Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3169

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“Ghost Eye Sect, these guys from Feng Evil Sect actually dared to violate the Imperial Family’s orders. They are still unwilling to join our alliance and are still vacillating.”

An angry roar sounded from a great hall in a valley.

This angry roar spread throughout the valley.

Many martial artists who cultivated in this valley lifted the head and looked towards the great hall.

This valley is the Small World of the empty Fire Sword Sect.

In this matter, in this great hall, there are 4 thrones located at the 4 corners of the great hall. Above the throne, there are 4 silhouettes. The angry roar just now comes from the throne in the north. the host.

The masters of these 4 thrones are naturally the Sect Master of Sora Fire Sword Sect, Rain Sword Sect, Golden Light Sword Sect, and Sword Sect Four Sects.

This Four Sects, now also decided to unite together to form an alliance to counter the alliance established by Chu Fengmian.

Of course, this alliance not only wants them Four Sects, they are also drawing in as many sects as possible, joining them, and forming an alliance.

But all of this is due to the Imperial Family’s orders. These four sects are very close to the Imperial Family. Only now will they abandon their grievances and choose to establish an alliance together.

Their task is to establish an alliance and at the same time draw more sects to counter the alliance established by Chu Fengmian.

The old man who just roared is the Sect Master of Golden Light Sword Sect, golden light old man. He originally planned to win over Ghost Eye Sect and Wind Evil Sect, who are also under the Imperial Family. He also joined the alliance to fight against Chu. The alliance established by Fengmian.

However, these two sects are now vacillating. Although they intend to join the alliance in name, they have been slow to start.

“These two sects are just afraid of the so-called Sword Monarch that’s all, and dare not join the alliance now.”

The other old man beside him was the Sect Master of Yu Sword Sect, Yu Sword Daoist, opened the mouth and said with blinking eyes.

“This ancient snake Sword Monarch is really as terrifying as legendary? Why is the Imperial Family not doing anything now, as long as it kills this person, this so-called alliance will be completely disintegrated.”

The core of this so-called alliance, on the surface, is the East River Sect, but everyone knows that the sudden emergence of the Great Elder of the East River Sect, the ancient snake Sword Monarch, is the real core.

Even Donghe Sect Master and Donghe Sect are all respected by Chu Fengmian now.

“Korn Huo, aren’t you a prince in the Imperial Family, are you in a good relationship? What’s the reaction from the Imperial Family?”

His gaze suddenly looked towards the silhouette above the Eastern Throne.

Empty Sect Master Huo.

Now the Four Sects alliance is headed by Sect Master Huo, but this is not because of the strength of Sect Master Huo, but because of his close relationship with a prince in the Imperial Family. His daughter is even more married. To that pro King’s Heir.

With this relationship, now Three Sects has no choice but to respect Sect Master Huo.

After all, in fact, the power of the Three Sects has been completely controlled by the Imperial Family. For them, the command of the Imperial Family is one.

Sect Master Huo, who has the closest relationship with the Imperial Family, naturally became the leader of the alliance.

“Imperial Family can’t directly do it right now. The ancient snake Sword Monarch, after all, is a character of 3 Luo Zong, but also a strong person on the sect side. Once the Imperial Family does it, it is easy to arouse dissatisfaction with Three Great Sword Sect.”

Sect Master Huo sits on the throne, said solemnly.

“But, if the Imperial Family doesn’t do anything, how can we fight him?”

In the end, the Sect Master who hasn’t spoken all the time, and the Sect Master of No Calculation, also opened the mouth and said.

The strength of the four of them is almost the same as that of Donghe Sect Master and the others. They are almost on par. Their strength is much weaker than that of General Huo Gan. Even more how is beheaded. Chu Fengmian of General Huo Gan.

“Confrontation? There is no need to confront him. The alliance formed by this person now seems to have 7 joins, but the inside is a mess of sand, and there is no climate at all. I am already in it, and I have placed the chess pieces. As long as this person dares to leave Alliance, I will let him destroy this alliance instantly.”

Sect Master Huo opened the mouth and said with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Imperial Family, I didn’t intend to deal with this person directly, but I wanted to suppress this person, disintegrate his alliance, and let him work for the Imperial Family.”

“Since ancient times, there are so many people in Heavenly Sword who want to unify sect and establish alliances, but all of them have failed. What the Three Great Sword Sect could not do, this person wanted to do, it was dream.”

“Now we just need to be secretive, and don’t let other sects join the alliance. His so-called alliance will naturally collapse.”

Sect Master Huo is very clear.

No matter how strong Chu Fengmian is, he is just one person. He is impossible to expand while suppressing the alliance. Now, let alone the alliance, it is an extremely loose organization, and among them are people he arranged.

As long as Chu Fengmian dared to leave, he would provoke infighting and destroy this alliance.

As long as the alliance is destroyed, Chu Fengmian alone cannot make any waves. What the Imperial Family is worried about is that once the alliance becomes bigger, it may be a threat to the Imperial Family.

Once the alliance is destroyed, the so-called threat will naturally cease to exist.

“So, we just need to wait and die?”

Yujian daoist calmly opened the mouth and said.

“Not bad.”

Sect Master Huo opened the mouth and said.

“But you guys, please lobby other sects a lot, don’t let them join this alliance, as long as this alliance can’t develop, then this person will not be able to overcome any storm…”

The words of Sect Master Huo haven’t finished.

“Sure enough, it’s the Imperial Family. It’s secretly making trouble.”

Suddenly a voice sounded.

I saw the space in front of this great hall suddenly shattered, and these shattered spaces vaguely turned into a door.

From among them, several silhouettes came out slowly. The first one to walk out was Chu Fengmian, Donghe Sect Master, Qi Sect Master Jian, standing beside Chu Fengmian, and the other two dragon sword guards, tightly Standing tightly behind Chu Fengmian.

The Array restriction of the empty Fire Sword sect was completely regarded as nothing in front of Chu Fengmian. He would tear open the space at will, step into the Small World of the empty Fire Sword sect, and in one step, he came. In this great hall.

His gaze fell in the great hall, sitting on the four silhouettes on the throne. The owner of these four silhouettes does not need Chu Fengmian to see. He can already guess that this is the Sect of Four Sects. Master.

The conversations of the 4 Sect Masters just now have been heard by Chu Fengmian.

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