Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3162

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It is precisely because of this character that the sect side has been fighting each other up to now, and even internally, there are still struggles.

This is also the reason why the current sect side is weaker.

Hearing Chu Fengmian’s words, Donghe Sect Master could only sigh. He also knew that what Chu Fengmian said was accurate.

If it weren’t for the sect side and kept fighting, their Donghe Sect would not decline to such a degree. When the Donghe Sect was targeted by the military, the surrounding sects not only did not help, but even secretly. Start.

Among the four Supreme Elders who fell in the East River Sect, two of them fell on the side of Sect and were inseparable from them.

It’s just that Donghe Sect is weak now, Donghe Sect Master wants revenge, and he doesn’t have the strength, so he can only ignore this matter.

“What does Senior mean?”

Donghe Sect Master cautiously asked, his tone increased, as if he had guessed what Chu Fengmian said next.

“It’s time for the sect side to unite and become an alliance. Otherwise, within 10000 years, the sect side will be swallowed by the military and the Imperial Family.”

Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said.

“I plan to establish an alliance to unite sect. Of course, all alliances that join the alliance must contribute all the inheritance sword technique, all resources, and deploy them in a unified manner. This is considered a sincere joining of the alliance.”

This sentence is Chu Fengmian’s real purpose.

He intends to establish an alliance, the essential purpose, or for the inheritance sword technique of those sects, since it is soft, Chu Fengmian is ready to come hard.

However, if you grab it, it is easy to cause resistance from the sect. Now, although most of the sects led by Heavenly Sword have decayed, once they are gathered together, they are also a huge force.

even more how among these sects, there are also many ancient immortal emperors.

It would be better to establish an alliance and unite sect.

In this way, Chu Fengmian can get the sword technique he needs. In the second case, once the alliance is formed, it will be a huge force.

Heavenly Sword’s power on the sect side is actually not weak at first, and it hasn’t fallen to a state where it must be attached to the Imperial Family to survive.

It’s just that these sects are fighting in their own way, which leads to many sects. They all choose to attach to the Imperial Family. If an alliance is established, Chu Fengmian will use the power of the alliance to be an extremely large force.

Hearing Chu Fengmian’s words, Donghe Sect Master’s eyes flickered, showing a bit of excitement.

He also understands what Chu Fengmian is saying now. If they want to unite sect and establish an alliance, led by their Donghe Sect, then once the alliance is successfully established, their Donghe Sect can also get countless benefits from it.

Even so you can hold the power of the alliance, for the East River Sect, it is simply ascending to the skies with a single leap.

However, under the short-term excitement, Donghe Sect Master quickly calmed down, united sect, and established an alliance. This kind of thing, speaking of which is easy, but difficult to do.

The sects led by Heavenly Sword almost all exist independently. Because of this, they will be defeated by the army separately. Now they want to win them into an alliance, which is easier said than done.

even more how their East River Sect, but it is just a 3-stream sect that has long been declining. Among the sects led by Heavenly Sword, even 3-stream sect is not counted.

This kind of sect does not have much weight in the Heavenly Sword collar. Otherwise, when the tenth Legion started to attack the East River Sect, the Imperial Family would not stand idly by.

“I’m afraid that the various sects will not be convinced, especially the Three Great Sword Sect. It is even impossible to let us Donghe Sect to control this alliance.”

Donghe Sect Master opened the mouth and said worried.

Three Great Sword Sect is now the 3 strongest Sword Sect on the sect side of Heavenly Sword, too Void Sword Sect, Light Sword Sect, and protect Heavenly Sword Sect.

This Three Great Sword Sect is the famous Sword Sect in the history of Heavenly Sword. It has been inherited to this era. Although it was under the attack of the army and suffered heavy losses, but a dying, starved camel is still bigger than a horse, now this Three Great Sword Sect is still the strongest on the sect side.

Especially in this Three Great Sword Sect, there are many ancient Immortal Emperor powerhouses in charge, so the military dare not attack Three Great Sword Sect easily.

To establish an alliance, let each sect acknowledge allegiance, this Three Great Sword Sect, is a big obstacle.

Establishing an alliance is to provoke the authority of the Three Great Sword Sect. Three Great Sword Sect will never allow Chu Fengmian to establish an alliance.

“It’s okay. Three Great Sword Sect is so powerful. I didn’t plan to draw them in at first. Now, we can draw some 2nd and 3rd sects and join the alliance, as long as the number of sects is drawn. Enough, this will also be an incomparably huge force, but when Three Great Sword Sect wants to be an enemy of us, it must be weighed and weighed.”

Chu Fengmian calmly opened the mouth and said.

The ant bites more like an elephant.

even more how these 2nd and 3rd sects are now declining. There may not be strong people among them. They are just weak. But as long as they are brought together and an alliance is established, this power is absolutely anyone. I dare not despise it.

“I now have a lot of resources to supply sects who are willing to join the alliance, and draw some 2-stream and 3-stream sects. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

Chu Fengmian dares to plan to establish an alliance. His greatest confidence comes from the resources that Chu Fengmian has. He has a large number of fairy stones, Immortal Pill, Immortal Grade and so on.

These are the things that Heavenly Sword currently lacks the sect most. With these, he will not worry about not having a sect and is willing to join the alliance.

“Everything is respected by Senior.”

Donghe Sect Master hesitated, but respectfully opened the mouth and said.

Although Chu Fengmian’s proposal is risky, for their Donghe Sect, it is the best opportunity to reverse the current decline. Once it succeeds, the benefits that their Donghe Sect can get are unimaginable.

Now the East River Sect has fallen to the extreme. If this continues, it is possible to be Sect extermination at any time, and there is nothing that cannot be lost.

After Donghe Sect Master was besieged by the 2th Legion 1 generals last time, his mind has now changed. Blindly defending the city has no meaning and can only be eaten away at every step. It is better to take the initiative to exchange for it. a glimmer of survival, find the variables.

“Go, first draw a few sects around, first draw a batch of sects, and then look for a place, build an alliance, and take me directly.”

Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said.

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