Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3153

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Chu Fengmian almost completely ignored General Huo Gan’s attitude, making General Huo Gan’s expression gloomy.

In his capacity, that one Sect Sect Master is not incomparably afraid of him, crazy to please, when he has been so ignored, it makes his face ugly.

“It seems to be another act recklessly guy, in that case, die for me!”


A sword light suddenly flew out from above the head of General Huo Gan, and this a sword light pointed at Chu Fengmian and killed him.

In an instant, this sword light is divided into 10000000, 10000000 sword light all directions beheaded down towards Chu Fengmian, sword light 10000000 layers, like the ocean, instantly submerged Chu Fengmian.

“It’s not a joint sword technique?”

At the moment when he saw the sword light, Chu Fengmian’s eyes showed a bit of surprise.

This was the first time he had encountered a general led by Heavenly Sword, who performed the sword technique of the true Heavenly Sword.

Whether it was the 11 generals of the 5th Legion he met before, or the 2 generals of the 1th Legion, what they performed was a joint sword technique.

This joint attack sword technique, although it can be regarded as part of the Heavenly Sword leading sword technique, but in the Heavenly Sword leading sword technique, it can only be ranked to the bottom.

In Sword Dao, the joint sword technique was considered a rateless sword technique, but even so, the joint sword technique obtained from the 11 generals of the 5th Legion was incorporated into the Sword Dao ancient book by Chu Fengmian. For Chu Fengmian’s Sword Dao ancient book has actually improved.

This also makes Chu Fengmian very interested in the sword technique led by Heavenly Sword, but he has never been in contact with him, and now he finally met a martial artist who really performed the sword technique led by Heavenly Sword.

This General Huo Gan really was in the transcendent position of the tenth Legion. His cultivation sword technique was completely different from that of ordinary generals. It seemed that he was trained by the tenth Legion as the next commander. Let him get in touch with the Heavenly Sword collar, the truly profound sword technique.

Chu Fengmian’s gaze looked over, and the many mysterious contained in this 10000 1000 sword light suddenly appeared in Chu Fengmian’s eyes, and he was comprehend.

“Daoist brother, be careful.”

But at this time, in the eyes of Donghe Sect Master, Chu Fengmian seemed to be standing still, stunned, he couldn’t help but shouted anxiously.

“Hmph, it seems that this person was scared stupid?”

“What 3 Senior of Luo Zong, in front of General Huo Gan, it is not worth mentioning, don’t you even dare to resist?”

The other two Supreme Elders of Donghe Zong sneered again and again, especially when they saw that the 2 10000 sword light was completely covered by Chu Fengmian, they had already thought of it, and then Chu Fengmian was 1000 10000 sword light, the look of beheaded on the spot.

With the strength of General Huo Gan, once he takes a shot, unless he is the real Immortal Emperor, Heavenly Venerate, otherwise in this Heavenly Sword collar, there are very few people who can really block his sword light.

even more how this time General Huo Gan made an angry shot. He shot this time without any reservations, and directly broke out a killer move.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!!

10000 1000 sword light, tearing the space, all directions, almost all killed all at once.

Chu Fengmian has fallen into the envelope of 10000 1000 sword light.

At this time, even if Chu Fengmian wanted to escape, it would be too late.

General Huo Gan, who saw this scene, had a triumphant smile on his mouth. He didn’t even bother to look at Chu Fengmian. In his eyes, Chu Fengmian seemed to have become a dead person.

“Donghe Sect Master, if you don’t want to end up like this person…”

General Huo Gan looked towards Donghe Sect Master and just spoke.

Suddenly he heard a sword cry.

With this sword cry, his face changed suddenly, and he looked in the direction of Chu Fengmian again, but only when he was about to slay Chu Fengmian with the 10000 1000 sword light.

Chu Fengmian moved suddenly. He a finger pointed, suddenly a sword light, soaring into the sky, sweeping everything. This 10000 1000 sword light, just under the sword light at his fingertip, was completely shattered.


The sword that Chu Fengmian cast is exactly the 3st Style among the 1 Luo sword technique, breaking through the air.

He pointed out this sword. The 10000 1000 sword light played by General Huo Gan appeared extremely fragile, collapsed one after another, and was completely destroyed in an instant.


The expression of General Huo Gan’s expression changed suddenly. He shot this time and used an absolute killer move. He intended to directly kill Chu Fengmian and ruthless, but now he was so easily resolved by Chu Fengmian.

However, General Huo Gan is also an experienced person. In the army led by Heavenly Sword, he can have such a position. He has also experienced repeated battles and battles of Life and Death before he has the current strength.

At the moment when the 10000 1000 sword light was broken, he shot again. The sword light on his head suddenly flickered and disappeared. At the next moment, the sword light did not know when, it was already He appeared behind Chu Fengmian and pierced directly at Chu Fengmian.

This sword light is almost silent and hard to detect.

But Chu Fengmian’s face was still calm, his fingertips were a little bit, and a sword light shot again, which accurately collided with the sword light shot by General Huo Gan.

No matter how General Huogan attacked, Chu Fengmian was sitting on the throne. He didn’t even get up, just two fingers at random, which broke General Huogan’s attack.

“Any other sword techniques, let’s show them all.”

Chu Fengmian looked towards General Nahuogan, his face said in a tranquil voice.

“Damn! who the hell are you?”

General Huo Gan’s expression was extremely embarrassing. He had never thought that his sword technique would appear so weak in front of a person.

All his methods, the sword technique he displayed, were in front of Chu Fengmian, appearing like a child playing, and Chu Fengmian played it into the palm of his hand.

He also knows that today, he has completely kicked the iron plate, his eyes flashed, and the moment he spoke, his figure suddenly turned into a sword light, soaring into the sky and flying out.

This General Huo Gan actually planned to escape.

He pretended to speak and asked Chu Fengmian, but in fact he wanted to escape directly.

Seeing General Huo Gan’s figure transformed into a sword light and rushing straight to the sky, Chu Fengmian only raised his finger again. With a little bit of his finger, a sword light burst out towards General Huo Gan’s direction. Chased the past.


The speed of this a sword light, far surpasses General Huo Gan, I saw General Huo Gan’s body, shrouded by the a sword light, his body suddenly shattered, turned into a ball of blood mist, and was collected by Chu Fengmian.

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