Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3170

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This Four Sects, forming an alliance so quickly against the sect established by Chu Fengmian, is obviously not unusual. If the sect led by Heavenly Sword is so united, it is also impossible that the military and the Imperial have been involved in just 10000 years. Family is forced to this point.

Behind this, there is obviously the shadow of the Imperial Family.

Hearing the words of these 4 Sect Masters now confirms Chu Fengmian’s ideas.

Chu Fengmian killed the Imperial Family envoy before. It can be said that he directly slapped the Imperial Family in the face. It would be strange if the Imperial Family didn’t make any response.

“who is it?”

Looking at the space channel that suddenly appeared, and the silhouettes that came out of it, the complexions of the four Sect Masters suddenly changed, especially Sect Master Huo, whose complexions were even more ugly.

This is an empty Fire Sword case.

As a Sect Master, he can control every move in this Small World. The entire great array is under his control.

But under such circumstances, he actually didn’t notice the existence of Chu Fengmian at all. The entire Array was banned and was silently broken by Chu Fengmian, which means that Chu Fengmian’s strength absolutely far surpasses him.

This strength…

“Donghe Sect Master? Start Sect Master Jian?”

Sect Master Huo’s gaze suddenly looked over, and he recognized Donghe Sect Master and Kai Sect Master Jian at first sight, but the strength of these two people, at most, is almost on par with him, absolutely no such strength. .

So people who do it all.

His gaze was firmly locked on Chu Fengmian who was standing in the forefront.

“Sword Monarch?”

Although he has never seen Chu Fengmian, he can make Donghe Sect Master and Kai Sect Master Jian so respectful. There is only one person to choose, and that is the rumored Great Elder of Donghe Sect, the ancient snake Sword Monarch.

“How is it possible? When did you leave the league?”

Sect Master Huo complexion greatly changed. He was in the alliance, but he laid chess pieces to supervise Chu Fengmian’s every move. As long as Chu Fengmian dared to leave the alliance, he would make the chess pieces move and break the alliance.

But now Chu Fengmian suddenly appeared in the empty Fire Sword Sect, but he did not receive any news. The dark hands he arranged seemed to disappear.

“You mean to say, the one you arranged?”

The corner of Chu Fengmian’s mouth appeared a little said with a sneer.

Chu Fengmian just took Qi Sect Master Jian. After Donghe Sect Master left the alliance, he received a sound transmission from Dragon 3, saying that there was a rebellion in the alliance.

However, this rebellion, under the suppression of Dragon 3, was quickly quelled. All the martial artists who participated in the rebellion are now imprisoned, waiting for Chu Fengmian to return for trial.

Chu Fengmian knew this little trick a long time ago, so he made Dragon 2 sit in the alliance just to suppress these people.

“You will see them soon.”

After Chu Fengmian finished speaking, he glanced around.

“Are there only 4 law immortals?”

Just taking a look, Chu Fengmian calmly opened the mouth and said.

“Dragon 2, leave it to you, capture all these 4 people and suppress them.”

As soon as Chu Fengmian’s voice fell, a dragon sword guard standing behind him walked out. It was Dragon 2, which is the blood warrior within the realm, the second dragon sword guard born, his strength, More powerful than Dragon 2.

Dragon 2 stepped out, looking towards the 4 Sect Masters, and the sword edge in his hand slowly came out of the sheath.

“A dragon man?”

“A little guard?”

Seeing Chu Fengmian, he was actually letting Dragon Sword Guard do his hands. The eyes of the four Sect Masters all showed a bit of anger. To them, this sentence was simply a humiliation.

If Chu Fengmian did it himself, they wouldn’t think there was anything. After all, Chu Fengmian was the one who killed General Huo Gan. According to the Imperial Family’s speculation, Chu Fengmian’s strength is definitely a Heavenly Venerate powerhouse.

Even if it was defeated by Chu Fengmian, they didn’t think there was anything.

But now, Chu Fengmian has no plans to make a move, instead let Long Jianwei, a guard who follows Chu Fengmian do it.

“You dare to insult us so much, a little guard that’s all dares to take action, die for me!”

Nakong Sect Master Huo couldn’t bear it, a bit of killing intent broke out in his eyes, the sword edge in his hand suddenly came out of the sheath, the sword edge flashed, and the boundless flame suddenly condensed and turned into a sea of ​​fire, facing the dragon 2 swept away.

This Sect Master Huo shot, not only his power exploded, but even the power of the entire Kong Fire Sword Sect Array blessed on him, exploding far surpasses his own power.

This boundless sea of ​​fire, the moment that swept across.

Donghe Sect Master and Qi Sect Master Jian both had solemn expressions. They had Spirit Sword in their hands, both of which were out of the sheath, but Chu Fengmian slapped them casually.

“You don’t need to take action, Dragon 2 is enough.”


Just before Chu Fengmian’s voice fell, a scream sounded.

I saw a sword light suddenly slashed out from the sea of ​​fire. In an instant, this sea of ​​fire was divided into two, a silhouette, suddenly rushed out of the sea of ​​fire, and stepped out. Close to Sect Master Huo.

With a wave of Dragon 2’s palm, a huge dragon claw was suppressed. This was exactly the secret technique of Dragon Clan’s suppression.

For this Sect Master Huo and the others, Chu Fengmian did not intend to kill them directly.

After all, these people are all a Sect’s Master, and they all have some status on the sect side. If they are killed rashly, it is easy to cause other sects to be jealous.

Chu Fengmian killed General Huo Gan, Long Wu and the others, also because they were strong men belonging to the military. Killing them, for Chu Fengmian, can not only enhance his reputation, but also win many strong men on the sect side. Of goodwill.

Among the sects who are willing to join the alliance, several of them are also because of their hatred with the dragon In Military there is. As a general of the Sect extermination team, Long Wu has killed many people who were friends of these sects.

Chu Fengmian killed Long Wu and avenged a lot of sect powerhouses, so he will win sect next and it will be so smooth.

But for Sect Master Huo and the others, he cannot use the same method. What he wants to establish is an alliance that unifies the sect side.

The power of this alliance is far from what Chu Fengmian needs.

Chu Fengmian’s order to Dragon 2 was to let him suppress it instead of letting him kill.


This dragon claw was suppressed by the volley. Sect Master Huo seemed to feel a mountain, suppressed on his back, making him a little unable to move even a little bit for a while, and his power was all killed. Deadly suppressed.


In an instant, Sect Master Huo was suppressed in this way.

Seeing this scene of Donghe Sect Master, starting Sect Master Jian, now they are somewhat unable to believe this scene they saw in their eyes.

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