Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3140

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Over the Central Domain.

Amidst the huge immortal fortress, several silhouettes are looking at the picture in the water mirror in front of them, complexion is gloomy.

These silhouettes are all from the general of the 11th Legion led by Heavenly Sword.

Heavenly Sword led the 11th Legion, was used as the advance Legion, and was dispatched to Nine Domains in advance to assist in the establishment of the Transmission Array.

Of course, their real purpose is to get rid of any existence threatening the Transmission Array. The reason for this order is that they have almost imprisoned all the martial artists of Nine Domains. The remaining Nine Domains martial artists are also All escaped.

Although now, because the barrier of the Nine Domains of the sky has not been completely broken, the Immortal Emperor of the 11th Legion cannot come in person, but these generals are also the existence of the law immortal level.

Even more how this time, they still have the immortal to be stuffed, this huge monster, as a backing, even the ordinary Immortal Emperor, is not the opponent of this immortal to be stuffed.

Relying on this immortal to be blocked, protecting the Transmission Array should have been with no difficulty.

They gathered here, originally just having a boring rest, but they didn’t expect that there would be an attack by foreign enemies, and the expressions of each and everyone were a little strange.

But when they heard this news, they didn’t care much.

The immortal siege itself has extremely strong power. There are countless Taoist squads under his command. The powerful, ordinary Outsiders rush into the Central Domain without their own hands. The Taoist squads are enough to deal with foreign enemies.

After all, they knew the strength of this squad, and even if they encountered it, they found it extremely difficult.

“The Daoist squad, all destroyed.”

Soon a martial artist rushed in and reported.

“Dao Bing team, all destroyed?”

Hearing this, the eyes of the generals showed a bit of surprise. In their eyes, the expression of lightness before they disappeared, but their faces were solemnly said.

“How can it be?”

“The Dao soldiers who are going to be stuffed with the immortal, join hands, but even the immortal can surrender…”

Some generals also had doubts.

Seeing that scene, the martial artist hurriedly shouted.

“You generals, the Dao Bing squad, one breath, they are all destroyed, and I invite the generals to take action.”

“One breathing time.”

“How can this be?”

These generals, in this brief moment, finally believed all this, and their faces changed drastically.

“Transmission Array, now established at a critical moment, absolutely cannot be lost.”

“Go, we are gone!”

“There is also an Array ready to be stuffed with immortals, and burst out at any time.”

These generals left one after another.

This Transmission Array is the most important step in Heavenly Sword’s war plan this time. It consumes a lot of resources, just to seize the opportunity, and it must not be missed.

In the event of an accident, according to the rules led by Heavenly Sword, these generals have only one dead end.

the other side.

Chu Fengmian has penetrated into the Central Domain.

Now the entire Central Domain has completely changed. Numerous Taoist soldiers, dropping from the sky, blocking this Chu Fengmian, along the way, come to stop Chu Fengmian’s Taoist soldiers, and Tian Nine Domains martial artist, I don’t know how many there are. .

However, if there are too many Dao soldiers to block, Chu Fengmian can break it with one move. With his current power, unless a real Immortal Emperor comes to intercept, otherwise, with these Dao soldiers, the number is huge. It is also impossible to stop Chu Fengmian.

Chu Fengmian’s escape came all the way to the central area of ​​the Central Domain. Here, in the memory of the Nine Domains martial artist that day, the existence of Transmission Array, he actually came from Nine Domains through this Transmission Array. Among Nine Domains.

At a glance, Chu Fengmian saw a huge vortex located in the central area of ​​the Central Domain.

This huge vortex is condensed by the power of distorted space. Chu Fengmian can feel it. This huge vortex contains an incomparably huge Space Power. It is this Space Power that is used to counter the surrounding area. The oppression of the world law.

Several martial artists seem to throw countless treasures containing Space Power into this vortex, add power to it, and make the vortex expand.

“Transmission Array.”

Chu Fengmian knows that this is the Transmission Array. Heavenly Sword is planning to seize the opportunity and set up the Transmission Array ahead of time. Even Chu Fengmian can’t understand the mysterious part of it.

But as he expected, this Transmission Array is an interoperable array.

The martial artist of Nine Domains can come to Nine Domains through Transmission Array.

At the same time, the martial artist of Nine Domains can also enter the Nine Domains through this Transmission Array.

“However, you have to clean up these guys first.”

Chu Fengmian eyes flashed, and he saw it. Located above the sky, Xiandu was stuffed with several standing silhouettes. A total of 5 Law Xianzuns should be the 11 generals of the 5th Legion.

“Get off!”

Chu Fengmian coldly shouted, he waved a big hand, and suddenly a dragon claw rose up into the sky, and grabbed it in the direction of the five silhouettes.


The five generals seemed to have not expected that Chu Fengmian actually did it directly.

They just stood in the Array of Immortal Capitals, their bodies and breaths were completely hidden. Originally, they planned to observe Chu Fengmian first and find Chu Fengmian’s weaknesses before suddenly taking action.

They absolutely did not expect that the Array that was stuffed in the Immortal City would be seen as nothing in front of Chu Fengmian. This is the Array arranged by the Immortal Emperor himself.

An immortal fortress, as long as it requires the participation of 3 Immortal Emperor army masters, can it be built. The Array above, without exception, is the handwriting of the Immortal Emperor.


However, these five generals have also experienced countless Life and Death battles before they have their current status and strength. Facing Chu Fengmian’s sudden shot, they did not panic and shot together.

Together, a dazzling sword light condensed out of thin air. This sword light swept across the sky, drew an arc, and killed it in the direction of that dragon claw.

Combined Assault Technique.

It is the Combined Assault Technique again.

It’s just that the Combined Assault Technique displayed by these five generals is different from those displayed by Taoist soldiers and other Nine Domains martial artists. The power is more powerful and mysterious.

“This is the sword technique led by Heavenly Sword?”

When Chu Fengmian saw this a sword light swept across, his mind was concentrated.

Heavenly Sword led, Heavenly Sword God Emperor, is a strong man who is famous for Sword Dao, Heavenly Sword led Sword Dao inheritance, located in the Peak of Nine Domains, but the martial artist who can really cultivation Heavenly Sword led Sword Dao, But there are very few. Among the 11th Legion, only generals have this qualification.

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