Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3142

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Chu Fengmian’s attainments on Sword Dao have reached Peak, which is not worse than the Sword God Emperor.

This Heavenly Sword led the sword light, which was comprehend mysterious by Chu Fengmian and incorporated into the Sword Dao ancient book. It has already been transformed into Chu Fengmian’s own sword technique. The power he exerted is more powerful than the previous five generals. Yes, the power is much stronger.

“How can it be!”

“Our Heavenly Sword is completely destroyed by this move, and it has been cultivation for 100 years before it is Full Mastery. How can this person be able to learn and use it instantly?”

The 5 generals, looking towards Chu Fengmian, captured the sword light they displayed at once, and learned to display it in an instant. Their expressions were shocked to the extreme. This method was something they had never imagined.

Seeing Chu Fengmian’s sword light slashed down, they all looked terrified. One of the generals hurriedly shouted.

“Move the power of the immortal must!”


Listen to the words of the general.

Suddenly, from above the immortal capital, an Array suddenly enveloped down. The power of this Array completely enveloped the 5 generals, turning them into a solid barrier against the sword light of Chu Fengmian. .

Before they were ready to take a shot, they had already made preparations. At the moment when the array of immortals was condensed, the five generals also looked at each other and hurriedly flew towards the direction of immortals above the sky.

They are going to enter the immortal city first.

This immortal must be stuffed, after all, it consumes countless resources of Heavenly Sword, and even a fortress built by the Immortal Emperor’s master himself. The defensive power is extremely strong. As long as they are hidden in it, the immortal Imperial Capital cannot kill them. .

“The strength of this person is too terrifying. It is not something we can fight against. Only when the military leader is here can we kill this person!”

The five generals looked at each other, and they were all preparing to send the news to the Nine Domains, so that the Immortal Emperor of the Nine Domains came quickly before they could deal with Chu Fengmian.

“In front of me, still want to escape?”

Chu Fengmian also saw through the thoughts of these five generals at a glance. He coldly shouted, and in the palm of his hand, the Sword Intent suddenly appeared, and a vague Sword Intent shrouded the edge of the Sword Intent, and it was cut with a sharp sword. Kill away.

Chu Fengmian could also see that the defensive power of this immortal must be tyrannical to the extreme. If the 5 generals escaped into it, Chu Fengmian would also need to spend a lot of means to kill them.

These 5 generals are the leaders of this time Heavenly Sword leading the field of Legion. Only 5 of them have the ability to control the Immortal Emperor fortress. As long as they can be killed, the power of the immortal will be weakened. These days, the martial artist of Nine Domains is unable to withstand a single blow.

From Heavenly Sword to lead this advance Legion, the most powerful battle strength is this immortal city.

Naturally, he would not let these 5 generals escape into the immortal fortress today. He simply no longer hides any strength. With full strength, his body suddenly grows bigger and becomes a ten thousand zhang giant. Behind him, a pair of witch god wings suddenly appeared.

The real body of the witch god!

The witch God’s Force is all concentrated on Chu Fengmian’s sword edge. He slashed down with a single sword, and the fire of the witch god in the sky, clear and down, the first sword technique and the power of the witch god’s fire exploded simultaneously.

I saw the Array shrouded by the immortal, all under this might of a single sword, shaking again and again, and then in the next moment, on this Array, there were countless cracks, and they broke apart.

The entire immortal must be jammed, all under the sword of Chu Fengmian, shaking this violently.

“What? The array arranged by the military leader himself was broken?”

The 5 generals originally wanted to escape into the immortal fortress, but at this time, a violent force collision erupted from behind them.

They hurriedly turned their heads and saw an unbelievable scene. The Array that was stuffed with immortals was actually destroyed by Chu Fengmian.

The Arrays of the Immortal City are all arranged by the Immortal Emperor’s master himself, and it consumes a lot of resources from Heavenly Sword. Even facing the Immortal Emperor, they can contend for a period of time.

But now under Chu Fengmian’s sword edge, he was cut with a single sword.

Chu Fengmian’s strength has surpassed most of the Immortal Emperor. His current strength, even though it is weaker than that of Sword Demon Blood Slaughter, is comparable to the Strength of Fleshly Body of the 5th-order Immortal Emperor. .

This Array, in front of Chu Fengmian, is impossible to withstand a single blow.

“Give me out!”

One sword breaking the formation.

Then Chu Fengmian played a sword light again, pointing straight at the 5 generals to beheaded.


The five generals struggled hard and broke out with countless secret techniques, trying to resist Chu Fengmian’s sword light, but these attempts were meaningless. The bodies of these five generals were gradually submerged in Chu Fengmian’s sword light. During this time, the figure gradually disappeared and fell on the spot.

Five golden lights flew out of this sword light and fell into the palm of Chu Fengmian’s palm, which is exactly the memory of these five generals.

These five generals can be the leader of Heavenly Sword leading Legion and come to Nine Domains. They are not low in status. They remember that their understanding of Heavenly Sword leader is better than what Chu Fengmian caught before. The Nine Domains martial artist knows much more in his memory.

But Chu Fengmian didn’t look at these memories carefully. With a move of his mind, he flew in the direction of the Transmission Array.

The news of Chu Fengmian’s beheading of these 5 generals, I’m afraid it will soon reach the Nine Domains. At that time, the other party will definitely increase the protection and supervision of this Transmission Array.

Now Chu Fengmian plans to pass this Transmission Array and enter the Nine Domains. He doesn’t plan to wait to the Nine Domains side and get ready to enter the Transmission Array. At that time, Chu Fengmian is like walking right into a trap.

Now, before the Nine Domains reacted, Chu Fengmian would take advantage of the chaos and enter the Nine Domains first.

When he stepped out, he came to this Transmission Array, and took a look at it, and he stepped into it without the slightest hesitation. In an instant, the Transmission Array was shaking violently, as if it could not carry Chu Fengmian. the power of.

However, Chu Fengmian was also prepared. He burst out of the ancestor Heavenly Dragon Bloodline Strength, and suddenly the continuous Space Power was injected into the Transmission Array. The vortex that the Transmission Array turned into suddenly expanded. Chu Fengmian’s The body is gradually submerged in the Transmission Array.

This forced expansion of Transmission Array also makes Transmission Array more unstable.

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