Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3135

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This change is good news for Chu Fengmian.

Now that the rules of Nine Domains and Foreign Domain starry sky world are perfect, Chu Fengmian is in it, and there is no need to suppress his own power.

With the strength of Chu Fengmian now comparable to the Immortal Emperor of Tier 5 and Immortal Emperor of Tier 6, it was an extremely painful thing to forcefully suppress the power to the level of the Immortal King.

Now that the laws of the Foreign Domain starry sky world can accommodate the strength of the Immortal Emperor, Chu Fengmian does not need to suppress his strength, it is extremely easy.

And this change of Nine Domains means that the distance of Nine Domains is completely born and soon.

The last time Chu Fengmian came to Nine Domains, he discovered that the martial artist of Nine Domains had already come to Nine Domains through some Space Cracks.

Chu Fengmian chose to return to Nine Domains this time and go to Nine Domains. He is also preparing to go to Nine Domains through these Space Cracks.

The martial artist of Nine Domains can enter the Nine Domains through Space Crack. There is no reason why the martial artist of Nine Domains cannot go to the Nine Domains through this Space Crack.

In Heavenly Sword Sect, Chu Fengmian once saw such a Space Crack.

At that time, many martial artists of Nine Domains Seven Great Sects came to Nine Domains through this Space Crack.

It’s just that this Space Crack originally had the strongest strength that can be accommodated, and only the fairy king and some weak Immortal Monarch.

Once a martial artist with too much strength stepped into it, the Space Crack would not be able to withstand the force and would be broken directly.

However, since Chu Fengmian came to Nine Domains this time, he has already thought of some ways to deal with this Space Crack.

And now, the barrier between Nine Domains and Nine Domains has weakened a lot, and even the laws of Nine Domains and Foreign Domain Star World are affected by the laws of Nine Domains world.

Then the strength that Space Crack can withstand now should also increase.

“Go, go to Nine Domains!”

After understanding the reasons for the recent changes in Nine Domains, Chu Fengmian was ready to go to Nine Domains earlier.

Nine Domains is the center of the starry sky world of Foreign Domain and the closest place to Nine Domains. If Chu Fengmian wants to go to Nine Domains, he must first go to Nine Domains.

The current Chu Fengmian is located in a starry sky, the Foreign Domain starry sky world, almost most of the area, is an endless starry sky, he is now in, I don’t know which Star Domain is in.

But this is not difficult for Chu Fengmian. His current Spiritual Consciousness has spread out, and the surrounding 1000 Star Domains have been taken in the entire scene by him. Soon Chu Fengmian determined the direction of Nine Domains and turned into one Escape, fly towards the direction of Nine Domains.

In less than half an hour, a huge continent appeared at his feet, and the 9th Layer fire was still burning in the sky above this huge continent.

This is Nine Domains, there are not many changes.

However, the power of this 9th Layer fire today is no longer able to withstand the martial artists who travel to and from Nine Domains. Once this 9th Layer fire, it can also stop many martial artists.

But today, the martial artists who travel to and from Nine Domains, without exception, are martial artists on the Celestial Realm, even the Immortal Monarch, and even the fairy sage. Chu Fengmian has seen a few.

The changes in the rules of the Foreign Domain starry sky world seem to have brought more martial artists to Nine Domains.

Among these martial artists, the cultivation technique of many people gave Chu Fengmian a strange feeling. This cultivation art seemed to be a cultivation technique that did not belong to the Three Great Saint Territories.

The only explanation is that these martial artists are all from Nine Domains.

Chu Fengmian is also fortunate now that he has taken the Sword Dao door and the entire Sword Domain away from the Nine Domains. Otherwise, Nine Domains will change again. The strength of the Sword Dao door will face the current Nine Domains. It is impossible to withstand a single blow.

Chu Fengmian can all notice that there are many immortals in this Nine Domains.

At the beginning, the forces of Sword Dao family faced an immortal deity. They were all there’s no resistance. Although Chu Fengmian asked the witch clan powerhouse to take care of the Sword Dao family, even if he was a witch emperor, it was impossible to make the witch king Run to Nine Domains to protect the Sword Dao gate.

“Nine Domains, completely changed.”

Chu Fengmian sighed.

The current Nine Domains is completely different from the Nine Domains in his memory.

With a sigh, Chu Fengmian still turned into a ray of light and flew towards the Nine Domains under his feet. The 9th Layer was on fire, and Chu Fengmian regarded it as nothing.

When he stepped into Nine Domains, suddenly a huge boulder appeared before his eyes.

This huge boulder is actually the size of a Central Domain in Nine Domains. It is located above the Central Domain and envelopes the entire Central Domain.

“What is this?”

When Chu Fengmian was outside the Nine Domains, Spiritual Consciousness did not find such a huge boulder.

He looked at it carefully, only to find that this huge stone was made of steel, a big ship, from this big ship, you can see many entrances and exits, and many martial artists are all out of it.

These martial artists, without exception, are the martial artists of Tian Nine Domains, the cultivation technique of Tian Nine Domains, and the cultivation technique of Three Great Saint Territories, completely different. Chu Fengmian can recognize the difference at a glance.

“Empty ship?”

Chu Fengmian didn’t care about the martial artists who entered and exited.

He looked towards this strange boulder in front of him. This boulder seemed to be something like an empty ship, but it was much bigger than an empty ship, and it was a huge area.

And on the hull made of the whole body, there are countless arrays and prohibitions. These Array prohibitions have their own purposes. They can resist external attacks, hide themselves, and shield the prying eyes of Spiritual Consciousness.

Just now Chu Fengmian’s Spiritual Consciousness swept away at will, but he didn’t find such a huge monster.

“It’s an empty ship, more like a steel castle.”

In the Three Great Saint Territories, some sects also chose to build their own sects in some castles in order to resist the invasion of foreign enemies, but the huge monster in front of them is really too big and suspended in the air.

Chu Fengmian has never seen such a strange thing.

“The fairy must be stuffed, didn’t expect this time, actually even the fairy will be built in this Nine Domains. It seems that Lord God is going to use this Nine Domains as an outpost for our Nine Domains attack. Stop.”

“That is, at this time, Lord Sword God, it is said that he intends to attack and rob Three Great Saint Territories and countless Smaller Thousand Worlds. Nine Domains is our base of attack. Absolutely not to be lost. Naturally, there is a fairy capital. The fortress sits in town.”

“I heard that the martial artists of the Three Great Saint Territories, Martial Dao are incomparably decayed, and are far from comparable to our Nine Domains. This time the war, it is said that even the soldiers under the command of the Sword God Emperor will enter the Nine Domains. in.”

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