Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3147

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It’s just that the strength of this barrier is weakening every moment. Chu Fengmian can also clearly feel this weakening. According to his estimation, 5 years is when the barrier completely fails.

At that time, there will be no barriers between Nine Domains and Nine Domains. All martial artists of Nine Domains, even Immortal Emperors, can come into Nine Domains.

The so-called advance army in Nine Domains, in fact, in addition to the five generals, the real power is still less than one-tenth of the eleventh Legion, and compared to the entire Nine Domains, it is even smaller. , Not worth mentioning.

The moment when the barrier completely fails, it is a disaster for Three Great Saint Territories.

5 years.

For Chu Fengmian, he was unable to return to Nine Domains in the past 5 years. This time he came to Nine Domains. The first thing is naturally to completely solve the influence of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword killing intent. The problem.

The second thing is to improve his strength.

The Martial Dao of Three Great Saint Territories, especially the sword technique led by Heavenly Sword, is completely different from that of Three Great Saint Territories. Chu Fengmian got the sword technique of the 5 generals in Nine Domains before, and integrated it into his In the Sword Dao ancient book, Chu Fengmian’s Sword Dao ancient book has been improved.

If he gets a more mysterious sword technique in the leadership of Heavenly Sword, then his strength is bound to go further.

2 things are the things he needs to do most.

Before falling asleep, Star Profound also told Chu Fengmian that the examination place for Blood Slaughter Demon Sword was located in the center of Nine Domains, in the Qixian Mountain.

Qixian Mountain, which does not belong to any emperor’s territory, is located at the northwest corner of Heavenly Sword. As long as Chu Fengmian leaves the Nine Domains, he can reach Qixian Mountain.

But now, how to get away from the Opening Heaven Sword is a difficult problem for Chu Fengmian. Tian Nine Domains has always been completely shrouded in a huge Array. This Array is said to be the Sword God Emperor, who built it himself. of.

Only the martial artist of the Heavenly Sword led by permission can leave the opening Heaven Sword led, otherwise, no one can leave, even now Chu Fengmian’s strength is comparable to the fifth and even sixth-order Immortal Emperor’s fleshy body.

But Chu Fengmian also knew that he had no strength to really face the Emperor Sword God and Emperor Sword God, but standing at the Immortal Emperor Peak, he was definitely an Immortal Emperor of Tier 9 Immortal Emperor.

In addition, the entire Heavenly Sword collar is controlled by the Sword God Emperor, like a monolith.

He wants to forcibly break through, obviously it will not work, and it is more likely to expose his identity and cause more trouble.

“You must first get the identity of Heavenly Sword.”

Chu Fengmian said to himself.

The light of purification on him can also suppress the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword killing intent for a year. Although this year is not long, it also makes Chu Fengmian not so urgent.

Forcibly breaking away from the Open Heaven Sword leader is Chu Fengmian’s last method to compelled by circumstances.

Before that, if he could get the identity of the Heavenly Sword collar, he could find a way to get out of the Heavenly Sword collar, which would also reduce a lot of trouble.

And for Chu Fengmian, if he wants to get the sword technique led by Heavenly Sword, he must also have an identity. The sword technique led by Heavenly Sword is mastered by the military led by Heavenly Sword. Only by becoming a general can he be qualified. Get in touch with the sword technique led by Heavenly Sword.

Therefore, for Chu Fengmian, getting the identity of a Heavenly Sword leader is a top priority.

And in Heavenly Sword, an identity is extremely important. All martial artists of Heavenly Sword must have a status token to prove their identity. This status token is personally issued by the Imperial Family of Heavenly Sword. .

There is a breath of Sword God on it, and it is almost impossible to forge it.

Chu Fengmian killed those generals before and got their status token, but Chu Fengmian studied it carefully for a long time, but found that this status token was almost impossible to forge.

Unless Chu Fengmian has the same strength as the Sword God Emperor, he can do this, but obviously this thing is impossible.

The martial artists led by Heavenly Sword are generally accepted by the army when they are born. Among them, with good aptitude, they can successfully cultivation Martial Dao, enter the army and become one of them.

Some people with poor aptitude will be used as farmers and slaves to serve in the army.

Chu Fengmian is an Outsider, suddenly came to the collar of Heavenly Sword. It is not low to get an identity.

“Heavenly Sword collar, even if it is an army hidden the sky with one hand, it is not a monolithic one.”

Of course, from the memories of those generals, Chu Fengmian also found some clues.

Heavenly Sword leads on the surface, they are indeed monolithic, each Legion, although they conflict with each other, they are also united together, controlling the entire Heavenly Sword collar.

But everywhere, there will be a dark side. This army can be regarded as the bright side of the Heavenly Sword collar. In the dark side, among the Heavenly Sword collar, there are still some sects.

These sects are those created by martial artists who are unwilling to join the army. They secretly inherit Martial Dao themselves. Such things are not tolerated by the army on the surface, so they will be siege from time to time.

But in fact, these sects still have some big forces. Some of them even secretly hooked up with the Imperial Family led by Heavenly Sword. These sects made the army dare not move easily.

Joining the army is obviously impossible for Chu Fengmian.

Let’s not say that Chu Fengmian destroyed Transmission Array before. Now he should be the most wanted man in the army of Heavenly Sword. It is his current unknown identity. As for the army, it is obviously impossible that he will choose to join him. .

He wants to obtain the identity of the Heavenly Sword collar, he can only use the other side, those Heavenly Sword collars, to hide the sect power.

As long as he has the identity of the leader of Heavenly Sword, Chu Fengmian can let go of whatever he wants to do.

After all, most of the things that Heavenly Sword leads are controlled by the army, and an innocent identity is a must.

“Heavenly Sword leader, 21 Legion, most of the Legion, are independent, almost only under the orders of the Heavenly Sword God, among them the first Legion, also known as the army, has been with the Heavenly Sword God around, but among them The Second Army regiment and the Seventh Army regiment have a 1000-to-10000 relationship with the Imperial Family.”

Chu Fengmian carefully recalled the memories of those 5 generals, who could become generals. Their discipline at Eleven Legion is also extremely high, and they also know a lot about the Heavenly Sword leader.

Almost all the remaining sects in the Heavenly Sword collar rely on the Imperial Family to survive the siege.

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