Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3152

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“I thought Sir Sect Master was a smart person, and he would change his mind when he came back from the outside. I didn’t expect Sir Sect Master to be so stubborn.”

The other Donghezong Supreme Elder is also coldly mocked.

“You two, courting death?”

Donghe Sect Master’s complexion is gloomy, and the killing intent in his eyes is already unquenchable. When he slapped the throne, the entire great hall was shaking, and a killing intent burst into the sky.

“You are the old man of the East River Sect. I didn’t intend to investigate your activities, but now you are betraying Sect directly!”

This killing intent suddenly violent and enveloped the two Eastern River Sect Supreme Elder.

“Why, Sir Sect Master wants to do it?”

The two Supreme Elders of East River Sect faced this killing intent without any fear.

“Unfortunately today, Sir Sect Master is already powerless to defend himself, and want to kill us?”

“General Huo Gan, please.”

These two Supreme Elders of Donghe Sect, with a big wave of their hands, suddenly tore open a space channel. From among them, a middle-aged man in a blue uniform walked out slowly. On his chest, there was a Cross.

General of the tenth Legion? Huo Gan?

Chu Fengmian’s eyes narrowed.

The aura on Huo Gan’s body is much more tyrannical than the aura of the two tenth Generals Legion that Chu Fengmian had seen before.

The two generals of the tenth Legion can only be regarded as the general law immortal, but Huo Qian in front of him, with strength, comparable to the immortal’s Peak.

If he goes further, he is very likely to impact the Immortal Emperor’s realm. If he is getting some chance, he will be a martial artist like Celestial Emperor, White Snake and the others among the Three Great Saint Territories.

“You guys, dare to let people from the army enter the sect?”

Then Donghe Sect Master’s face changed drastically.

He did not expect that the two Supreme Elders of the East River Sect had completely taken refuge in the military.

Now he actually brought all the generals of the tenth Legion into the East River Sect.

Especially this guy, Huo Gan!

Huo Gan is not a general tenth Legion general. In the tenth Legion, he is almost equivalent to the existence of a deputy army leader. Although he is only a general in name, his strength is enough to control the whole Tenth Legion.

If the tenth army leader is not there, he is the real controller of the tenth Legion.

A general, it is not worth making Donghe Sect Master’s face changed drastically, but this general Huo Gan is completely different.

“Hordy, these two wastes, Horse, didn’t take you away, but made you retreat?”

General Nahuogan stepped into the great hall and looked towards Donghe Sect Master, a bit of ice-cold saying appeared at the corner of his mouth.

The two names in his mouth were the two generals who were in charge of capturing Donghe Sect Master.

Originally a small Donghe Sect, it was not worth his own hands, but he was also hearing that Hordy, Huo Si, actually let Donghe Sect Master go, making Donghe Sect Master back all over. Facing the little Donghe sect, he became interested in it, and he happened to come here in person.

However, the moment his gaze looked towards Donghe Sect Master, a bit of disdain appeared.

This Donghe Sect Master does not have the right to make him do it himself. Let alone Donghe Sect Master’s injury and recovery, even if Donghe Sect Master is in his heyday, he is not his opponent with 3 moves.

“Sect Master Donghe, are you obediently surrender yourself, or am I doing it myself?”

General Huo Gan looked towards Donghe Sect Master indifferently.

He also didn’t want to kill the Donghe Sect Master. Donghe Sect, after all, is an extremely ancient sect. Although it has declined, but the reputation is still there. Once it is the Donghe Sect and chooses to join the military, then for the Sect side , Is also a heavy blow.

After all, destroying a Donghe sect may cause resistance from the sect side.

However, Donghe Sect’s choice to join the military will shake the Sect side. It is said that Donghe Sect Master is the most critical step.

Only with the cooperation of Donghe Sect Master, can Donghe Sect resign to the military.

Killing Donghe Sect Master is easy, but in comparison, letting Donghe Sect Master actively choose to surrender will get even greater benefits.

Of course, if Donghe Sect Master is unwilling to cooperate, General Huo Gan also has a way to let Donghe Sect Master cooperate obediently.

He came in person this time, just to capture Donghe Sect Master and take it back alive.

Donghe Sect Master’s face is now embarrassing to the extreme.

He also knew that with his strength, facing this General Huo Gan was no different from bringing about one’s own destruction, but he would rather die than let him go to the military.

“Donghe Sect Master, don’t do unnecessary defense.”

General Huo Gan sneered again and again, and step by step walked in the direction of Donghe Sect Master.

At this time, Chu Fengmian also understood, it’s time for him to take action.

“Unexpectedly, I just came to Donghe Sect and saw such a good show.”

Chu Fengmian sat on the throne and spoke slowly.

When Chu Fengmian opened his mouth, all his eyes fell on Chu Fengmian’s body.

“Who are you?”

At this time, General Huo Gan noticed the existence of Chu Fengmian.

Chu Fengmian sat on the throne and never spoke. General Huo Gan was almost unaware of the existence of Chu Fengmian. He didn’t notice Chu Fengmian until Chu Fengmian spoke.

Especially Chu Fengmian’s strange face is not like any sect martial artist he knows.

Although the sect led by Heavenly Sword is known to be hidden in the dark, almost most of the sect powerhouses, General Huo Gan knows clearly.

With the military’s terrifying power, all these investigations have long been clear.

But Chu Fengmian had never seen him before.

“General Huo Gan, this guy was hired by Sect to serve as the Great Elder of the East River Sect. It is said that he came from the 3rd Luo Zong.”

Not waiting for Chu Fengmian to speak.

The 2 Supreme Elder of Donghe Sect next to them all hurriedly opened the mouth and said.

“Great Elder? Born 3 Luo Zong?”

General Huo Gan turned his eyes and looked towards Chu Fengmian, coldly said.

“If this is the case, then you can come with me. All sect martial artists must now have an acknowledge allegiance to join the army. This is Master Dazai’s order. All rebels will be killed!”

That one word of killing contains boundless killing intent.

The identity of Donghe Sect Master is important, he didn’t dare to kill, but Chu Fengmian, a sect martial artist who didn’t know where he came from, of course he didn’t care, he just wanted to kill.

“The strength is not strong, the tone is not small.”

When Chu Fengmian heard this, he replied indifferently. His gaze did not even look towards the General Huo Gan, but fell on the two Supreme Elders of the East River Sect.

“According to Donghe sect regulations, the betrayer of sect is a capital crime. How do you plan to die?”

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