Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3171

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Sect Master Huo is also a long-standing strongman on the Sect side.

Can become a Sect’s Master character, there is no general.

even more how here, it is still empty in the Small World of Fire Sword Sect. Here, empty Sect Master Huo can use the power of numerous Array prohibitions in Small World.

But now in an instant, Sect Master Huo was defeated and suppressed, just beyond anyone’s imagination.

Especially if the person who suppressed Sect Master Huo is Chu Fengmian himself, no one will be surprised, but now it is only Dragon 2, a guard of Chu Fengmian that’s all.

Especially Donghe Sect Master and Kai Sect Master Jian, they just feel the strength of Dragon 2. In their almost on par, they are obviously also a law immortal, but they did not expect that facing the empty Sect Master Huo, they are actually one You must kill.

Dragon Sword Guard is a God born out of incense belief, inheriting Chu Fengmian’s sword technique, and a martial artist with far surpasses and same realm.

even more how in this Heavenly Sword collar, the resources are scarce. Characters like Sect Master Huo. Although they are a Sect’s Master, they don’t get any shocking opportunities. As far as the strength lies in the law of immortals, only Can be regarded as mid-stream.

In front of Long Jianwei, it was naturally impossible to withstand a single blow.

That rain sword daoist, no calculation sword sovereign, golden light old man, these three Sect Masters, did not expect that the empty Sect Master Huo would be defeated so quickly.

“Save people!”

Their three people in an instant, shot together, shot out swords at the same time, 3 different sword lights, all slashed down at Dragon 2.

Facing this one after another sword light beheaded, Dragon 2 was not afraid at all. When the sword edge in his hand moved, a dragon roar resounded. The sword qi he shot turned into a True Dragon, sweeping everything. Suddenly, the sword light that the 3 Sect Masters teamed up to play was ruthlessly crushed.

“10000 Dragon Sword Town!”


The Spirit Sword in Dragon 2’s hand rose to the sky and turned into a sword light. This sword light was divided into 3 and turned into the appearance of 3 True Dragons. It was suppressed downwards. The 3 Sect Masters were almost all It was in an instant, suppressed by this True Dragon.

The power in them, being suppressed to death, could no longer exert any strength, and fell to the ground.

“In the Four Sects, the rest of the discipline is handed over to you. Those who are willing to join the alliance can let them join the alliance regardless of the previous complaints. If they are not willing to join the alliance, they will be directly reduced to swords. slave.”

After doing all this, Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said lightly.

It seems that all this is a matter of course.

No time for 5 breaths.

These 4 Sect Masters were all directly defeated and suppressed by Dragon 2.

Donghe Sect Master and Sect Master Jian were all a little stunned. They couldn’t recover for a long time. They couldn’t imagine that any guard of Chu Fengmian had such strength.

The strength of the two of them is nothing more than the four Sect Masters. In almost on par, doesn’t it mean that once Dragon 2 makes a move, it is with no difficulty to suppress them.

Thinking of this, the gazes of the two of them showed deep fear when they looked towards Dragon 2. At the same time, Chu Fengmian appeared to be more mysterious, deep and unmeasurable in their hearts.

“The Alliance Leader has such strength, this alliance, even the Three Great Sword Sect, can’t stop it.”

Donghe Sect Master, start Sect Master Jian and look at each other.

They really feel this time that the sect party led by Heavenly Sword is about to change.

The Four Great Sects masters were all suppressed and brought back into the alliance. As for the other disciplines of Four Sects, Elder, under the action of Donghe Sect Master and Kai Sect Master Jian, they were suppressed one after another, and Sect was suppressed.

The remaining Elder and the disciple are just a mass of scattered sand. In the face of absolute power, there’s no resistance is suppressed. In the face of the two choices of being a slave and joining the alliance, most of the Elder disciple are very Know the current affairs to join the alliance.

The only stubborn ones are suppressed and demoted to sword slaves.

The alliance formed by Four Sects was instantly disintegrated and joined the alliance established by Chu Fengmian.

Seeing all this in an orderly manner, Chu Fengmian was also body flashed, ready to leave, but when he finally left, his gaze looked towards the sky.

Above the sky, there was an old man, Chu Fengmian’s gaze, he glanced at him, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he left.

not very long, the figure of this old man also disappeared.

“The Alliance of the Empty Fire Sword Sect is so impossible to withstand a single blow?”

Heavenly Sword collar center.

A huge cluster of palaces is like a huge country. Every palace is extremely luxurious. There are 10000 such palaces connected in rows.

Here is the Imperial Palace led by Heavenly Sword.

The members of the Imperial Family led by Heavenly Sword, where they live, in the Imperial Palace, are heavily guarded. Even the army owner is not qualified to step into it.

In one of the palaces, a young man wearing a dragon robe slowly lifts the head, looking towards the old man in front of him, browsing tightly frowns opened the mouth and said.

“Uncle Yang, since you found the ancient snake Sword Monarch shot, why not just shot him?”

The Uncle Yang in the dragon robe man’s mouth was the old man hidden in the empty Fire Sword sect. He was wearing a robe and standing in front of the dragon robe man.

Hearing the words of the dragon robe man, this Uncle Yang slowly opened the mouth and said.

“Tenth Imperial Prince, I shot, and I’m not sure, I can take him, he already sees through my figure.”

“The strength of this person is not to be provoked. When the Imperial Family is currently employing people, if such a strong person is pushed to the military, it will be a huge loss for the Imperial Family.”

The dragon robe man in front of him is the Tenth Imperial Prince.

It was him who ordered the Fire Sword Sect to wait for Four Sects to form an alliance to fight against the alliance formed by Chu Fengmian, but he didn’t expect that soon there was news that the Fire Sword Sect and the Four Sects were all destroyed.

The news made him furious, but when he heard the words of Uncle Yang in front of him, his brows were locked up involuntarily.

“Uncle Yang makes a move, but he is not sure, can he capture this person?”

There is something unbelievable in his tone.

This Uncle Yang in front of him is not an ordinary person. He is a grandmaster of Heavenly Sword’s dynasty, Yang Guogong. Although he is not a member of the Imperial Family, he is only a slave, but he shows supreme aptitude. With the resources of the Imperial Family, he can do everything in one fell swoop. Achieved Heavenly Venerate.

Although he didn’t step into the Immortal Emperor in the end, the influence of a Heavenly Venerate was almost no less than that of an Immortal Emperor, so he was named the Duke of the Country, and he was even the top powerhouse in the Imperial Family.

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