Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3158

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The arrival of the so-called Imperial Family envoy is nothing but two things, confirming Chu Fengmian’s identity, wooing Chu Fengmian, and serving for the Imperial Family, and there will even be some knocks.

After all, such a strong man on the sect side suddenly appeared, and the Imperial Family would definitely find a way to use Chu Fengmian for him.

The relationship between the Imperial Family and the sect is essentially just a transaction. The Imperial Family helps the sect side and can survive the strangulation of the army. Similarly, the sect has to give its own strength to help the Imperial Family and fight against it. army.

Chu Fengmian was not surprised by the arrival of the Imperial Family envoy.

“Since you are coming, see you there.”

Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said indifferently.

Hearing these words from Chu Fengmian, Donghe Sect Master sighed in relief.

What he fears most is that Chu Fengmian is unwilling to contact the Imperial Family. After all, in the Heavenly Sword leader, Sect was originally not the Imperial Family.

It was only because of the drastic changes 10,000 years ago that the two parties had to come together, but within the sect, there are quite a few sects and strong people who are unwilling to contact the Imperial Family.

Looking at Chu Fengmian’s attitude, it seems that there is no such resistance, and Donghe Sect Master is finally relieved a little bit.

“Sect Master, the Imperial Family Special Envoy is here.”

At this time, a Donghe sect discipline rushed in and said quickly.

“So fast?”

Donghe Sect Master was taken aback. He just received the news that now the Imperial Family envoy has actually arrived in Donghe Sect.

“Prepare for the envoy.”

In the great hall, a Donghe Sect’s discipline is arranged in 2 rows as a whole. Obviously, it is to treat this Imperial Family special envoy, and Donghe Sect should also receive it well.

The current East River Sect can continue to inherit, and it can be regarded as relying on the power of the Imperial Family.

Compared with the power of the Imperial Family, the current Donghe Sect is simply not worth mentioning, especially this time Imperial Family special envoy, who is here on behalf of the Imperial Family. The Donghe Sect must also be well received.

Even the Elders of the East River Sect all went out to receive them one after another, and even the East River Sect Master went out to meet them in person.

Only Chu Fengmian is still sitting on the throne. A small Imperial Family envoy is not worthy of such courtesy. However, Chu Fengmian is very curious about this Imperial Family envoy.

He glanced over and saw a young man, led by Donghe Sect Master, stepped into the great hall, and all the Donghe sect disciples saluted this young man one after another.

This young man is the Imperial Family envoy.

His figure is like a sword, and every move carries the sharpness of Sword Dao. It can be seen that this is a sword cultivator with extremely high accomplishments in Sword Dao.

The Sword Intent contained in this young man, even Chu Fengmian has never seen it before. It should be the profound sword technique in the Heavenly Sword collar and inheritance from the Emperor Sword God.

The Imperial Family special envoy in front of him, although his strength is the same as the Donghe Sect Master, is the law immortal, but his sword technique is obviously more mysterious than the Donghe Sect Master’s sword technique. Although he is young and powerful The savings are not as good as the Donghe Sect Master, but in terms of true strength, the strength of this person is also higher than the Donghe Sect Master.

Of course, compared to General Huo Gan, this person’s strength is still far behind.

When Chu Fengmian looked at the Imperial Family envoy.

This Imperial Family envoy, also surrounded by the Donghe Sect, entered the great hall.

As soon as he stepped into the great hall, he saw Chu Fengmian sitting on the throne. He looked at Chu Fengmian sitting on the throne, as if he didn’t move. His expression was all at once. Gloomy, a bit of anger appeared in his eyes

“Special Envoy, this is the Great Elder of our East River Sect, Sword Monarch Senior.”

Before the Imperial Family envoy spoke, Donghe Sect Master took the lead in opening the mouth and said.

Sword Monarch, the ancient snake, was Chu Fengmian’s pseudonym in 9 Huatian. He was in the Heavenly Sword collar, and he simply told Donghe Sect Master the name.

Although Chu Fengmian, the 3 Luo Zong Senior, has nothing to do with the ancient snake 2, but in fact, the names of many strong people have nothing to do with their sect. Maybe it’s a chance they have gotten before, or they may be random. Taken.

“Sword Monarch?”

The Imperial Family envoy rolled his eyes, coldly said.

“I have never heard of this name. Among Luo Huang’s dynasties of Luo Zong, there seems to be no such name.”

The gaze of the Imperial Family envoy looked towards Chu Fengmian revealed unabashed doubts.

When he came to Donghezong this time, the most important thing was to investigate the identity of Chu Fengmian. Once Chu Fengmian’s identity was correct, he had to beat Chu Fengmian well, and at the same time, he had to beat him and win him. Let Chu Fengmian play for the Imperial Family.

As the special envoy of the Imperial Family, he went to one Sect, not all he was regarded as a guest of honor, and he was respectful to him.

Only this time, when he came in person, Chu Fengmian actually sat on the throne and did not come to meet him. Suddenly, he felt a little angry. When he opened his mouth, he also had a bad tone and doubted Chu Fengmian’s identity.

“I have been in retreat for a long time. The envoy has not heard of it. It is normal.”

Chu Fengmian sat on the throne, calmly opened the mouth and said.

“This time, I also came under the order of Sixth Imperial Prince to investigate your identity. Sixth Imperial Prince Your Majesty is very important to you, so I will come in person.”

The Imperial Family envoy coldly snorted said.

“But I have never heard of it, 3 Luo Zongnei, there is a person like you.”

“You can use the 3 Sword technique. I have comprehend this 3 Sword technique and I can still recognize it.”

When the Imperial Family special envoy spoke, his tone was arrogant, almost like an order.

Donghe Sect Master’s face changed drastically. He knew that Chu Fengmian was not a good crop. From the point that Chu Fengmian killed General Huo Gan directly, Chu Fengmian was definitely a regardless of the law and of The generation of natural morality.

The reason why Chu Fengmian joined Donghe Sect was actually not to protect himself with the help of the Imperial Family, but just to get the identity that’s all.

Once Chu Fengmian is really offended, Donghe Sect Master has no doubt that Chu Fengmian will kill the Imperial Family envoy on the spot.

“You are doubting me?”

Chu Fengmian’s gaze fell on the Imperial Family envoy, his gaze was calm, and he did not see the thoughts in Chu Fengmian’s mind.

“Hmph, do you know that this time you killed General Huo Gan and caused much trouble to the Imperial Family. If it wasn’t for the Sixth Imperial Prince Your Majesty to personally order it to suppress this for you, you think you are still Can you sit here?”

The Imperial Family envoy didn’t care, and said with a sneer.

“Since you are going to work for the Imperial Family in the future, it is best for you to be obedient and clear your place.”

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