Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3159

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“Your current identity is also given to you by the Imperial Family, you know?”

“Without the help of the Imperial Family, you would have died in the hands of the Tenth Army Master. This kindness, you must remember that working for the Imperial Family is your only choice!”

The Imperial Family envoy stared at Chu Fengmian, coldly said.

“What the special envoy said is too much.”

Hearing the imposing tone of the Imperial Family envoy, Donghe Sect Master all opened the mouth and said that they were unable to bear.

“General Huo Gan, sneaked into the East River Sect and wanted to destroy the East River Sect. If it weren’t for Great Elder, I don’t know how many sects would be destroyed in the hands of General Huo Gan. Killing General Huo Gan would be at least one Take credit.”

“Credit? Donghe Sect Master, do you think you didn’t ruin the Imperial Family plan? For this matter, His Highness Sixth Imperial Prince didn’t know how much effort was expended. Do you dare to give credit?”

Upon hearing this, the Imperial Family envoy said unceremoniously.

“That is, His Royal Highness Sixth Imperial Prince is generous, so you don’t hold you accountable, you still want to claim credit?”

“Does this mean that we Donghe Sect cannot resist even when facing the enemy?”

An Elder of the East River Sect, who is the opening angrily said of Unable to Bear.

“Impudent! A little Elder of Donghe Sect, dare to refute my words?”

The special envoy of Imperial Family showed a bit of cold eyes, suddenly his eyes looked towards the Donghe Zong Elder, his eyes were like a sword, like a sword glow, piercing it.

This is a unique sword technique of the Heavenly Sword collar. With the eye as a sword, it can easily injure the opponent, and even kill people. With his strength, this Elder of the East River Sect is nine deaths and still alive.

No one thought that the Imperial Family envoy would actually do it directly.

This also represents the attitude of this person, it is simply the arrogance of arrogant, in his heart, he has never put Donghezong in his eyes, so he will act unscrupulously.

“Dare to talk to me like this, today I will abolish you and teach you a lesson!”

Imperial Family special envoy coldly snorted and said.

The sword light that the line of sight turned into was already an instant, and it was beheaded towards the Donghe Sect Elder.

Donghe Sect Master wanted to stop him, but it was too late at this time. After all, his strength was originally under the Imperial Family envoy, even more how this Imperial Family envoy, even more suddenly shot, making him completely unprepared .

Just when the sword light slashed down.

A sword light suddenly flew out, blocking the front of Donghe Zong Elder. The sword light that the Imperial Family envoy’s eyes turned into was instantly defeated, and he felt a soreness in his eyes.

“Is this the attitude of the Imperial Family?”

This shot was made by Chu Fengmian.

As the Great Elder of Donghe Sect, he is naturally impossible to see this Imperial Family envoy, show off one’s military strength in Donghe Sect, and kill casually.

even more how the attitude of the Imperial Family envoy makes him very unhappy. If it weren’t for the chance to get on the Imperial Family line, he would have the opportunity to enter the Heavenly Sword to lead the Holy Land. Chu Fengmian would have long been Kill this Imperial Family envoy.

However, even if Chu Fengmian was forbearing, he wouldn’t let him stay arrogant.

“Do you dare to do it? Do you dare to do it to me?”

The Imperial Family envoy was forced to withdraw by a trick. The sword light was condensed with his gaze, and was shattered by a blow. Although it would not cause damage to him, it also made his eyes sting, and he endured the pain. He opened his eyes, stared at Chu Fengmian, and said in a bad tone.

“Are you planning to provoke the Imperial Family?”

“The little Donghe Sect actually dared to provoke the Imperial Family. It seems to be a tired of living!”

“Now you, kneel down quickly, follow me to the Imperial Family, and accept punishment. That is the only chance of life. Otherwise, you, or the entire East River Sect, will be destroyed today!”

The Imperial Family envoy said with a fierce light in his eyes.

“act recklessly.”

Facing the Imperial Family envoy, Chu Fengmian’s expression remained calm, but his eyes showed a bit of cold glow.

When Donghe Sect Master heard this, his whole body trembled. He also knew that Chu Fengmian was completely upset. The thing he was worried about finally appeared, Donghe Sect Master hurriedly said.

“Senior, please show mercy. After all, this person is the Imperial Family envoy…”

The special envoy of the Imperial Family represents the majesty of the Imperial Family.

Once the Imperial Family envoy is killed, then the relationship between Chu Fengmian and the Imperial Family is truly irreconcilable.

The Imperial Family led by Heavenly Sword definitely accommodates such provocations as unable to bear.

“I know, I won’t kill him, but I will abolish his aptitude so that Martial Dao will never be able to go further in the future, which is a lesson for him.”

Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said calmly, his tone as relaxed as pinching an ant.

“Stop me? It’s a big tone, I want to see if you have this ability!”

The Imperial Family special envoy, upon hearing Chu Fengmian’s words, shouted furiously and shot directly.

“die for me !”

“Heavenly Sword secret technique! Break!”

A handful of Spirit Sword appeared in the hands of this Imperial Family envoy. Holding the Spirit Sword, he burst out with a sword light, and then beheaded at Chu Fengmian.

This a sword light, but 3 inches, looks very ordinary, but a closer look reveals that the space where the sword light touches is torn apart, not by the power of the sword light, but It was torn apart by the edge on the sword light.

The quality of this a sword light has been compressed to the extreme, turned into this 3 inch sword light, which has the power to cut everything.

“Heavenly Sword secret technique, this is the most profound sword technique in the Heavenly Sword collar?”

From the memory of General Huo Gan, Chu Fengmian also understands that the most profound sword technique in the Heavenly Sword collar is the Heavenly Sword secret technique.

This Heavenly Sword secret technique is a sword technique created by the Emperor Sword God. It is hidden in the Holy Land led by Heavenly Sword, and has always been controlled by the Imperial Family led by Heavenly Sword.

Even the 21 Legion masters are not qualified to cultivation Heavenly Sword secret technique.

Chu Fengmian This was also the first time I saw Heavenly Sword secret technique.

Although the Heavenly Sword secret technique performed by the Imperial Family envoy is actually just a mere mere form, even the truly mysterious 1/10000th of it is difficult to play out, but it also broke out an extremely terrifying force.

Relying on this move alone, he can have no fear in the face of most law immortals, and even gain the upper hand.

In this way, a sword light made Donghe Sect Master, all Elders and disciplines of Donghe Sect, all retreat one after another.

They can all clearly feel that the terrifying power contained in this a sword light, if slightly contaminated, may fall.

This 3-inch sword light came from Chu Fengmian beheaded.

However, Chu Fengmian only took a look. With a move of his palm, a handful of Spirit Sword appeared in his palm and cut it out with a sword.

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