Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3165

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Now it sounds like the Imperial Family has joined forces with the Sect, but in essence, these two are still enemies and not friends. The Imperial Family just wants to control the forces of the Sect and fight the military.

But once the sect party forms an alliance, it will inevitably lose control, and the Imperial Family will definitely not sit idly by.

“Hmph, Imperial Family, now the Imperial Family is overwhelmed, and now the entire Heavenly Sword’s attention is on the Sacred Domain war on the Three Great Saint Territories side. There is no time to deal with it. we.”

“Establishing an alliance now is the best opportunity. Once the alliance is established, even the Imperial Family will not dare to do anything to us.”

A sneer appeared at the corner of Donghe Sect Master’s mouth, opened the mouth and said.

“Blindly attached to the Imperial Family is tantamount to bringing about one’s own destruction. This time my Donghe Sect was almost destroyed, but the Imperial Family had no plans to take action. For the Imperial Family, we could have had it. Nothing.”

This time Donghe Sect Master was pursued and killed by the two generals of the tenth Legion. He also asked the Imperial Family for help, but the Imperial Family did not pay attention to him at all.

Because of this incident, Donghe Sect Master is now completely disappointed with the Imperial Family.

“And this time, with the Great Elder sitting in town, even if it is the Imperial Family, it is not easy to do it to us.”

Donghe Sect Master said with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

Kai Sect Master Jian When he heard Donghe Sect Master’s words, his eyes flickered, and he didn’t know what he was thinking about.

As Donghe Sect Master said, now the Imperial Family side, on the surface is protecting the sect side, but the two sides are essentially just a cooperative relationship.

And now that Sword Sect is launched, it has been targeted by the military several times, and the Imperial Family side is sitting on the sidelines. The Imperial Family is definitely not a choice worth relying on.


Just when Sect Master Jian hesitated.

Suddenly there was a rumbling sound, resounded.

The great hall vibrates one after another, a huge force burst out suddenly outside the great hall.

Chu Fengmian looked over, and saw that the Small World that opened Sword Sect was forcibly torn apart by a force.

Several silhouettes flew out from the rift in the torn space. These silhouettes were all dressed in military uniforms led by Heavenly Sword, and their chests were engraved with 4 words.

4. The martial artist of 1 Legion.

Most of them are Immortal Monarch, the strength of the immortal saint, among which the two figures with the strongest strength show the aura of immortal monarch.

Ten continuously martial artists from 4 Legion have poured into the Small World of Sword Sect.

“Ten 4 Legion people?”

“Damn, how did they find us?”

“Hurry up and meet the enemy!”

a Kai Sword Sect disciple, soaring into the sky, one after another displayed their sword technique, and slashed towards the martial artists of ten 4 Legion.

“Start Sword Sect, after hiding for so long, I still let me find your mouse den, grab these disciplines, and those who are willing to join Legion, now give up resistance immediately. If you dare to resist, kill without mercy on the spot!”

Ten 4 Legion One of the generals glanced at Kai Sword Sect, coldly snorted and said.


The other ten 4 Legion martial artists all drank in unison and displayed the sword technique one after another. They played against those who initiated the Sword Sect disciple. The ten 4 Legion martial artists swarmed in as many as 1000 people. The number is much more than that of Sword Sect disciple.

Almost in a flash, the martial artist who started Sword Sect now has been suppressed and fell into a disadvantage.

“People from the Sect extermination team? How did they find out that we started Sword Sect?”

Kai Sect Master Jian saw the people coming, all complexion greatly changed, and there was a bit of fear on his face.

“Sect extermination team?”

Chu Fengmian also heard about this organization from the mouth of Donghe Sect Master. This is a queue that belongs to the Heavenly Sword leader. It is formed by the martial artists of Legion. It is responsible for hunting the Middle of Heavenly Sword leader. The martial artist on the Sect side, even directly Sect extermination, cut weeds and eliminate the roots.

It is the nightmare of Heavenly Sword leading any one Sect.

Now the people of the Sect extermination team came to Kai Sword Sect in a swagger.

To know that Kai Sword Sect hides, except for the people of this sect, only sects like Donghe Sect, which are very closely related, know their current sect resident.

The people from this time Sect extermination team, tearing through the space, are clearly prepared.

“Sir Long.”

Just as Qi Sect Master Jian’s face changed in shock, from the palace around Qi Sword Sect, several silhouettes flew out suddenly, came to the general of the Sect extermination team, and knelt on the ground respectfully.

From the clothing point of view, these several silhouettes are all characters from the generation of Sword Sect Elder.


Seeing this scene, Kai Sect Master Jian still doesn’t know where and what happened.

In Sword Sect, Elder actually betrayed. They betrayed Sect, joined the military, and even brought the Sect extermination team to the Small World of Sword Sect.

“That’s Long Wu from the Sect extermination team?”

Donghe Sect Master also changed his face slightly, looking towards the general headed.

Long Wu.

He was also a famous genius among the ten 4 Legion, and later joined the Sect extermination team. It is said that there are totally 7 8 sects destroyed in his hands.

“Oh? The people from Donghe Sect are here too?”

That Long Wu also suddenly noticed Donghe Sect Master and said with cold eyes.

“That’s right, we will take you away and suppress it today!”

Suddenly, the dragon moved. He stepped out, body flashed, and his speed was extremely fast, tearing through the space, and came to the front of Donghe Sect Master and Qi Sect Master Jian. The sword edge in his hand was slashed. Kill down.

“Dragon Clan Bloodline?”

Chu Fengmian lifts the head, looked towards this Long Wu.

From this Long Wu, Chu Fengmian actually felt the dragon power, and his sword technique also had the flavor of Dragon Clan Martial Dao.

This Long Wu shot directly, without the slightest hesitation, activating Sect Master Jian was also complexion greatly changed, he hurried out the sword, but when his sword edge was not out of the sheath, he saw a sword light and flew out suddenly.


This a sword light, like a divine glow, slammed in the direction of Longwu. This longwu didn’t seem to notice the moment of this sword light. When he reacted, this sword light was already Pierced his body, Longwu’s life force passed quickly.


Long Wu remained straight until he died, without seeing clearly, who moved his hand, his body was straight and fell to the ground.

A stream of light slowly flew out from Longwu’s body, and finally fell into Chu Fengmian’s palm. This stream of light is exactly Longwu’s Bloodline Strength.

The Dragon Clan Bloodline contained in this Dragon Clan Bloodline is not the ordinary Dragon Clan Bloodline, but the Bloodline that belongs to the ancestor Heavenly Dragon.

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