Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3151

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Chu Fengmian has a laid-back face.

Donghe Sect Master, who was sitting on the throne next to him, had an extremely gloomy expression and didn’t say a word. He didn’t know what he was thinking about.

“Sect Master, are you back?”

Suddenly from outside the great hall, there was a shocked voice, and two old men stepped into the great hall.

These two elders are both martial artists of the immortal venerable level, and they are the two Supreme Elders of the Donghe Sect.

In fact, according to Donghezong’s rules, in fact, you must have the strength to reach the level of the law immortal to qualify for the position of Supreme Elder.

But since 10,000 years ago, the army began to suppress the Sect side, resulting in the fall of all the 4 Supreme Elders, and the East River Sect was no one. These 2 Immortal Venerables made an exception and became the Supreme Elder, managing many matters of the East River Sect.

The two Supreme Elders of the East River Sect swaggered into the great hall. They did not have the slightest respect for the East River Sect Master. They were domineering, but the eyes of the two of them seemed a little surprised.


These two Supreme Elders of the East River Sect, stepped into the great hall, but suddenly saw Chu Fengmian sitting on the throne, and said in a little surprised.

“Who is this? How dare to sit on the throne of my Donghe Sect?”

“This is a distinguished guest of our Donghe Sect, a senior who used to be a 3rd Rozong, now he is out of the mountain and serves as the Great Elder of my Donghe Sect.”

“I’m back this time and summon you all to announce this.”

Donghe Sect Master calmly opened the mouth and said.

The identity of the Great Elder is naturally a result of the discussion that Chu Fengmian gave you on the road to the Donghe Sect Master.

Chu Fengmian now needs an innocent identity led by Heavenly Sword.

Although it is said that Donghe Sect is connected with the Imperial Family led by Heavenly Sword, it is not easy to get an identity, so only Chu Fengmian joins the Donghe Sect. Let him get an identity for Chu Fengmian.

Of course, Donghe Sect Master’s move is actually trying to win over Chu Fengmian.

Sect now led by Heavenly Sword is in a difficult situation. It can have a Heavenly Venerate level powerhouse to join. It is definitely a great force that can deter all parties and dare not easily attack Donghe Sect.

It can be said that this is a transaction.

The Donghe Sect is responsible for providing Chu Fengmian with an identity, and Chu Fengmian will become the Great Elder of the Donghe Sect, helping Donghe Sect and solving some problems.

Chu Fengmian also agreed.

Anyway, the identity of this Great Elder was originally a vacant position. For ordinary things, Chu Fengmian did not need to act.

In this Heavenly Sword leader, he doesn’t even have a familiar person. No matter where he goes, it’s very difficult to search for information. It’s better to simply join the East River Sect. He can also use the East River Sect. power.

So this also made Donghe Zongnei, such a Great Elder suddenly appeared.

Hearing the words of Donghe Sect Master, the eyes of the two Supreme Elders of Donghe Sect were surprised. Not only them, but even the many disciples of Donghe Sect around them were equally surprised.

The position of the Great Elder of the East River Sect is extremely high. According to the status, it is almost on the same level as the Sect Master, and it is even higher than the Supreme Elder.

Generally, only some sect Old Ancestors are qualified to serve as the Great Elder.

“Great Elder ?”

“Our East River Sect, there is a Great Elder?”

“3 Senior of Luo Zong?”

“3 Luo Zong, didn’t he disappear long ago? Where did the 3 Luo Zong Senior come from?”

Some of the disciplines of Donghe Sect are all whispering.

3 Luo Zong has not heard the name for a long time. It is said that 10,000 Luo Zong disappeared 3 years ago.

Many disciples looked curiously towards Chu Fengmian, but they did not dare to be disrespectful. Donghe Sect Master, the majesty of Donghe Sect, Direct Disciple, did not dare to refute his words.

Only the two Supreme Elder of Donghezong, their eyes flickered when they heard this, coldly said.

“Great Elder? Only Sect Old Ancestor is qualified to serve as the Great Elder of our East River Sect, and we must agree with our Supreme Elder before we can be appointed. Sect Master, you want this person to serve as the Great Elder. But I never asked us.”

“And 3 Luo Zong, didn’t he disappear long ago? I don’t know where this 3 Luo Zong Senior came from?”

The two Supreme Elders of Donghe Zong turned their heads, and they actually began to doubt the identity of Chu Fengmian.

“From the perspective of the old, the position of the Great Elder should not be so hasty. If you let an unidentified person become the Great Elder of our East River Sect, it will be easy for other sects to see a joke.”

One of the East River Sect Supreme Elder said with a sneer.

“Forget it about this matter, what else Sect Master has to say, if nothing happens, we will leave.”

After speaking, these two Donghe Sect Supreme Elder were ready to leave directly, and they did not pay attention to the Donghe Sect Master.

The two Supreme Elders of Donghe Sect had such an attitude when facing Donghe Sect Master.

Looking at in the heart, Chu Fengmian also understands why Donghe Sect is in such a difficult situation now. The whole Donghe Sect can be described as internal trouble and outside aggression. It is not only an external threat, but also an internal chaos.

Seeing that the two Supreme Elders of Donghe Sect were actually planning to walk away directly, the eyes of Donghe Sect Master also showed a bit of sullen color, angrily said.

“impudent !”

“I am in charge of everything in the East River Sect. Are you planning to betray Sect?”

Murderous intention appeared in the eyes of Donghe Sect Master.

But the two Supreme Elders of the East River Sect were not afraid at all, and even more coldly opened the mouth and said.

“What did Sect Master say?”

“We are just advising Sect Master not to do stupid things. In the situation of Donghe Sect, Sect Master understands better than us. If we continue to confront Dazai-sama, Donghe Sect will be destroyed.”

“This Great Elder, although I don’t know where Sect Master was invited, but he wants to compete with Dazai-sama, Sect Master is still too naive.”

2 In the words of the Supreme Elder of Donghezong, already not in hides something.

“So, you have already taken refuge in the military?”

When Donghe Sect Master heard this, the killing intent in his eyes became more intense.

In his heart, he had a choice for revealing his identity, but this time he heard these two Donghe Sect Supreme Elder speak, and he finally confirmed in his heart.

“People go high, Sect Master, the current Donghe Sect, but there are only 2 or 3 kittens. If you don’t take refuge in Dazai-sama, do you still want us to die?”

One of the East River Sect Supreme Elder sneered.

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