Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3136

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“The pro-army under the command of Emperor Sword God will all come to Nine Domains. Does Lord Sword God want the leader personally bringing troops into battle?”

“It shouldn’t be, but it is said that the movement of the war at this time is far greater than the previous several times. We are now, hurry up to join some looting army, so that we can get the benefits. It is said that the Three Great Saint Territories The resources are much richer than those of Nine Domains.”

“It just so happened that I was an old acquaintance with a plundering general. It is said that he also came to Nine Domains as an advance army this time. We will join him now.”

Not far away, two martial artists were talking all the way, thinking of the direction of the steel fortress and flew over.

Although the conversation between the two of them was covered with a secret technique, in front of Chu Fengmian, this covering method had no meaning at all, and he could hear it clearly.

“The name of this thing is called Xiandusi?”

The name of this steel fortress in front of him, he was finally understood.

However, the content of the conversation between these two Nine Domains martial artists is even more amazing.

This time the so-called birth of Nine Domains is actually going to initiate a war against Three Great Saint Territories?

And Nine Domains is the outpost of the Nine Domains this time war.

Sacred Domain war?

In fact, in the very ancient times, the Three Great Saint Territories, the Nine Domains, and even the Three Great Saint Territories, had experienced Sacred Domain wars.

However, even the most recent Sacred Domain war has to be traced back to countless eras. The Great Dao on the other side was actually completely destroyed because of this war.

After that, the connection between the Three Great Saint Territories was much smaller, and after the Sacred Domain war, Tian Nine Domains severed ties with the Three Great Saint Territories completely.

Although there will be some wars between Smaller Thousand Worlds and the all influences between the Three Great Saint Territories, there will be frictions, but there has not been a real Sacred Domain war.

But it seems that Nine Domains this time is actually going to attack Three Great Saint Territories.

Chu Fengmian does not doubt the words of the two Nine Domains martial artists.

The fact that this immortal fortress is actually present in Nine Domains has proved that Nine Domains this time is indeed coming true.

The immortal must be stuffed, Chu Fengmian doesn’t know the inside, but from the outside, the cost of refining such an immortal is no less than an Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon.

You must know that the prohibition Array above this immortal must be enough to escape the detection of Chu Fengmian Spiritual Consciousness. This is definitely an Immortal Emperor, or even a digital Immortal Emperor, and the Array prohibition set up under the cooperation has such power. .

The Array prohibitions condensed in the sky above the immortal muster can be said to be beyond the reach of the immortal. If you want to fight the immortal muster, it is definitely an Immortal Emperor who can do it.

Such a heavy weapon has come to Nine Domains, which has already proved the attitude of Nine Domains.

“If the Nine Domains invades, it will be really troublesome.”

Chu Fengmian brows tightly frowns.

This immortal must be stuffed, although Chu Fengmian saw it for the first time, but he was also sure that to deal with this immortal, at least an Immortal Emperor would need to take action.

And this is still Chu Fengmian estimated.

The huge Immortal Emperor fortress in front of him obviously has no power to burst out at its peak. Once his power bursts out, it may be even more powerful.

Such an immortal muster is enough to delay an Immortal Emperor.

Moreover, there are more than one such immortals. Chu Fengmian can hear it from the conversation of the two Nine Domains martial artists.

The strength of Tian Nine Domains is originally located on the top of Sacred Domain, especially Nine Great Divine Sovereigns of Tian Nine Domains. Without exception, almost all of them are the existence of Immortal Emperor Peak, and may even be the real master.

Although the hidden powerhouses in the Three Great Saint Territories are not in the minority, but the two fight against each other, Chu Fengmian doesn’t know who wins and who loses.

“This war is not something I can control. With my current strength, being able to protect myself in it is really not easy.”

Chu Fengmian also knows in his heart that although his current strength is not what it used to be, it is sufficient to compete with Tier 5 or even Tier 6 Immortal Emperors, but this strength is still far from competing with the Nine Domains. of.

Not to mention, as the Lord of Sword Dao disciple, Chu Fengmian is also the Sword Dao divine emperor discipline in the Nine Domains. Such an identity is itself the enemy of the Nine Domains, and the several divine emperors of the Nine Domains all want to To Chu Fengmian, cut it quickly.

For such a Sacred Domain war, Chu Fengmian is not qualified to stop it. He is not even qualified to control the battle. How to protect himself and protect the Sword Dao gate is what he really wants to consider now.

“Go to Central Domain first.”

Chu Fengmian’s figure gradually fell on top of Nine Domains. Now Nine Domains is completely controlled by Nine Domains. Each and everyone sect has already surrendered to Nine Domains.

However, these martial artists of Nine Domains do not act with sects, but with the army. All the martial artists of Nine Domains must join the army before they can follow the army.

Even the immortal saints and martial artists of the immortal venerable level are no exception. They all join the army and obey the orders of the army.

In Chu Fengmian’s view, this is almost incredible.

Martial Dao road, walk the heavens-defying road, every martial artist admires freedom incomparably. I want them to acknowledge allegiance. Many martial artists are willing to fall, even if it is one Sect, such a loose unit, it is very It is difficult to restrain the martial artist.

Many strong people are also for freedom, and no sect is willing to join and become Loose Cultivator. Such characters are not uncommon.

And like in Nine Domains, there is no independent martial artist, and they must join the army to obey the army’s orders.

As soon as Chu Fengmian fell on the ground, he saw not far away, a team of martial artists patrolling, and the entire Central Domain seemed to be built into an airtight iron bucket.

At the top of the Central Domain is the huge immortal fortress. As for the bottom, countless martial artists are patrolling.

Just when Chu Fengmian was curiously looking at all of this, suddenly the team of martial artists noticed Chu Fengmian. The leading martial artist made a color. The other martial artists were all surrounded by Chu Fengmian. .

“We are Sword God Your Majesty, a patrol under the 11th Legion.”

“Your status token, take it out.”

The martial artist headed by him is an immortal saint, his eyes fixed on Chu Fengmian, his eyes are extremely cold.

“Status token?”

Hearing these three words, Chu Fengmian’s eyes showed some confusion.

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