Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3148

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Among the 21 Legions, the Second Army group and the Seventh Army group are all related to the Imperial Family, and most of the hidden places of the sect are in the territory of these two Legions.

Chu Fengmian wants to get the identity of Heavenly Sword now. His best choice is to rely on the power of those sects to obtain an innocent identity.

But before that, Chu Fengmian must first find the sect hidden in the Heavenly Sword collar.

These sects, from the perspective of on the surface led by Heavenly Sword, are all illegal in nature, so impossible appears on the surface and will only hide on the dark side. It is not easy to find them.

Even though Chu Fengmian has the memory of the 5 generals, the 5 generals belong to the 11th Legion after all and have nothing to do with these sects. Their only contact with these sects is to launch an action to destroy these sects.

So now if you want to find these sects, you can only rely on Chu Fengmian himself.

“Here, it belongs to the territory of the 9th Legion, and further forward, it is the territory of the Seventh Army…”

Chu Fengmian left the territory of the 11th Legion urgently before. In order to avoid the hunting of the 9th army lord, he now came to the territory of the 1th Legion, and further forward, he belonged to the territory of the Seventh Army regiment.

The higher the ranking of Legion, the closer the scope of the territory is to the center of the Heavenly Sword collar. Among them, the 20th Legion and the 21st Legion, these two major Legions, are the Legion responsible for guarding the frontier.

The strength of these Legions is not much different from the rankings. The leaders of these Legions are actually inherited from generation to generation, so each of these Legions looks like an independent sect, or an independent country. same.

They will only act together when they receive an order from the Sword God Emperor.

Compared with the solemnity of the 11th Legion, the territory of the 9th Legion is a lot more relaxed. He saw many martial artists and they were all very leisurely, and no one deliberately asked Chu Fengmian about something.

He traversed the territory of the 9th Legion with little effort, and soon Chu Fengmian entered the territory of the Seventh Army regiment.

The territory of the Seventh Army regiment is a huge mountain range, among which the tallest mountain peaks straight into the sky, and you can’t see the end at a glance. This huge mountain is the station of the Seventh Army regiment.

Along the mountain, there are many plains. Many martial artists live, cultivate, and thrive on this plain. In the depths of this mountain range, there are countless such plains, because this mountain range is extremely large, even if In one of these gorges, there are enough human beings to live in.

Some sects, hidden in this mountain range, are indeed difficult to detect their existence.

In addition to the relationship between the Seventh Army regiment and the Imperial Family, there are many hidden sects in the Seventh Army regiment’s resident. Chu Fengmian’s trip was to find them.

Of course, on the surface, the Seventh Army still has to maintain the rules of the Heavenly Sword leader. Those sects will not show up on weekdays. Unless they are related to them, it will cost a lot to find them. time.

At Chu Fengmian, the moment he slowly flew into the mountain range.

Suddenly a rays of light, from a distance, suddenly flew over, and shot at Chu Fengmian.

Chu Fengmian waved his hand, and the power of the rays of light was dissipated. He glanced over and saw that the rays of light were actually a aftermath. The battle erupted right in the front. The aftermath was unexpectedly It flew to Chu Fengmian’s side.

“Fighting? And it’s a battle between Law Immortals?”

The law of Nine Domains is extremely powerful, but this aftermath of power can actually span so far. The master of this aftermath of power is at least a law immortal.

Law Immortal Venerable, in the Heavenly Sword leader, can directly join Legion to become a general and lead an army, and many Law Immortal Venerables can also choose to guard one side, become one side to guard this, the existence of a member of the party.

At least two law immortals are actually fighting. It is not common to lead Heavenly Sword.

“Looking at the past.”

Chu Fengmian’s mind moved, and quietly, he was concealed aura and approached the past.

In the Heavenly Sword collar, it can be said that it is on the side of the army, hid the sky with one hand, where battles may break out, and only those sects may fight with the military.

Chu Fengmian hid his figure, stepped out one step, and walked millions li to a valley above.

He saw it at a glance. In the valley, there were 3 silhouettes fighting against each other. Two figures were even blue military uniforms. This is the uniform dress of the Heavenly Sword army. These two are also at the general level of the army. The strong.

On their chests, there is also a cross written to represent their identity.

2 generals of the tenth Legion!

The other man, however, was an old man dressed in white. He looked very similar to the martial artist of Three Great Saint Territories. His cultivation technique was completely different from the cultivation technique led by Heavenly Sword.

“This is the Heavenly Sword collar, the martial artist on the sect side?”

Chu Fengmian moved his mind and continued to look over.

I saw this sect old man, under the joint persecution of these two generals, he had already begun to collapse and retreat.

The sword technique used by these two generals is also a Combined Assault Technique, which is just different from the Combined Assault Technique of Eleven Legion. However, the power of the two generals is still this sect old man. Can’t resist.

This sect old man could only choose to retreat and half a dozen, but he was always chased and killed by these two generals, leaving him no chance to escape. Seeing the breath of this sect old man, he was already getting more and more Weak.

“Ma Sect Master, give up! You Donghe Sect, today’s demise is a foregone conclusion. When we kill you, you Donghe Sect, but there are only 2 or 3 kittens left. It’s not worth mentioning. Why don’t you choose to join Master Dazai’s command now, and you can also protect your Donghe Sect.”

The two generals seemed to not at all intend to directly kill the old man, but to persecute him step by step, coldly said.

“Master Dazai is kind and willing to give you these outer sects a chance, and now I am obediently surrender!”

“Hmph, Dazai’s lackey, I would rather die today than acknowledge allegiance!”

The sect old man, when he heard this, his face was extremely determined, coldly snorted, the sword edge in his hand moved again, a sword light slashed out.

But now that he is playing a sword light, he is already lacking in sharpness. Everyone can see that this old man of sect has already reached the point where the oil lamp has dried up, and he doesn’t have much power.

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