Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3134

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The number of martial artists who fell in the star hole is already uncountable.

Going to Smaller Thousand Worlds through the star cave is actually a more dangerous way, and most martial artists, even if they want to go to Smaller Thousand Worlds through the star cave, they will also choose to take an empty boat and cross the fleshy body. In a violent storm, it is very likely to be involved.

However, Chu Fengmian didn’t care. He stepped into the star cave and let the storm swept, he just didn’t move.

Now Chu Fengmian’s strength is enough to contend with the Fleshy body of Tier 5 Immortal Emperor, and even Tier 6 Immortal Emperor. Its essential power is larger than that of ordinary Smaller Thousand Worlds.

No matter how strong the star cave storm is, it rushes on Chu Fengmian’s body, and he doesn’t feel any. He turned into a light and flew straight in the direction of Nine Domains.

In the star cave, there is no change of day and night. Looking ahead, there are just a few starlights and endless storms. Chu Fengmian doesn’t know how long he has been flying.

Along the way, Chu Fengmian even saw a lot of corpses. These corpses did not know how long they had existed in the star cave, and the star cave storm could not destroy the corpses.

The owners of these corpses are some powerful people who were once lost in the star cave. Their strength is not afraid of the scouring of the star cave storm, but they will be taken to some remote places by the star cave storm, and eventually cannot be found. To a foothold, the power ran out and died.

Unless it is a martial artist who owns this Divine Vein, otherwise, even if it is a fairy, the power will be completely exhausted one day.

The Immortal Emperor does not have such troubles. The body of the Immortal Emperor is a Smaller Thousand Worlds. The power is endless and almost impossible to consume. Therefore, once the Immortal Emperor is achieved, there is no need to worry about power loss.

Although Chu Fengmian is not an Immortal Emperor, he condenses the eternal Divine Body, and his power is almost endless.

In addition, the current star cave storm does not affect Chu Fengmian at all. Finally, the starlight of Nine Domains is getting closer and closer to Chu Fengmian.

“It’s time to go in.”

Chu Fengmian condensed his breath of power and slowly flew towards the direction of Nine Domains, Foreign Domain starry sky world.

The Foreign Domain starry sky world is a world that is about to be destroyed. The rules are broken. The entire Foreign Domain starry sky world has 1000 sores and 100 holes. If you use a little bit of strength, you may be rejected by World Strength.

Foreign Domain starry sky world, the strongest force that can be endured is only the level of the fairy king. Chu Fengmian must suppress his strength to the level of the fairy king before he can enter it.

Normal Immortal Emperors are unwilling to enter Smaller Thousand Worlds, because the world law of Smaller Thousand Worlds is incomplete and cannot carry the full power of an Immortal Emperor, so that the Immortal Emperor must suppress his own power before entering among them.

This feeling of restraint is unbearable, but Chu Fengmian has to go to the Nine Domains this time. Nine Domains is the only entrance and it is also a Smaller Thousand Worlds connected to the Nine Domains. He has no choice.

After Chu Fengmian suppressed his power to only the Immortal King Realm, he cautiously flew in the direction of the starlight of Nine Domains. Finally, the starlight became bigger and bigger and turned into a huge monster.

A huge sphere.

This is the real appearance of the Foreign Domain starry sky world. The spherical outer layer is filled with diamond-shaped crystals. Numerous densely packed diamond-shaped crystals are condensed together to form a barrier to resist the entry of external storms.

It is not the first time that Chu Fengmian has returned to Nine Domains. For all of this, he is naturally very familiar, and he is easy to control. His escape quickly penetrated into this barrier.

None of this caused any waves.

He could already feel the changes in the laws of the world around him.

It’s just this change…

“what happened?”

Chu Fengmian suddenly showed a little look of shock in his eyes.

“How can the world law of the Foreign Domain starry sky world become so strong?”

The last time Chu Fengmian returned to Nine Domains, he observed the Foreign Domain starry sky world. It can be said to be extremely broken. At that time, Chu Fengmian just stepped into the Immortal Emperor level, and he felt that as long as he used a little force, Can tear this fragile world.

But this time Chu Fengmian returned to the Nine Domains, but found that the world law of the Foreign Domain starry sky world has actually become much stronger. Compared with the previous extremely fragile law, it is the so-called worlds apart.

Now the world rules of the Foreign Domain starry sky world are infinitely close to the strength of the Three Great Saint Territories, and can even make an Immortal Emperor exert his full strength in it.

Chu Fengmian tried to release his power, but found that he was not rejected by any World Strength. This change in the world law was not because Chu Fengmian felt wrong, but was true.

“In such a short time? How could such a big change happen?”

Chu Fengmian couldn’t help but confirm again before he confirmed that this is indeed the Foreign Domain starry sky world, which is indeed his hometown, but the changes in the laws of the surrounding world are really too great.

Chu Fengmian even raised his power to the usual state without being rejected by the laws of the world.

This sudden change made Chu Fengmian somehow unclear for a while, he hurriedly released Spiritual Consciousness to observe the operation of the Foreign Domain starry sky world.

“this is?”

At this time, Chu Fengmian noticed that the current Nine Domains actually merged with the Nine Domains gradually. The barrier between the Nine Domains and the Nine Domains is being broken.

Foreign Domain Star World’s current laws have changed. All of the reasons are due to this. Because of the integration with Sky Nine Domains, the laws of Sky Nine Domains have been integrated into the laws of Foreign Domain Star World.

Tian Nine Domains, but a Sacred Domain, even in the very ancient era, Tian Nine Domains is the first Sacred Domain, above the Three Great Saint Territories.

To become a Sacred Domain, the most basic thing is the perfection of the world law. Only with a perfect law can there be no power bottleneck, and the creatures of all races can step into the higher realm.

Just like the former Nine Domains, the only realm that can be reached is Immortal King Realm. If you want to step into the higher realm, you can only leave Nine Domains and leave the Foreign Domain starry world.

Chu Fengmian is even more extreme. His accumulation was so terrifying that he could not descend from the Nine Domains in the Great Tribulation of Heaven and Man. He has always entered the star cave, relying on a more complete law to induce it. Heaven and man disaster.

Although the current barrier between Nine Domains and Nine Domains has not been completely broken, the numerous cracks that have appeared have also brought the rules of Nine Domains into this Smaller Thousand Worlds.

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