Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3139

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If this Transmission Array is truly established, it will be enough to accommodate the powers of the Immortal Emperor level to pass and come to Nine Domains.

Everyone knows that the barrier of Nine Domains is about to break, but according to calculations, it will take at least 5 years or even longer for this barrier to be completely broken.

Although there are many gaps in space between Nine Domains and Nine Domains, the power that these gaps can hold is limited. Some powerful martial artists cannot pass this space crack. Come to Nine Domains.

Only when the barrier of Nine Domains is completely broken that day, can the strong of Nine Domains come to Nine Domains.

Unexpectedly, the plan of Emperor Sword God was to build a Transmission Array in Nine Domains ahead of time. Today’s Transmission Array has already been built for more than half, enough for the Immortal to pass through the Transmission Array. Into Nine Domains.

Moreover, according to the order of the Emperor Sword God, this Transmission Array can be completed in only one year. At that time, Legion, led by Heavenly Sword, can come to the Nine Domains in advance to start a war and make Three Great Saint Territories All completely unprepared.

If Chu Fengmian came to Nine Domains this time, he would not know such a plan.

But now this teleportation Array hasn’t really been built yet, which means that the Immortal Emperor powerhouse of Nine Domains cannot yet come into Nine Domains.

After knowing this news, Chu Fengmian had no scruples anymore, unless he was a strong Immortal Emperor, otherwise no one would be impossible to resist Chu Fengmian.

Such a teleportation Array, but the Heavenly Sword leader didn’t know how much resources it took to establish it, just to seize the opportunity, then Chu Fengmian would naturally not let the Heavenly Sword God do what he wanted.

Chu Fengmian just needs to go to Nine Domains.

The barrier of the Nine Domains not only prevents the strong of the Nine Domains from entering the Nine Domains, the same Nine Domains martial artist will also be affected by the barrier and unable to enter the Nine Domains.

Chu Fengmian intends to use some means to go to the Nine Domains.

No matter how to do it, Chu Fengmian must use one of the Space Cracks. He is thinking of a way to get in and go to Nine Domains through Space Crack.

The greater the power that Space Crack can carry, the greater the chance that Chu Fengmian can enter the Nine Domains.

What he originally wanted was to find the Space Crack in Heavenly Sword Sect.

That Space Crack is the Space Crack that first appeared. His location should be the weakest place of the space barrier.

It’s just that since it is the Sword God Sovereign of the understood, when a Transmission Array has been established in Nine Domains, he immediately changed his plan. Such a Transmission Array can now accommodate Xianzun.

Although Chu Fengmian’s strength is strong, his realm is still the realm of Xianzun. Although he does not know whether the barrier restriction of Nine Domains today depends on realm or strength, he can always try it.

In addition, in order to pass the barrier and go to the Nine Domains, he has already made some preparations. This Transmission Array is his best opportunity to go to the Nine Domains.

Although this teleportation Array was built by Tian Nine Domains, it is now used by Chu Fengmian.

Especially this time. From the memory of the Nine Domains martial artist, Chu Fengmian can also confirm that among the Nine Domains, the Immortal Emperor who is not at all the Nine Domains, the strongest ones, but also It’s that’s all generals at the level of Law Immortal Venerable.

Without the Immortal Emperor, there is no probability that can stop Chu Fengmian.

He simply no longer concealed any power, and suddenly turned into a light, flying towards the direction of Central Domain.

He has passed through the memory of that Nine Domains martial artist, and the location of the Understood Transmission Array is in the center of this Central Domain.

“Foreign enemies! Foreign enemies have invaded!”

As soon as Chu Fengmian stepped into the Central Domain, a harsh sound came from the sky. Suddenly countless human figures flew out of the immortal cockroach above the sky and rushed towards Chu Fengmian.

These human figures are all golden golden figures, containing not weak aura, each of them is at least Immortal Monarch level of strength.

However, from them, Chu Fengmian could not feel the breath of any creatures.


Chu Fengmian recognized at a glance that these golden men are not real creatures, but puppets. According to the memory of the Nine Domains martial artist, these puppets are all existences called Dao soldiers.

It is a kind of puppet refined by some powerful people in large quantities, but their consciousness is stronger than that of puppets. Some powerful Dao soldiers are even enough to give birth to spiritual wisdom, called for example Dragon Sword Guard. That kind of existence.

These Taoist soldiers flew out all at once. There were as many as 100 people. The power on their bodies exploded at the same time, turned into countless gold threads, connected together, a large net of gold threads, instantly woven, With Chu Fengmian shrouded in the past.

This is not the first time that Chu Fengmian has seen this kind of golden wire network.

These Dao soldiers also cultivated the Combined Assault Technique led by Heavenly Sword, but compared to the martial artist led by Heavenly Sword, the power of these Dao soldiers was purer, and the Combined Assault Technique they displayed was even stronger.

The big net of gold threads in front of me was condensed in almost an instant, and it was suppressed by Chu Fengmian, and the vague surrounding space was compressed.

Such a big net of golden threads, even some immortals, can hardly escape from it.

But Chu Fengmian was not afraid at all. With a big wave of his hand, it turned into a huge dragon claw. This dragon claw slammed into the big gold net in front of him, and the big gold net was instantly torn apart. .

At the same time, the Dao soldiers were suddenly blown up by this dragon claw, and the remaining Dao soldiers were all taken by Chu Fengmian.

The art of Taoism, Chu Fengmian has only heard of it in the ancient book. In the Three Great Saint Territories, this kind of art of Taoism has long been lost. Only now in the Nine Domains, it still exists. .

He collected part of the Taoist soldiers, and planned to study it.

There were a total of 300 60 Dao soldiers, most of them were killed by Chu Fengmian’s attack. As for the rest, they were all taken away by Chu Fengmian and completely suppressed.

These Taoist soldiers could not stop Chu Fengmian at all. His escape light speed did not decrease at all, and he flew towards the center of the Central Domain.

“Is there an invasion of foreign enemies?”

“How is it possible? Didn’t Nine Domains have been swept away by us long ago? Where are the strong?”

“Quickly, this person has already come to Central Domain.”

“Where is the Taoist team?”

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