Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3168

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Dragon Jianwei is essentially a God created by Chu Fengmian. In a sense, it is a vassal of Chu Fengmian, co-existing with Chu Fengmian Life and Death. Once Chu Fengmian falls, this Dragon Jianwei will also fall on the spot.

Therefore, the Dragon Sword Guard entering the Heavenly Sword collar will not be affected by the barrier between the Nine Domains and the Three Great Saint Territories.

Therefore, this dragon sword guard was brought over by Chu Fengmian summon.

However, among the five dragon sword guards, only the first one is now completely condensed, and the strength has reached Peak.

His strength, which Chu Fengmian guessed, is already close to Heavenly Venerate level infinitely.

With the addition of Dragon Sword Guardian, the creature created by Chu Fengmian’s Sword Dao perfectly inherited Chu Fengmian’s Sword Dao. With this Sword Dao, his explosive strength, far surpasses his current power, this Long Jianwei has definitely stepped into the threshold of Heavenly Venerate.

As for the two dragon sword guards at the back, although their strength has not reached Peak, they still have the strength comparable to that of the Law Immortal Venerable. Compared with the Donghe Sect Master, Qi Sect Master Jian is even stronger, which can be regarded as Chu Fengmian’s powerful helper, so Chu Fengmian directly summoned him.

As for the remaining two Dragon Sword Guards, they had just condensed, and even the Immortal Venerable hadn’t reached their strength. Even if it was summon, it didn’t make any sense.

To help Chu Fengmian manage this alliance, the strength of these Dragon Sword Guards must be at least above that of Donghe Sect Master, Qi Sect Master Jian and the others.

Only this kind of strength can suppress the careful thinking of various sects.

The strengths of these sects joining the alliance are similar to those of Donghe Zong and Kai Sword Sect. The strengths of the Sect Masters of these sects are also almost on par. Now among the three dragon sword guards, any one You can overwhelm them.

“Dragon 3, you are in the Alliance. If there is any abnormality, report it to me immediately.”

Chu Fengmian looked towards one of the dragon sword guards opened the mouth and said.

“Yes, adults.”

A dragon sword guard walked out, body moved, and flew in the direction of the alliance.

Although these Dragon Sword Guards are Gods of incense, their intelligence is no less than True Martial Artist, but they don’t know how to adapt to many things.

But precisely because of this purity, these dragon sword guards, when facing the enemy, will not be affected by any mentality, and they can burst out of full strength.

Other martial artists are afraid, panic, etc., but may not be able to display their full strength. This is also one of the reasons for the strength of Dragon Sword Guard.

The names of these dragon sword guards were named by Chu Fengmian from Dragon 2 to Dragon 5. Only the first dragon sword guard was given the surname Chu by Chu Fengmian, named Chu Long.

This dragon sword guard is also the leader of the dragon sword guard.

With the enshrining of the power of incense, the number of dragon sword guards will be more condensed in the future. The dragon sword guards born first are also the strongest among them, so they become their leader.


Ordered Haolong 3 to be responsible for the supervision of the alliance, Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said to Donghe Sect Master.

Donghe Sect Master and Qi Sect Master Jian have not recovered from the shock. They can clearly feel that the strength of these 3 Dragon Sword Guards, it can be said that any of them is better than them. Stronger.

Especially the Dragon Sword Guard at the head, the strength has a deep and unmeasurable feeling. The moment they saw that Chu Long, their hearts were full of fear, and they couldn’t even mention any desire to act with them. The enemy’s thoughts are pure fear.

This can only be felt when the strength of both parties reaches a difference that cannot be resisted.

“Two Law Immortal Venerables, that one, maybe even Heavenly Venerate, how come so many dragon men powerhouses suddenly appeared?”

Donghe Sect Master and Qi Sect Master Jian were shocked to the extreme.


In the Nine Domains, although they also exist, they are small in number, and most dragon people cultivation are also Dragon Clan Martial Dao. Dragon people like this kind of cultivation sword technique are rare. less.

But now three people suddenly appeared, at least they were all powerhouses at the level of Law Immortal Venerable, and they all felt that they had made a mistake.

“This sword technique is not like 3 Luo Zong’s sword technique.”

Especially Donghe Sect Master also keenly felt that the sword technique on Long Jianwei is not like the 3 Luo sword technique, but belongs to a sword technique they have never seen before. This sword technique seems to be born. Since Dragon Clan, but it is completely different from Dragon Clan Martial Dao.

In an instant, the identity of Chu Fengmian became confusing and confusing in the hearts of Donghe Sect Master and Qi Sect Master Jian.

They had long doubted the identity of Chu Fengmian, the senior of 3 Luo Zong. Although 3 Luo Zong was once strong, such a Heavenly Venerate powerhouse is absolutely impossible, and it is in the ancient book. , They never found the name of Chu Fengmian.

However, even though they are now in the heart with doubts about the identity of Chu Fengmian, the two of them did not dare to show it at all. The two of them are now determined to join the alliance and stand on Chu Fengmian’s side.

Now Chu Fengmian’s identity, whether or not it is the Senior of 3 Luo Zong, is no longer important.

The important thing is that since they are now determined to follow Chu Fengmian, then the identity of Chu Fengmian has nothing to do with them.

The stronger Chu Fengmian now demonstrates, the more mysterious and unpredictable his identity, the more a good thing for them. This kind of strength, in an alliance, now has two Heavenly Venerates, even Three. Great Sword Sect, if you want to act against the alliance, you have to think about it.

“The empty Fire Sword sect is not far away.”

When Donghe Sect Master’s voice fell, it turned into a ray of light, breaking the space, and flew towards one direction of the mountain range.

Soon in front of an unremarkable boulder in this mountain range.

Several silhouettes, slowly stepped out of the space, and walked out.

Donghe Sect Master, Qi Sect Master Jian, Chu Fengmian stepped out together, and two dragon sword guards followed closely behind Chu Fengmian.

“The little world portal of the empty Fire Sword sect is here, but they have now closed the little world portal.”

Donghe Sect Master opened the mouth and said.

“This entrance is extremely fragile. Once it is forcibly broken open, it is very likely that the entrance will be destroyed directly. After that, it will be even more difficult to find the Small World of the empty Fire Sword Sect.”

“Is it closed?”

Chu Fengmian just took a look, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

I saw his right hand slowly lifted, and with a sudden grasp, a burst of Space Power was condensed in his palm. The moment he grasped it, layers of space began to shatter.

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