Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3164

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Great Elder? Sword Monarch?

Listening to Donghe Sect Master’s words, Qi Sect Master Jian’s face changed slightly.

Kai Sword Sect is closely related to Donghe Sect. He has also heard about the Great Elder of Donghe Sect. The Great Elder of Donghe Sect must be held by an outer sect strong, and the strength will not be under the contemporary Sect Master.

In Donghe sect, although there is no right to Sect Master, it is even higher than the status of Sect. If there is not enough strength, contemporary Sect Master will never allow the outside comprehensive powerhouse to serve as Donghe. Zong’s Great Elder.

There are very few Great Elders in the history of the East River Sect, and without exception, they are all prominent powerhouses of that era.

“3 Senior of Luo Zong?”

Qi Sect Master Jian looked at Chu Fengmian, a bit of doubt in his eyes.

3 Luo Zong, in the Nine Domains, is very famous, but it is also an extremely mysterious sect. There are very few 3 Luo Zong disciplines, walking around, so that various sects don’t know much about 3 Luo Zong.

At most, I have only seen 3 Luo sword technique that’s all.

Chu Fengmian also took this into consideration, so he chose to hide his identity as the martial artist of 3 Luo Zong.

“Could it be that the rumors are true?”

Kai Sect Master Jian suddenly thought of something and said in surprise.

He suddenly thought of a rumor that he heard a few days ago, saying that General Huo Gan appeared in Donghe Sect and wanted to destroy Donghe Sect, but was bombarded by a mysterious powerhouse in Donghe Sect. kill.

This incident has been widely circulated among the leaders of Heavenly Sword. Kai Sect Master Jian has also heard about it, but Kai Sect Master Jian did not take this rumor as true.

After all, General Huo Gan, but the deputy commander of the tenth Legion, his strength is far from what ordinary generals can match. His strength is infinitely close to the Immortal Emperor. Only the real Immortal Emperor, Heavenly Venerate, can kill. General Huo Gan.

On the sect side, there are only Three Great Sword Sect and a few ancient sects at this level.

Up and down the East River Sect, there is only one Sect Master of Donghe Sect Master, and only two Immortal Venerables remain. With this kind of strength, facing General Huo Gan, I am afraid that they are not the enemy of General Huo Gan’s 2 moves.

So for this rumor, Sect Master Jian at first just thought it was fake, especially after seeing Donghe Sect Master safe and sound, he didn’t care anymore.

But now seeing Chu Fengmian, the Great Elder who suddenly appeared, reminded him of the rumors before.

“Yes, General Huo Gan is dead. It was in the hands of the Great Elder of the East River Sect.”

Donghe Sect Master smiled at the words of Kai Sect Master Jian and opened the mouth and said.

“This thing is true.”

“General Huo Gan actually died?”

Hearing Donghe Sect Master admit, Kai Sect Master Jian still opened the mouth and said somewhat unbelievably.

“This, this is going to pierce the sky. General Huo Gan is dead. How could the tenth Legion, the tenth army leader, give up?”

General Huo Gan, but the future military master trained by the tenth Legion, didn’t know how much resources he had poured into him, and now he has fallen. You don’t need to think about it, you know how much trouble it will cause.

“Take revenge, then they dare to have Great Elder in charge. Now unless the Tenth Army leader comes, everyone will die.”

Donghe Sect Master heard this, sneaked opened the mouth and said.

“Now all the army owners are preparing for the next attack on the Three Great Saint Territories. They are too busy to spare time for a separate task. How dare they take revenge.”

Hearing this, Qi Sect Master Jian thought for a while, it was also nodded.

General Huo Gan, regarded as the second strongest in the Tenth Legion, has all fallen now, and when the Tenth Army Master has no time to be distracted, no one dares to retaliate.

After all, General Huo Gan died in the hands of Chu Fengmian, and the others are coming, but they are also bringing about one’s own destruction.

“Then this time, what’s the matter with Sect Master coming?”

Kai Sect Master Jian suddenly looked towards Donghe Sect Master.

He suddenly felt that this time Donghe Sect Master came this time, there is definitely a major event.

“Sect Lord Chen, don’t you think that the current Heavenly Sword leader, the sect side, is like a piece of loose sand? Although we are struggling on whilst at death’s door with the help of the Imperial Family, everyone knows that if this continues, In less than 10000 years, I am afraid that our sect will be completely Sect extermination.”

Donghe Sect Master suddenly opened the mouth and said.

“This year alone, in my Donghe school discipline, several people outside were beheaded or taken away by the army.”

“Yes, we started Sword Sect too.”

Qi Sect Master Jian’s face is also extremely embarrassing.

The situation of Kai Sword Sect was not much better than Donghe Sect.

Although it can be said to use the power of the Imperial Family to hide itself as much as possible, after all, every year, disciplines are beheaded and taken away.

Even more how each sect, attached to the Imperial Family, also has to work for the Imperial Family. Every year, there are many disciplines that do things for the Imperial Family and fall away.

The current Kai Sword Sect is weaker than ever.

“But in the current situation, Three Great Sword Sect has not come forward. What can we Small Sect do?”

Kai Sect Master Jian somewhat lost opened the mouth and said.

He also knows that the situation of each sect is getting worse, but he can do nothing.

“Three Great Sword Sect, huh, they just want to save themselves that’s all, where will we be, and if we want to change the status quo, we can only rely on ourselves.”

Donghe Sect Master slowly opened the mouth and said.

“I plan to establish an alliance, in which countless sects can join in, and unite them thoroughly. Only in this way can our forces grow and resist the military.”

“Establish an alliance?”

Hearing Donghe Sect Master’s words, Kai Sect Master Jian also changed his face suddenly, looking towards Donghe Sect Master.

The sects led by Heavenly Sword almost all exist independently. The power of each of these sects is not very powerful, but once they are gathered together, it is also an extremely powerful force.

In the countless times led by Heavenly Sword, there have been some strong men who wanted to completely master this power, but whether it was Three Great Sword Sect or the current Imperial Family, they actually failed to truly control this power.

Now only half of the sect chooses to join the Imperial Family, and the other half prefers to face the military on their own, to join the Imperial Family.

Even Heavenly Sword leads the Imperial Family to do something that Donghe Sect Master can’t do?

“Once the alliance is established, what about the Imperial Family?”

Start Sect Master Jian brows tightly frowns.

Once an alliance is formed, then the first to face the enemy, I am afraid it is not the army, but the Imperial Family.

Imperial Family Impossibility will allow the sects to form an alliance. In this way, each sect will be completely out of the control of the Imperial Family. If an alliance is to be established, the Imperial Family will be the first one to secretly obstruct, or even shoot directly.

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