no one knew that Chu Fengmian actually had a Smaller Thousand Worlds,

Once it is publicized, you may encounter snooping. Normal Smaller Thousand Worlds, if they are not connected to the star hole, are very difficult to find, and a trip to the star hole is very likely to encounter many accidents, some Storm, even Xianzun may fall.

So many Smaller Thousand Worlds are not recorded in books at all.

At least in this star hole, some Smaller Thousand Worlds discovered by Chu Fengmian are completely strange life aura, not belonging to any of the breath of Smaller Thousand Worlds recorded in the books.

Each Smaller Thousand Worlds has a unique breath and different laws. This breath law may belong to their creator, some Immortal Emperor.

And more Smaller Thousand Worlds are actually born from the beginning. Instinctively, a breath will be born, a single name, just like the bloody world obtained by Chu Fengmian, born with In the name of blood martial arts.

Chu Fengmian didn’t want to change this name either. This name is the most suitable name for the bloody world.

In this star hole, no access to Nine Domains was found.

Chu Fengmian is not discouraged either.

There should not be many star holes that can lead to Nine Domains. After all, Nine Domains, the foreign domain starry world, itself is an extremely closed world.

Only with the birth of Nine Domains, the Foreign Domain starry sky world was gradually revealed.

Another day is over.

Chu Fengmian found three more star holes one after another, but he explored them, and none of these three star holes had a space channel to Nine Domains.

Until the fifth star hole, Chu Fengmian explored the past and finally found a familiar breath.

The breath of Nine Domains.

After Chu Fengmian perceives this star hole, there is this breath that can go to Nine Domains, and then without the slightest hesitation, he stepped out of it and got into this star hole.

The moment he stepped into the star cave, a storm came in the direction of Chu Fengmian. This was the star cave storm. At the same time, when he glanced over, there were countless stars gleaming in the entire star cave.

These stars are Smaller Thousand Worlds that can be connected to this star hole.

Although you can see these starlights at a glance, in fact, these Smaller Thousand Worlds are all far away from this star hole millions and millions li. If you want to really enter it, you must follow the swing of the star hole storm. , Find a road, and enter it along the road.

If you can’t find the real path, you are very likely to lose your way in the star cave. If you are lucky, you may enter other Smaller Thousand Worlds.

If you are unlucky, you will be directly blown into some remote places by the star cave storm. There is no Smaller Thousand Worlds in the surrounding millions and millions li. It is very likely that you will die there.

In the star cave, this star cave storm erupts all the time, sweeping everything and consuming the power of martial artist. Once Smaller Thousand Worlds cannot be found to stop, it is very likely that you will get lost in it and wait until the medicinal pill you carry is consumed. After it was exhausted, it was alive and dead in it.

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