Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3163

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“The closest sect to our Donghe Sect is Kai Sword Sect.”

Donghe Sect Master opened the mouth and said.

Heavenly Sword now leads Sword Sect. Almost all branches are in the territory of Second Army group and Seventh Army group. Among them, the section of the Second Army group is stronger, and the section of the Seventh Army group’s territory is weaker. .

Like the Three Great Sword Sect led by Heavenly Sword, they are all located in the territory of the Second Army regiment.

Being close, Donghe Sect Master is very familiar with these sects.

“Go and start Sword Sect first.”

Chu Fengmian nodded said that he did not intend to waste time.

His current time is limited. With the help of light of purification, he can suppress the Blood Slaughter Demon Sword killing intent for one year.

But for the martial artist, one year is just a matter of seconds, and he must improve his strength as much as possible within this year.

The test of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword is not so easy to pass. Before Star Profound fell asleep, he also told Chu Fengmian that he must be fully prepared to improve his strength to the limit before passing the test of Blood Slaughter Demon Sword.

So now, after Chu Fengmian has obtained the status of Heavenly Sword, he can leave the opening Heaven Sword directly. He does not intend to go directly to pass the test. Instead, he is using the remaining months to improve his Let’s talk about strength.

Donghe Sect Master flew in front of him. Chu Fengmian was right beside him. In less than a few breaths, the two of them came to a canyon. At a glance, the canyon is very crowded. .

But Donghe Sect Master just stepped into the canyon and stepped out. Soon the surrounding space began to twist, and the silhouettes of two young men walked out of this space.

“That Fellow Daoist came to me to start Sword Sect?”

These two young men are the realm of Immortal Monarch. Such strength can be regarded as the core discipline of Kai Sword Sect.

Among the Heavenly Sword leaders, most of the sects are in a situation similar to the Donghe Sect. Some sects are even more severely decayed than the Donghe Sect. The average fairy is considered a great character, the Elder generation. The character, maybe even Supreme Elder.

Like the martial artist in Donghe Sect, the martial artist of Xiansheng Peak can be regarded as Elder, and Sword Sect is similar to Donghe Zong.

“It’s me, I’m here to meet Sect Lord Chen for something.”

Sect Master Donghe saw the person coming and directly opened the mouth and said.

“It turned out to be Donghe Sect Master.”

2 Ming Qi Sword Sect disciple, seeing Donghe Sect Master, also gave a polite voice.

They obviously know Donghe Sect Master too.

2 cases are close, and there are a lot of contacts on weekdays.

“Sect Master is in the great hall, please also Donghe Sect Master to come with us.”

2 Ming Qi Sword Sect disciple waved his hand, and the surrounding space melted open and opened a bridge. Chu Fengmian followed Donghe Sect Master and stepped into it.

The sect station led by Heavenly Sword is now almost hidden in Small World, and it can be regarded as protecting the Sect disciple from the army.

As for Chu Fengmian, these two Qi Sword Sect disciple didn’t pay any attention at all, just as a Donghe Sect disciple following the Donghe Sect Master.

“Senior, please come in first.”

Coming to the bridge, Donghe Sect Master respectfully opened the mouth and said Chu Fengmian, Chu Fengmian nodded, stepped on the bridge first, and Donghe Sect Master followed closely from behind and stepped on the bridge.

“En? This is who?”

It was not until this scene that the two Qi Sword Sect disciple noticed the existence of Chu Fengmian.

A Donghe sect discipline is naturally impossible to make Donghe Sect Master so respectful.

Although Donghe Sect has long since fallen, Donghe Sect Master can be regarded as a strong on the sect side, a law immortal, in the case of Immortal Emperor not born, although he is not the strongest, but it can be regarded as upper middle. Up.

Even the Sect Master who started Sword Sect is polite to Donghe Sect Master. It is rare to see Donghe Sect Master treating someone so respectfully.

“Is it the Senior from the sect side?”

“Hush, silence, such a character is not something we can talk about.”

The two Sword Sect disciple, cautiously talked for a while, and stopped talking.

A character who can make Donghe Sect Master so polite and respectful is obviously not something they can provoke.

the other side.

Step on the bridge.

The space around Chu Fengmian is constantly changing. This bridge is essentially a Transmission Array, next moment. He left the bridge and came to a huge platform, looking all around, you can see Quite a few palaces, many Sword Sect disciple, come and go among palaces.

On the opposite side of the platform is the great hall of Sword Sect. Chu Fengmian has just arrived on the platform. From the great hall, he has stepped out of several silhouettes. They are all old men, most of them are the Peak As for the realm of Xianzun, there are only 2 people, and the old man headed by one is a law-sage fairy.

“Horse Sect Master.”

“Sect Lord Chen.”

The headed old man stepped out and came to the front of Donghe Sect Master, and the two greeted each other.

Starting Sword Sect is a sect that has a good relationship with the East River Sect. When the power of the sect party is gradually weakening, the two parties are dependent on each other, and they have worked together to overcome many difficulties.

So when I heard of Chu Fengmian’s plan, Donghe Sect Master’s first thought of attracting people was to start Sword Sect.

“Ma Sect Master came suddenly this time, but what happened?”

The two people talked for a while, then started Sect Master Jian, but they couldn’t help but asked softly.

Although the 2 cases are closely related, they are common trivial things. I don’t know that Donghe Sect Master will come here personally. Every time Donghe Sect Master comes here, there will be a major event.

“It’s not a bad thing, but this time, I have something to discuss with Sect Lord Chen.”

Donghe Sect Master said vaguely.

“Find a quiet place?”

“Go, follow me into the great hall.”

Qi Sect Master Jian felt a little strange, but he still invited Donghe Sect Master into the great hall.

“Senior please.”

Stepping into the great hall, Donghe Sect Master took the initiative to sit down and gave the higher throne to Chu Fengmian.

“Who is this?”

Sect Master Jian saw all this in his eyes and asked strangely.

He also thought that Chu Fengmian was a Donghe sect disciple that followed Donghe Sect Master. Some of the highly valued sect disciples were often taken by sect to follow them. This is not surprising.

But the attitude of Donghe Sect Master now is obviously not the attitude towards a discipline.

“This is the Great Elder of our East River Sect, Sword Monarch Senior.”

Donghe Sect Master smiled and explained.

“The ancient snake Sword Monarch is a senior of the 3 Luo Zong. He has an old relationship with our very old Old Ancestor in the East River Sect. He has just left the customs and was invited by me as the Great Elder of the East River Sect.”

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