Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3161

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Although there will be some sect battles in the Nine Domains, there is no such torrent of big shuffles, leading to some Small Sects, and the era of each and everyone can be inherited.

These sects may have declined now, but their inheritance sword technique may have been created by some supreme sword cultivator.

Once Chu Fengmian got these sword techniques, and integrated them into the Sword Dao ancient book, it greatly improved his strength.

“Senior, this is our Donghe Zong collected the sword technique in the past few days.”

Donghe Sect Master heard Chu Fengmian’s words and presented an ancient book, and his face also showed a bit of said with a bitter smile.

“Inheritance sword technique is the most important thing for the sect led by Heavenly Sword. One Sect is the foundation. Even if I put out a lot of resources, they are not willing to exchange the inheritance sword technique with me. Only Golden Spear Sect is willing to exchange their inheritance sword technique with us.”

Chu Fengmian intends to obtain the inheritance sword technique of various sects. When letting Donghe Sect Master go to various sects, Chu Fengmian also gave Donghe Sect Master a lot of resources, such as fairy stone, Immortal Pill, materials and so on.

The Heavenly Sword leader was originally barren. In addition, most of the resources are now controlled by the military, and the sect side can get very few, and some of the Great Sects are in good condition.

Small Sects such as Donghe Sect have almost no resources, no resources, even with a high aptitude discipline, it is difficult to achieve something. This is also a Small Sect such as Donghe Sect. In the past 10000 The reason for the rapid decline within a year.

The resources that Chu Fengmian took out were almost what the Small Sects in Heavenly Sword needed most.

For Chu Fengmian, the resources in his hands are almost massive. Chu Fengmian originally possessed this bloody world and mastered a Smaller Thousand Worlds, from which countless resources, heavenly material, earthly treasure, could be born;.

Later in the magic cave, Chu Fengmian beheaded an unknown number of strong men. Although Chu Fengmian killed all the Fleshy bodies of the Immortal Emperor at the beginning, almost all the space rings of the Immortal Emperor were taken in Fleshy. On the body, Chu Fengmian didn’t kill all the Immortal Emperors, but got all their space rings.

This is also a huge amount of resources. Chu Fengmian has used it now, but it is 1/10000th in his space ring, but it is an astronomical number for a sect like Donghe Sect.

After all, all the disciplines of the Donghe Sect now add up to a full budget, but with 100 people, the situation of the other Small Sects is similar to that of the Donghe Sect, and some of them are even worse than the situation of the Donghe Sect.

Chu Fengmian thought that it shouldn’t be difficult for him to take out such a huge resource in exchange for the inheritance sword technique of those sects.

But the fact is the opposite.

Donghe Sect Master has come into contact with dozens of sects, and only one of them is willing to take out the inheritance sword technique in exchange. The other sects, even in the worst situation today, are not willing to take out the inheritance sword technique.

The inheritance sword technique is the foundation of the inheritance of the Heavenly Sword leading sect. This matter is deeply rooted in their hearts. Many sects would rather Sect extermination than give up the inheritance sword technique.

It took such a long time to get a sword technique. This result is obviously not satisfactory to Chu Fengmian.

“Since you don’t want to take the initiative to hand it over, you can only grab it.”

Chu Fengmian’s eyes narrowed.

Chu Fengmian must obtain the inheritance sword technique of these sects, no matter what method is used.

Since the soft ones are no good, then the hard ones can only be used.

“What does Senior plan to do?”

Sect Master of Donghe cautiously opened the mouth and said.

Although he does not know why Chu Fengmian is so obsessed with the inheritance sword technique of various sects.

After all, as a sword cultivator, you can cultivate 2 or 3 sword techniques at the same time. All of them are complicated to learn. The sword technique is more refined, not too much, and you learn too much. On the contrary, you may achieve nothing.

Therefore, the general sword cultivator will only major in one sword technique, and at most learn a few similar sword techniques. For reference, there are a large number of sword cultivators like Chu Fengmian who want to collect sword techniques, but there are very few. .

However, Donghe Sect Master understands Chu Fengmian’s determination, and the resources that Chu Fengmian has put out are simply massive in the eyes of Donghe Sect Master.

However, in the face of this huge amount of resources, most of the sects are still unwilling to violate the ancestral precepts in exchange for the inheritance sword technique. Looking at the appearance of Chu Fengmian, it is obvious that he has to change his methods.

“Don’t you think that the sect party led by Heavenly Sword now looks like a piece of loose sand?”

Chu Fengmian did not answer Donghe Sect Master’s question, but said to himself.

“The current sect, let alone being an enemy of the military, even if it is facing the Imperial Family, it is far inferior. It can only be attached to the Imperial Family. But everyone knows that the Imperial Family is just to fight the military. Each sect will win over each sect, but in the eyes of the Imperial Family, each sect is just some utilization value that’s all. If there is no utilization value, it may be abandoned at any time.”

Chu Fengmian came to Heavenly Sword leader, although not very long time, but the whole Heavenly Sword leader, he already understood.

sect, the Imperial Family, and the military are the three powers of Heavenly Sword.

The military is the largest and most united. The military nominally obeys the orders of the Sword God, but now it is controlled by the current Dazai.

Dazai is the Number One Person under the Emperor Sword God. According to legend, Dazai was a strong man in the same era as Emperor Sword God. He has gone through many times and has been following Emperor Sword God, and later became Dazai of the day.

The Sword God emperor is unable to retreat, Dazai is in control of everything, and the military is now controlled by Dazai.

On the other side, there is the Imperial Family. Headed by the Sixth Imperial Prince, the Imperial Family has always wanted to control the military and fight against Dazai, but their strength is far inferior to the military. It is only due to the identity of the Imperial Family, the Imperial Family. The military dare not take care of some of the small actions.

Just like the Imperial Family chooses to shelter various sects, the military is not easy to take action for a while.

As for the third party, it is sect. In fact, in the very old age, the power of sect is no less than that of the military, and even surpasses the military.

However, the sect side is not united. It can be said that it is a mess. When facing the military, they fight separately. In the end, each and everyone sect is weakened by the military, and finally fell to this point.

It can be said that the current Imperial Family actually faintly made an appointment to control the military. It is also because the sect side is a mess, each has its own way, and there is no one who can control everything.

Old Antique on the sect side, at best, chooses to protect its own sect, and is unwilling to intervene in other sect matters.

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