Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3145

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These Spiritual Consciousness masters, without exception, are all powerhouses at the Immortal Emperor level. Chu Fengmian felt it in an instant, with a total of 7 8 Spiritual Consciousness, exploring in this direction.

“Leave here and say it.”

This time Chu Fengmian forcibly passed the Transmission Array and came to the Nine Domains.

At the last moment when he entered the Nine Domains, this Transmission Array could no longer withstand the amount of madness injected by Chu Fengmian and was completely destroyed.

This Transmission Array is of great importance. The explosion at this time must be enough to attract the attention of Heavenly Sword leaders.

Before solving the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword killing intent, Chu Fengmian hadn’t planned to lead the real cast aside all considerations for face with Heavenly Sword. His body flashed, and he quietly disappeared without a trace.

“what happened?”

Just after Chu Fengmian left, not very long, angry roar, suddenly sounded from the sky, and then you could see a flash of light, which suddenly fell from the sky. He stood in midair and looked at the Transmission Array. It was already because He was plunged into a mess, his face was extremely gloomy.

This is a middle-aged man. He is dressed in a Chinese suit and looks at the ruined Transmission Array. The killing intent in his eyes is almost ready to violently kill people at any time.

This middle-aged man is the 11th Legion led by Heavenly Sword, and he belongs to his subordinates. Originally, this Transmission Array should have been personally guarded by him.

It’s just this time that he happened to leave, but he didn’t expect that he immediately received the jade talisman sound transmission and hurried over. What he saw was only a piece of ruins left.

“Get out, what the hell is going on!”

The leader of the Eleventh Army roared, and the general in charge of the guard and several Heavenly Sword leading martial artists rushed over.

“Eleventh Army Military leader, it’s like this…”

They hurriedly explained the sudden changes in this Transmission Array and what happened next.

This general now also knows that today’s Transmission Array is destroyed, and he cannot escape the blame, but the change of this Transmission Array is indeed not something that his little rule immortal can stop.

After he explained one after another, it was cautiously retreated to the side. The martial artists of Heavenly Sword, who was responsible for protecting the Transmission Array, also stood behind the general and did not dare to breathe.

“What happened to Nine Domains?”

Hearing this general’s words, the anger in the eyes of the eleventh army leader, but a lot of it disappeared, and instead it was a bit solemn.

“On the Nine Domains side, there are 5 of them sitting in town. With the addition of immortals, even if you encounter the Immortal Emperor, you can resist awhile. How could this be?”

The leader of the 1th Army browsed tightly frowns, and soon he was also a jade talisman sound transmission in the past, this jade talisman sound transmission, there was no response for a long time.

In the 11th Legion, the lord of the eleventh army is the emperor like the supreme supreme, no one dares not return his sound transmission.

“It seems that the 5 of them should really have fallen into Nine Domains.”

“Really fallen?”

Hearing the words of the eleventh army chief, the general’s eyes still showed an unbelievable expression. Although he had guessed before, it was a guess after all.

Now I heard the words of the eleventh army leader, but it was confirmed.

“Nine Domains is already in decline. After the death of Sword Dao, it is impossible to give birth to a strong person, and where did such a strong person emerge.”

The eleventh army leader, browse tightly frowns, can forcibly break through Transmission Array. Even Transmission Array cannot withstand this power. Only the Immortal Emperor is destroyed on the spot.

The eleventh army master thought for a while before opening the mouth and said.

“You handled this matter well, but even I cannot blame for the destruction of Transmission Array. It was built by the Emperor Sword God, and I must meet the Emperor Sword God to accept punishment. I will say a few words for you as much as possible.”

The Lord of the Eleventh Army looked towards the general opened the mouth and said.

“Many thanks military leader.”

Hearing this, the general’s face finally showed a bit of joy.

“I will go to the imperial city and meet the Sword God Emperor Your Majesty. As for you, let the people from Eleven Legion search for that person. Since this person has come to the Heavenly Sword, even if he can’t escape At Heavenly Sword, there is no status token. This person is impossible to move a single step. Find him!”

A bit of killing intent appeared in the eyes of the eleventh army master.

The task of building and guarding the Transmission Array fell into his hands, and he also spent a lot of effort.

Once done, this is a great achievement, and their 11th Legion can also serve as the advance Legion, the first to break into the Nine Domains, which can be plundered, and the benefits are self-evident.

But now this Transmission Array is directly destroyed. Not only does he not get any benefits, but he will be punished. Although in his capacity, the so-called punishment is only a matter of face, but it also makes him difficult. accept.

He now wants to be the culprit of all this, skin cramps, and 10000 pieces of corpses.

However, the initiator of all this, Chu Fengmian, had already left the area where Eleven Legion was located.

Of course, although he did not see the reaction of the eleventh army leader, Chu Fengmian could also guess that the eleventh army leader was also very angry.

The importance of this Transmission Array can be seen from the immortal castle and the 5 generals guarding it.

Now the Transmission Array has been destroyed. The five generals at the head were also killed by Chu Fengmian. The remaining Heavenly Sword led the martial artist. The strongest were some immortals, and they couldn’t use the power of the immortals. Unable to withstand a single blow.

When Chu Fengmian left, he also specifically told Elder Yunxiao to go to Nine Domains to handle all this.

And most importantly, the destruction of Transmission Array also made Heavenly Sword want to seize the opportunity to launch a surprise attack plan, which was completely defeated, and it also gave the Witchs several years of preparation time.

As for other forces, Chu Fengmian has already passed on the news that Nine Domains is preparing to launch the Sacred Domain war. It depends on whether they are willing to believe it. Chu Fengmian can do it, and that’s the only thing.

“The laws of Nine Domains are actually so tyrannical today.”

I don’t know how many ten thousand li has been crossed, Chu Fengmian’s figure slowly stopped. According to the memories of those generals, this place has left the territory of Eleven Legion.

Each of the 21 Legions led by Heavenly Sword is like an independent kingdom. Only when they receive an order from the Heavenly Sword God, they will all take action together. Otherwise, they will be independent of each other on weekdays.

As long as he left the territory of Eleven Legion, no one should be able to find Chu Fengmian’s location in a short time.

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