Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3138

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Later, because of his immortal saint’s realm, he was also assigned to the patrol team. As a Captain, the character of this patrol team is the martial artist of all Nine Domains in the patrol area. As long as the martial artist of Nine Domains is found, once captured alive, It can be exchanged for military merit.

In the army led by Heavenly Sword, military merit can be exchanged for many treasures, which is considered hard currency.

After catching a Nine Domains martial artist, the military merits he can get are almost equivalent to what he has accumulated over 100 years. No wonder the Nine Domains martial artist is so excited these days when he meets Chu Fengmian.

“Tian Nine Domains, totally different from Three Great Saint Territories, most of the martial artists of Tian Nine Domains, almost cultivation, are the Combined Assault Technique, although the individual strength is not strong, but together, they can burst out. Times the strength.”

Chu Fengmian couldn’t help but think of it.

He also saw the Combined Assault Technique of Nine Domains just now.

This kind of mysterious is much stronger than the Combined Assault Technique of most martial artist cultivation in Three Great Saint Territories. The martial artist led by Heavenly Sword almost cultivates these 2 kinds of Combined Assault Technique, that kind of golden thread. The big net can be used to suppress and subdue others.

The other kind of rays of light is purely offensive.

Compared with the martial artist of Three Great Saint Territories, the martial artist of Nine Domains is much worse than the martial artist of Three Great Saint Territories. The martial artist of Three Great Saint Territories can step into the Immortal Monarch, the realm of the fairy, almost Without exception, there will be some opportunities.

These days, the Nine Domains martial artist never got any chance. All the resources they got were distributed from the army. After repeated experience, elimination, and hard cultivation, they have the current strength.

Chu Fengmian is not unfamiliar with this general method of raising gu. Many sects in the Three Great Saint Territories do so.

It’s just that the method of raising Gu by the army led by Nine Domains Heavenly Sword is more pure. These days, the martial artist of Nine Domains has almost no freedom at all.

In the command of Heavenly Sword, Heavenly Sword God, is the supreme supreme who controls all existence.

Next, is the pro-army of Emperor Sword God. Heavenly Sword has countless Legions. Among them, only the first Legion is the most powerful. It is also the pro-army of Emperor Sword God, who follows Emperor Sword God on weekdays. Protect the safety of Sword God Emperor.

Legion, led by Heavenly Sword, now has 21 in total, and the leader of each Legion is a powerhouse of Immortal Emperor Realm.

In Heavenly Sword, only one Immortal Emperor is qualified to become the leader of Legion.

Below Legion is the army. The leader of the army is called the general. It is assumed by some ruled immortals. As for the following, it is divided into various teams. Some powerful teams are led by the immortal. Come as the leader.

And some of the weaker ones, such as the leader of this patrol, are held by Xian Shenglai.

Almost all martial artists led by Heavenly Sword are in the army and perform their duties.

“A Heavenly Sword collar alone actually has a twenty one Immortal Emperor.”

After Chu Fengmian read the memory of the Heavenly Nine Domains martial artist, it also startedled for the strength of Heavenly Sword.

The 21 Legions represent the masters of the twenty one, which is the strong master of the twenty one Immortal Emperor.

And this is only on the surface. No one knows whether there is a hidden Immortal Emperor strong in the Heavenly Sword collar. Just this twenty one commander is terrifying enough.

The Heavenly Sword leader is even just one of the nine forces of Nine Domains.

The ruler of the Nine Domains is the Nine Great Divine Sovereigns. Among them, the Sword Dao, Lord of Sword Dao, once left the Nine Domains and was later besieged by the Nine Domains. The area he ruled fell into In the hands of another new emperor.

Nine Domains still maintains the dominance of the Nine Great Divine Sovereigns. Among the Nine Great Divine Sovereigns, the 10000 Demon God Emperor and Ancestor of Demons have the strongest strength. The strength of the other gods is almost on. par.

Since a single Heavenly Sword collar has such terrifying strength, then the Immortal Emperor powerhouses of Nine Domains on the surface in the entire sky, I am afraid that there are as many as 100 in total.

The Immortal Emperor on the surface has as many as 100 in total.

This number makes Chu Fengmian feel a little scary. The Immortal Emperor powerhouse of Three Great Saint Territories on the surface may not add up to this number.

No wonder Nine Domains, known as the No. 1 Sacred Domain, is indeed capable of surpassing any domain of the Three Great Saint Territories. Even the Three Great Saint Territories combined may not be the opponent of the Nine Domains.

“If the Sacred Domain war really broke out, it would be bad for the Three Great Saint Territories side.”

Chu Fengmian knows that the all influence of the Three Great Saint Territories, there are also countless grievances and frictions inside. In the face of Nine Domains, not everyone will unite and fight.

Moreover, Heavenly Sword leads this kind of army-based system. When encountering a war, the power that can erupt out far exceeds the scattered Three Great Saint Territories.

The inside of the sect of Three Great Saint Territories is not necessarily monolithic, and if you encounter danger, you may not be united. However, Heavenly Sword leads this kind of army, but it is an iron order. Once ordered, no one dares to violate it.

Especially the martial artist of Nine Domains, the cultivation is almost all the Combined Assault Technique, this Combined Assault Technique, 10000000 martial artists are combined together, a Legion martial artist, performs Combined Assault Technique, even enough to defeat the Immortal Emperor.

Therefore, these 21 Legions are out of the Immortal Emperor, and the Legion itself is also comparable to the battle strength of an Immortal Emperor.

“The beginning of the Sacred Domain war is a catastrophe for the Three Great Saint Territories.”

Chu Fengmian’s face changed slightly.

He also did not expect that this time when Nine Domains was born, there was such a big movement.

The other eight gods have not moved yet, but it seems that this time, the Sword God, has indeed made up his mind to plunder.

“Sword God Emperor.”

Chu Fengmian’s eyes were somewhat cold.

Among the people who besieged Lord of Sword Dao, Sword God was one of them.

Later, Chu Fengmian was hunted down and wanted, which was also an order from the Emperor Sword God that day.

“Let me give you a big gift first.”

An icy smile appeared at the corner of Chu Fengmian’s mouth.

From the memory of the Nine Domains martial artist that day, he has probably understood the plan of the Sword God Emperor. He intends to use Nine Domains as an outpost to continuously send the Legion of the Nine Domains into the Nine Domains. Then began to capture the Smaller Thousand Worlds from all sides and attack the Three Great Saint Territories.

The Sword God Emperor is preparing to build a huge Transmission Array in Nine Domains, so that the strong of Nine Domains can come to Nine Domains.

This Transmission Array is located in the immortal city. This huge immortal city is infinitely precious in the Nine Domains. This time I specially cram a fairy to the Nine Domains. , Is to protect this Transmission Array.

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