Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3144

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Under this configuration, almost impossible appears any danger, but now…

“Master General, the power of Transmission Array is too strong, it is almost unsustainable, and will be destroyed at any time!”

While he was still surprised, another anxious voice came from beside him.

I saw this Transmission Array, already beginning to shake violently.

In just a few breaths, this Transmission Array and the twisting vortex have been enlarged several times. This violent shaking represents that the power of this Transmission Array is almost reaching the limit.


Suddenly there was a rumbling sound.

I saw this Transmission Array, and the countless inscriptions carved around the twisting vortex suddenly shattered.

A force poured out from it, and directly blasted several martial artists around.

The shock at this time made the general finally wake up.

“Fast, fast, maintain the Array, and pass the message to the military leader, at all costs. You must maintain this Array, and you must not let the Array be destroyed!”

The general shouted loudly.

The surrounding martial artists also took out countless materials and poured them into the Array to strengthen and maintain the Array.

With the input of a large amount of materials, the violently shaking twisted vortex slowly calmed down.

In the twisting vortex.

This twisted vortex is essentially a space channel, crossing the barrier between the Nine Domains and the Nine Domains. From this barrier, a path forcibly opened up.

It’s just such a path, for Chu Fengmian, it seems too narrow. Even with the power of the ancestor Heavenly Dragon Bloodline, he madly expanded this channel, but now he is still stuck in it.

A huge force was suppressed on Chu Fengmian’s body, and he felt an unprecedented terrifying force.

Just when Chu Fengmian felt that he was about to fail this time.

Suddenly Chu Fengmian discovered that this space channel that was about to collapse had stabilized again. It seemed that something was helping him to reinforce this space channel.

“This power comes from the direction of Nine Domains?”

Chu Fengmian’s heart moved, and his eyes showed a bit of joy.

It seems that Nine Domains is also unwilling to give up this space channel, or in other words, they haven’t discovered everything that happened in Nine Domains.

But no matter what, the space channel suddenly stabilized, and Chu Fengmian could increase the amount of motivation again to continue to broaden this space channel.

“Heavenly Dragon has changed!”

Chu Fengmian gave a long scream, his body suddenly transformed into the huge ancestor Heavenly Dragon, the huge Space Power radiated from his side, constantly widening this space channel, this one huge ancestor Heavenly Dragon, He drilled in the direction of Nine Domains.

“Finally stabilized.”

Heavenly Sword collar, 11th Legion.

Looking at the twisted vortex in the Transmission Array, it finally settled down gradually. The martial artists present were all sighed in relief.

Especially the general’s heart, which had been hanging, finally fell.

This Transmission Array, once something goes wrong, he, as the caretaker, is the first one to blame.

Now, although he doesn’t know what happened to Nine Domains that caused such a change in this Transmission Array, it has finally stabilized.

However, there was a vague feeling in his heart. On the Nine Domains side, there must have been a major event. The 5 generals had no news…

“Oh no!”

“What’s the matter? How did this power become stronger again?”

Just when everyone felt sighed in relief, suddenly the twisted vortex in the Transmission Array started to swell again. In just a few breaths, the twisted vortex was actually several times larger.

And this time, they actually discovered an extremely powerful aura from this Transmission Array.

“Someone, is someone passing Transmission Array?”

“Who? Is it ours?”

“No, this breath is completely different from us?”

“No, Transmission Array is about to explode, stop him!”

one after another exclamation sounded.

The martial artists around the Transmission Array were all messed up, and the general also shouted loudly in a hurry.

“Close Array, don’t let Array be destroyed!”

In his heart now, he knew where the faint anxiety came from.

Now, he would rather close Array first, although this will cost a great price, but it is much better than the direct destruction of Array, and all the efforts have been lost.

“No, Transmission Array is no longer under our control.”

Several martial artists who control Array shouted in despair.

“Damn! The military leader hasn’t arrived yet!”

This general also understands now that this matter is no longer for him. The breath that came out of the Transmission Array, at this moment he felt his whole body trembled.

This kind of feeling can only be felt when he faces the military master. The existence in this Transmission Array is definitely a figure who sits on an equal footing with the military master. The invincible powerhouse of the Immortal Emperor is definitely not him. A small rule, Xianzun, can intervene.

The only thing he is looking forward to now is the military owner who comes in person.

However, what he was waiting for was not the military leader, but even worse news.

“Transmission Array is going to be destroyed!”

“Flee away!”

In the Transmission Array, the twisted vortex, the power has been violent to the extreme, all the martial artists around, no longer dared to stay, one after another fled towards the distance.

The general also fled towards the distance without looking back.

Although he knew that this time the Transmission Array was destroyed, he would definitely be severely punished, but if he stayed here, once the Transmission Array was destroyed, he would definitely die.

Just when everyone fled.

This Transmission Array, however, could no longer withstand the immense power. The twisted vortex was shattered, and the endless power accumulated from it instantly poured down, covering a full radius of ten thousand li.

Within ten thousand li, almost all creatures were torn apart by this huge Space Power.

“Unexpectedly, there was such a big movement.”

A silhouette slowly emerged from the very center of the explosion,

The silhouette that emerged from the explosion was Chu Fengmian.

At the moment when Transmission Array was about to be destroyed, he finally came to the Nine Domains.

He glanced around, browsing tightly frowns.

The movement caused by the explosion of the Transmission Array was much bigger than he had imagined. In an instant, countless Spiritual Consciousness locked this area.

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