Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3146

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He can also settle down and observe Nine Domains on this day.

About Tian Nine Domains, Chu Fengmian has only heard about it from the ancient book and Star Profound.

Now this time, it is also the first time that Chu Fengmian has come to the Nine Domains. He also wants to observe the Nine Domains, which is known as the head of the Sacred Domain.

“The law of Nine Domains is stronger than the law of Three Great Saint Territories.”

The first thing that makes Chu Fengmian feel different is the world law, the world law of Nine Domains, and the law of space, which are all stronger than the law of Three Great Saint Territories, about one third level.

If it is said that in the Three Great Saint Territories, the martial artist on the Immortal Monarch Realm is necessary to break the space and shuttle space, then in the Nine Domains on this day, it must be the martial artist of the fairy realm. Only have such ability.

Because of the power of the world law, the power of Chu Fengmian was suppressed a little bit in Nine Domains on this day, but this was only a slight change.

Essentially, it has little effect on Chu Fengmian.

What made him even more surprised was the barrenness of Nine Domains.

Indeed, it is barrenness.

The Nine Domains recorded in some ancient books are a very prosperous Sacred Domain.

But now Nine Domains can only be described as barren.

Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi is already extremely thin, and there are still a lot of impurities in this Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi. It can be said that a martial artist who is slightly weaker, with this kind of Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi for cultivation, I am afraid that there will be a great risk of bedevilment, and once it is cultivation to high realm, such a mixed Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi will also affect their realm improvement.

This kind of barrenness, let alone the Three Great Saint Territories, even some Intermediate Wide World, is more prosperous than the current Nine Domains.

Such a thin Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi also makes the land of Nine Domains barren. On this barren land, no Immortal Medicine can grow. Chu Fengmian is now in a plain.

Not to mention Immortal Medicine in this plain, even sacred medicine is very small.

“I don’t know if it is because of Heavenly Sword, or the entire Nine Domains, it has become like this…”

The area where Chu Fengmian is now is just an area under the leadership of Heavenly Sword. The entire Heavenly Sword collar, in fact, adds up to nearly half of the area of ​​any of the Three Great Saint Territories.

The area of ​​Nine Domains is extremely large, which is larger than the combined area of ​​Three Great Saint Territories.

What Chu Fengmian can see now is only the scene of the Heavenly Sword collar. As for other areas, he doesn’t know, but this kind of barrenness is indeed something that Chu Fengmian did not expect.

“No wonder, Martial Dao cultivation led by Heavenly Sword has actually changed like this.”

Chu Fengmian muttered to himself.

He was also curious about one thing, that is, the previous Nine Domains Martial Dao, which is not what it is now. Now the Martial Dao led by Heavenly Sword is completely in the hands of the army, only to join the army. , Is qualified to get resources, get the cultivation technique and go to cultivation.

However, according to the records in the ancient book, Nine Domains is not like this.

The Nine Domains of that era were extremely prosperous, Martial Dao prospered, countless sect stand in great numbers, and a large number of genius martial artists were born, completely different from the current Nine Domains.

But after seeing the barrenness of the Heavenly Sword leader, Chu Fengmian also understood in his heart that the change of the Heavenly Sword leader.

With such a scarcity of resources, the original sects of Heavenly Sword, I’m afraid it can’t be supported, and no martial artist can be cultivated. Instead, it’s like each and everyone Legion in the Heavenly Sword now, shrinking resources and training collectively. , On the contrary, some strong people can be born.

Now the resources led by Heavenly Sword are controlled by each and everyone Legion.

Chu Fengmian flew all the way and saw a large area of ​​farmland. Of course, these farmland was planted with various spiritual medicine, sacred medicine and so on.

People of ethnic farmland are also martial artists, just martial artists under the fairy realm.

Among the Three Great Saint Territories, the martial artists under the fairy realm do not deserve to be called martial artists. They do not have any status. They are not even qualified to join the army. They can only farm for Legion.

This large area of ​​farmland belongs to each and everyone Legion, and cultivate resources for these Legion.

It can be said that in this Heavenly Sword leader, there is almost no idler, and everyone performs their own duties to survive.

Unlike the Three Great Saint Territories, there are many Loose Cultivators. These Loose Cultivators live freely and live in seclusion in the mountains. Some Loose Cultivators can even get some chance inheritance and become a generation. The strong.

In the Heavenly Sword collar, it is impossible to have such a Loose Cultivator. In this extremely barren situation, it has been difficult to find some opportunities in the Heavenly Sword collar for decades. The average martial artist wants to get lucky. Ascending to the skies with a single leap, in this Heavenly Sword collar, is an impossible thing.

Only by joining the army can you get cultivation technique cultivation and get resource cultivation.

It can be said that all martial artists who want to improve their strength are the only way they can go. No wonder the martial artists led by Heavenly Sword have all joined the army. This is not their choice, but the situation.

“With such a barren Heavenly Sword leader, it’s no wonder that the Sword God Emperor this time actually planned to attack the Three Great Saint Territories and plunder resources.”

Compared to the Heavenly Sword leader, the Three Great Saint Territories are almost treasures everywhere. Even some of the barren lands in the Three Great Saint Territories are much richer than the current Heavenly Sword leader.

Chu Fengmian can imagine that the martial artist in the Heavenly Sword leader, after entering the Three Great Saint Territories, will be like a locust, sweeping everything.

In fact, in Nine Domains, there is such a thing.

The martial artist who advanced Legion almost dug Nine Domains 3 feet into the ground, and they did not let go of any little resource, and they looted wildly.

This is just an advance team of Eleven Legion.

Once the army led by Heavenly Sword arrives.

Then the Three Great Saint Territories, countless Smaller Thousand Worlds, will be attacked by them.

Chu Fengmian is now awake in the heart. He discovered all this and destroyed the Transmission Array at the same time. At least this is enough for Heavenly Sword to lead the attack and delay for 5 years.

Five years is the estimate in Chu Fengmian’s mind.

He passed the Transmission Array from Nine Domains this time and entered the Nine Domains. He also observed that this barrier, the power of this barrier, was beyond Chu Fengmian’s imagination.

His strength, in front of this barrier, is extremely weak, like an ant.

No wonder, even the Nine Domains of powerhouse as clouds is helpless against a barrier.

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