Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3156

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Chu Fengmian didn’t care about external affairs.

All the focus of Heavenly Sword now is on the Nine Domains barrier is about to break, and the Emperor Sword God intends to start the Sacred Domain war.

As for the death of General Huo Gan, as far as the impact is concerned, it is actually far less impactful than Chu Fengmian destroyed the Transmission Array.

Chu Fengmian spent 7 days in this mountainside of Donghe Sect in an instant.

For the 7th day, Chu Fengmian has been comprehend this. The Heavenly Sword led the sword technique from the memory of General Huogan. This General Huogan is indeed being trained as the next tenth army commander. Genius.

In his memory, he once lived in the Holy Land led by Heavenly Sword today and learned a lot of sword techniques from it.

The Holy Land, led by Heavenly Sword, is a place where only the Imperial Family and all Legion masters are qualified to step into it. What they have are all the sword techniques that Heavenly Sword has inherited so far.

General Huo Gan is also regarded as the next tenth army commander. He is qualified to enter the Holy Land for cultivation and learn 3 sword techniques from it.

These three sword techniques were also comprehend by Chu Fengmian, and most of the mysterious ones were incorporated into the Sword Dao ancient book.

“It’s a pity that Huo Qian’s strength is still too weak.”

Chu Fengmian shook the head somewhat regretfully.

Any martial artist who enters Heavenly Sword to lead Holy Land is eligible to stay in it for a month. During this month, you can cultivate sword technique at will.

However, because of the strength of General Huo Gan, he is only a law immortal, and Heavenly Sword leads the sword technique in the Holy Land, each of which is extremely profound. He also selected a few of the sword techniques that suit him. This After a month, I barely learned 3.

If Chu Fengmian entered it instead, it would be enough to comprehend all the sword techniques in the Holy Land with this Heavenly Sword.

Heavenly Sword leads the sword technique in Holy Land. There are as many as 1000 Dao. Huo Gan’s cultivation is only 3 that’s all. These 3 hole sword techniques are integrated into the Sword Dao ancient book, although Sword Dao can be added. The power of ancient book, but there is still such a distance from the real qualitative change.

Of course, in these 7 days, in addition to the 3 sword technique in the memory of General Huo Gan, Chu Fengmian also obtained the inheritance sword technique of Donghe Sect.

Donghe Sect Master did not postpone Chu Fengmian’s order, and quickly sorted out the inheritance sword technique of Donghe Sect and brought it to Chu Fengmian.

Although for one Sect, the inheritance sword technique is the most important thing, it can be said that one Sect would rather destroy than let its inheritance sword technique fall into the hands of outsiders.

But now Donghe Zong has long since fallen, and even hesitated to join the Imperial Family in exchange for a glimmer of survival. Now Chu Fengmian has become the new life-saving straw for Donghe Zong.

In this case, the inheritance sword technique is important, and Donghe Sect Master is willing to give it to Chu Fengmian, even more how Donghe Sect Master knows in his heart that if Chu Fengmian really wants to obtain the inheritance sword technique of Donghe Sect, He went to grab, and the entire Donghe Sect added up, it would not be Chu Fengmian’s enemy with one move.

A General Huo Gan can be said to tie all the disciplines of the Donghe Zong to a piece. It is not his opponent, even more how it is Chu Fengmian who can easily kill General Huo Gan in the face.

The sword technique of Donghe Sect is extremely old. Although it is not profound, there have been several Immortal Emperors. They are placed in the sword technique of Exalted Sword Sect and can also be classified as nuclear Heart Sword Art.

In addition, the sword technique inheritance of Nine Domains is completely different from the sword technique inheritance of Three Great Saint Territories, and many of them are mysterious, Chu Fengmian is the first comprehend, which is of great significance to his Sword Dao ancient book.

In just 7 days, Chu Fengmian felt that the Sword Dao ancient book in his body was actually stronger.

This kind of improvement speed is scary.

The sword technique of Tian Nine Domains improved the Sword Dao ancient book more than Chu Fengmian had imagined.

It’s just that the number of sword techniques available now is too small. The sword techniques of Donghe Sect have all been comprehend by Chu Fengmian and integrated into the Sword Dao ancient book.

He must now look for a new sword technique.

“Heavenly Sword leads Holy Land. If possible, you must go in once.”

Chu Fengmian’s eyes narrowed.

The place where the most mysterious sword technique exists in the entire Heavenly Sword collar is in the Heavenly Sword collar Holy Land, where is the most profound, mysterious and unpredictable sword technique among the Heavenly Sword collar.

Heavenly Sword makes the sword technique in Holy Land not only the sword technique inherited from the Sword God, but also the sword technique that Heavenly Sword has led to countless destroyed sects since ancient times.

Once Chu Fengmian can enter Heavenly Sword to lead Holy Land once, the benefits he can get will be immeasurable. To be exaggerated, the entire sword technique inheritance of Nine Domains is in Heavenly Sword lead Holy Land.

This Heavenly Sword leads Holy Land’s allure for Chu Fengmian, it is too great.

But Chu Fengmian also knows that it is almost impossible to enter Heavenly Sword to lead Holy Land. Heavenly Sword leads Holy Land, but it is located in the deepest part of Heavenly Sword leads the imperial city. According to legend, it is in Heavenly Sword God’s place. Next to the palace, it can be said that it is under the eyes of Emperor Sword God.

The first Legion, the pro-army of the Sword God Emperor, personally guards, without permission, once it is trespassing, execute without any mercy.

Among the 21 Legions that Heavenly Sword leads, the first Legion is the most terrifying one. How strong is the power of the first Legion, even if it is the other Legions, it may not be cleared out, but as the pro-army of the Heavenly Sword God Emperor No one doubts the strength of the first Legion.

The first military commander was also a deep and unmeasurable strong man. Even other military leaders would be respectful when they met him.

The first Legion garrisoned, beside the palace of the Emperor Sword God.

Anyone who dares to forge ahead is no different from bringing about one’s own destruction, courting death.

Even Chu Fengmian’s current strength is comparable to the Fleshy body of Tier 6 Immortal Emperor, but compared to the Heavenly Sword God, who is almost comparable to the ruler, his strength is not enough.

“You must not trespass. If you want to enter the Heavenly Sword to lead the Holy Land, you can only get qualified and enter it.”

Chu Fengmian couldn’t help thinking about this in his heart.

However, it is extremely difficult to get the qualification to enter the Heavenly Sword to lead the Holy Land. Among the Heavenly Sword, only the Imperial Family led by the Heavenly Sword and 21 Sergeants are eligible. You can enter the Heavenly Sword to lead the Holy Land at will. in.

Apart from this, they are the geniuses that have been focused on training, such as General Huo Gan, but without exception, these people are all very high-ranking people in the Heavenly Sword.

One can imagine how difficult it is for an Outsider like Chu Fengmian to enter Heavenly Sword to lead Holy Land.

“The military, the Imperial Family, since it’s on the sect side and is related to the Imperial Family, you can try to get the qualification to enter the Heavenly Sword from the Imperial Family.”

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