Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3167

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Under such circumstances, it is difficult to get these 4 sects to join the alliance.

However, for Chu Fengmian, what he wants is all the sword techniques in the entire Heavenly Sword collar, whether it is the sword technique on the sect side or the sword technique controlled by the Imperial Family military under Heavenly Sword. Get it all.

These 4 sects, after receiving the invitation from Donghe Sect Master, did not even respond, apparently completely ignored.

Chu Fengmian’s eyes flashed a bit cold.

If these sects are unwilling to join the alliance obediently, then Chu Fengmian will use coercive means.

Chu Fengmian has no thoughts now, each and everyone is going to persuade these sects, if these sects are not willing to join, then they can only force it.

“Now, the rain sword, golden light, empty fire, and incalculable Four Sects are already united, and they also instigated other sects not to join the alliance. They seem to be planning to fight us to the end.”

Donghe Sect Master opened the mouth and said quietly next to him.

This Four Sects, who once had a grudge with Donghe Sect Master, are naturally unwilling to join, and even less willing to watch Donghe Sect grow bigger. This Four Sects has already used a lot of means to incite other sects. , Boycott the alliance.

This is something that Chu Fengmian will never tolerate.

The alliance he wants to build, not to mention the sects led by Heavenly Sword, all join them, but it must also be directly drawn to more than half of the sects, so that they can condense a huge force.

Now that this alliance has just been established, there are people who are still in trouble.

“This Four Sects dare to resist the alliance, even inciting other sects, I am afraid that it is not only their own ideas, but the shadow of the Imperial Family may be hidden in it.”

Kai Sect Master Jian, this time also opened the mouth and said.

Kai Sect Master Jian, now after joining the alliance, he led Kai Sword Sect, all joined the alliance, and set an example. Since he is planning to join Chu Fengmian now, he is naturally unwilling to have a second heart.

Of the six sects he added, two of them were persuaded by him and made a great contribution to the alliance. Now the entire alliance, on the surface, is headed by Donghe Sect Master. This enlightens Sect Master Jian , Is the number 6 person in the league.

But everyone really knows that the controller of this alliance is the mysterious Great Elder of the East River Sect.

“The shadow of the Imperial Family, and what can it do? Once the alliance is established, the Imperial Family wants to be impossible from it. Go, let’s pass now, and see what they are capable of and dare to resist the alliance.”

Chu Fengmian sneered.

He didn’t want to waste time now, so he slashed the chaos with a quick knife. Since this Four Sects now dared to oppose the alliance, then Chu Fengmian made the Four Sects disappear.

At the same time, this move is also killing 100, which can shock those who are still waiting and watching.

“Now the martial artists of Four Sects have been concentrated in the empty Fire Sword sect. It is said that they will also form an alliance to fight us.”

Donghe Sect Master opened the mouth and said.

“Gathered? That’s right, go directly to the Fire Sword sect, so as not to waste time.”

Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said, neither salty nor light.

This Four Sects is now also afraid of Chu Fengmian’s reputation, and is the first step to unite, but for Chu Fengmian, even if the ten empty Fire Sword sects add up, he is not in his eyes.

“But now, once we go to empty the Fire Sword Sect, there is no one in the Alliance now, I’m afraid it will break out of chaos.”

启 Sect Master Jian At this time, some worried opened the mouth and said.

Now it’s Sword Sect, 7 sects have already joined the alliance, but among these 7 sects, in addition to Sword Sect, I’m sincerely willing to join the alliance. The other sects are on. The surface agrees, but there are still different intentions.

Their inheritance sword technique did not take the initiative to hand it over in accordance with the rules. With Chu Fengmian in charge, they dare not do anything now, but once Chu Fengmian leaves, there is no strong person in charge, I am afraid that chaos will break out soon.

Now this alliance is at its most vulnerable time, and with a little negligence, it may be destroyed on the spot.

“It’s okay, I’ll leave a swordsman and come to the Alliance.”

When Chu Fengmian heard this, he suddenly waved a big hand, a wave of Space Power condensed in his palm, suddenly the space in front of him opened, and a space channel appeared.

This space channel is extremely profound, and the Law of Space in it is extremely chaotic, and it is impossible to detect what is behind this space channel.


At the moment when such a space channel is fully opened, a Sword Intent bursts out of it. This Sword Intent is a purely murderous Sword Intent. In it, a dragon roar can be heard. roar.

“This Sword Intent?”

Kai Sect Master Jian, Donghe Sect Master, all their eyes condensed, and their whole bodies were shaking involuntarily. Their hands were slowly held on the Spirit Sword around their waists, ready to shoot at any time.

This Sword Intent made them all feel a biting cold feeling, which is an extremely dangerous threat.

“grown ups.”

Soon in this space channel, 3 silhouettes came out slowly. These 3 silhouettes are all human figures, which are taller than ordinary martial artists.

However, there is one special thing, that is, these 3 silhouettes, with dragon scales growing all over, they are dragons.

3 The dragon statue, walking out of the space channel, is immediately kneeling to Chu Fengmian, respectfully saluting.

These three dragons are the dragon sword guards.

Chu Fengmian used the secret technique he got from the Dragon-Tiger 3 veteran and combined with his sword technique Bloodline to create the God, Dragon Sword Guard.

This dragon sword guard enjoys the incense belief of the blood martial world, and the speed of condensing is extremely fast. You must know how many creatures exist in a Smaller Thousand Worlds.

These creatures worship the Dragon Sword Guard day and night, and contribute their strength of Faith. After this period of time, the current Dragon Sword Guard has become condense with as many as five.

Chu Fengmian came to the Heavenly Sword leader, alone. Now he wants to establish an alliance. With him alone, many things are too busy to spare time for a separate task. He must find a helper.

Because of the barrier between the Nine Domains and the Three Great Saint Territories, Chu Fengmian also tried to open the blood martial world before, so that the powerful of the blood martial world could enter the Heavenly Sword leader, but this attempt was soon Failed.

If the barrier between the Nine Domains and the Three Great Saint Territories is so easy to cross, the Sword God Emperor would not spend so much effort to build that teleportation Array.

However, this dragon sword guard is an exception.

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